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Llandovery Golf Club, Carmarthenshire.

Founded 1910. The 9 hole course had a SSS and Par of 70. Membership throughout was about 55. Sunday play was never allowed. The station at Llandovery was ¾ mile away. Local hotels were the Castle and the Royston.






G Watts (p)


M H Nicholls



H L Phillips, Dalintober, Llandovery.

P James (g)


H L Phillips, Dalintober, Llandovery.


1927 - 1930's

H J Griffiths, Brynhyfryd Villa, Llandovery.

J Arthur (g) 1928/30 D Williams (g) 1931

J Mudford (g) 1932.

In 1914 there was no entry fee. Subs for gents were £1/10/0 and ladies 15/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day.


Llandovery Golf Club, Carmarthenshire. View from the golf course.

Llandovery from the golf links. Authors Collection.


In the early 1920s visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Ladies 1/-, 3/-, 6/- respectively.

At the Golf Club ball, held in February 1927,  Mrs M Orton Thomas (Whitland) presented her silver challenge cup to Mrs Rowland Thomas (King's Road) who was congratulated on her victory. Mrs Thomas said she was delighted to be the first to win the cup, she also urged the ladies present to take up golf.

Below is the result of a one-sided club match played at Llandovery against Carmarthen in early May 1927.

Llandovery   Carmarthen  
J A Henry 1 J W Johns 0
Rev T D Thomas 1 J J Lewis 0
H J Griffiths 1 W D Protheroe 0
M H Nicholls 1 Dr Williams 0
Rev J Titus 1 H Thomas 0
J L Jones (Half) 0 E Richards (Half) 0
J T Davies 1 A Jones 0
T P Rees 1 G Weaks 0
J A Henry & Rev T D Thomas (Half) 0 J W Johns & J J Lewis (Half) 0
H J Griffiths & M H Nicholls 1 W D Protheroe & Dr Williams 0
Rev J Titus & J L Jones 1 H Thomas & E Richards 0
J T Davies & T P Rees 1 A Jones & G Weaks 0
  10   0

Later in May 1927 Llandovery entertained Builth, result below.

Llandovery   Builth  
Rev T D Thomas (Half) 0 D J Morgan (Half) 0
H J Griffiths 1 P Thornton 0
D J Morgan 1 J M Jones 0
C A Davies 1 B Griffiths 0
M H Nicholls 1 J Evans 0
Rev J Titus 1 F S Waters 0
J T Davies 1 W Niblett 0
J Lloyd Jones 1 J A Sayce 0
  7   0

Below is the result of a match played at Builth Wells in April 1930. 

Builth Wells   LLandovery  
D J Morgan 1 T Thomas 0
W M Richards 1 B R Davies 0
P Thornton 0 H J Griffiths 1
S F Waters 1 M H Nicholls 0
W D Niblett 1 J E Jones 0
J Guild 1 G Benyon 0
E J Jones (half) 0 E T Thomas (half) 0
W W Lennard 0 T Roberts 1
  5   2

Below, result of a club match played against Builth in April 1934 at Llandovery.

Llandovery   Builth  
G V Dill 0 D J Morgan 1
J L Jones 1 Rev H G H Griffith 0
Ll G Griffith 1 F S Waters 0
M H Nicholls 0 W D Niblett 1
Rev B Jones 0 A T Price 1
A H Posley 0 J S Jones 1
W T Ellis 0 J M Jones 1
T E L Davies 0 L A Corsham 1
J T Williams? 0 R M Williams 1
J T Holmes 1 W W Lennard 0
  3   7

In the club’s last year in 1940 the secretary was W T Ellis, “Maesyrhaf” Llandovery. The greenkeeper was G Collins. Amateur course record holder was G V Dill with a score of 67.


Llandovery Golf Club, Carmarthenshire. The former course in 2004.

View of the former Llandovery golf course in 2004. Authors Collection.


The course was on the Brecon Road out of Llandovery. Whilst visiting the area I met the current land owner who had actually played the old course. He remembered a large clubhouse and mentioned that Mrs Thomas the local chemist was the treasurer. Another prominent member was Patricia Roberts who he thought had played for Wales. The owner and his wife recall the clubhouse being burned down during the war. After permission had been given I walked part of the old course. Some bunker banks and features can still be made out. The course has been reverted to farm land and the owner has found many old golf balls while working on the land.