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Bexhill-on-Sea Golf Club, Sussex.

Founded 1890. The professional in 1893/4 was H Britt and from 1894 to 1896 G Britt.

On Saturday 7th February 1890 the inaugural club dinner was held at the club-room at the Sackville Hotel, Bexhill. There was a very elite assembly including; Viscount Cantelupe, chairman; Mr Robert Keep, founder of the club; Mr Hardwicke, club secretary; Colonel H Lane; C A Egerton; Lieut H L M Dunn; Captain Matthews; Dr Hunt; Dr Carter; Mr Penrose-Warren; E O Burbidge; Mr Sutherland- Graeme and many others.

A general meeting was held at the Sackville Hotel on Tuesday 5th September 1893. It was announced that the Duc de Llitta had given a handsome silver cup, to be known as the “Italia” to the club.

On Wednesday 28th March 1894 the competition for the Italia Cup took place in fine weather, there were 16 entrants, result as follows; A MacGregor, 106-20-86; Rev F W Pawson, 116-27-89; A E MacDonnell, 107-17-90; H N Fowler, 113-22-91; N G MacGregor, 104-12-92; D H Benwell, 121-27-94; W C Beeching, 126-30-96; W J Harris, 116-20-96; Dr G Garrard, 110-12-98; W G Carpenter, 136-36-100.

Below, result of a club match played at Seaford on Wednesday 27th March 1895.

Seaford   Bexhill  
Captain Nugent 0 H S Colt 0
Hugh Thomson 2 W G McGregor 0
Davenport Knight 0 G Garrand 7
W M Cundell 3 J H Escoline 0
O E Winston 0 M Makalua 2
W Lambe 5 Rev H H Fowler 0
L Crawshay 0 H McDougall 0
  10   9

In 1906 the secretary was George Graham and the professional was Douglas Rolland who had been at the club since 1897. Course records were, amateur  G Noble Richardson  with a score of 68 and professional A Mitchell 65. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 5/- for 3 days, 10/- a week, 20/- a month.

Also in 1906 was the Bexhill Ladies Golf Club. The secretary was Miss A L Tyrrwhitt Drake, Bexhill-on-Sea. This was stated to be a 9 hole course although its not clear whether it was a separate course or if the ladies played over the main course. The professional was Douglas Rolland. The Ladies Amateur record was held by Miss A Wallis with a score of 35. Bexhill ladies club was also in existence in 1913 when the secretary was Miss Parsons, 111 Dorset Road, Bexhill. A membership of 127. Entry fees were £1/11/6 and subs £1/11/6.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Tunbridge Wells on the Culverden course (now defunct) on Monday 4th November 1907. 

Culverden   Bexhill  
Miss Andrews 1 Miss A Wallis 0
Mrs R Homan 1 Miss A T Drake 0
Miss Beeching 1 Mrs Richardson 0
Miss Vanderzee 0 Mrs Barker 1
Miss Homan 1 Mrs Saison 0
Miss R Boddington 0 Miss Hickens 1
Miss Satire 1 Miss Parsons 0
  5   2

In 1913 the professional was J H Jones, from 1914 and into the 1920s Tom Gillespie. There was a membership of 400 gents and 187 ladies (Bexhill Ladies Golf Club did not appear as a separate club) The entry fee was £3/3/0 and the subs £3/3/0. Visitors' fees 2/6 a day, 3 days 6/6, 12/- a week, 20/- a fortnight, 30/- a month. Sunday play was allowed with caddies.

The secretary just prior to WW1 and into the 1920s was H W G Crawford at The Golf Club, Bexhill.  "An 18 hole challenging course with hazards consisting of sand bunkers, pot bunkers and ditches. The local advertised hotel was the Riposo which was situated on the sea front, 2 minutes from the golf links and clubhouse. The station at Bexhill on Sea was ½ mile away mile and Hastings 5 miles"

In 1922 the professional was Arthur Mitchell and the greenkeeper E Vidler. There was a membership of 460. Visitors’ fess from the 1st October to 30th June were, 3/6 a day, 5/- at weekend, £1/2/6 a week, £1/15/0 a fortnight, £3 a month. From 1st July to 30th September 4/- a day, 6/6 at weekend, £1/8/0 a week, £2/10/0 a fortnight, £3/10/0 a month.

In 1940 and 1947 it was listed as the Bexhill Sports and Golf Club, telephone number 431. The secretary was Major A H Vergin, telephone 2112. The professional was Arthur Mitchell and the greenkeeper E Vidler. The 18 hole course had a SSS of 72 and a membership of 430. Course records were, amateur Captain J B Haly 70, professional A D Locke 64. Visitors’ fees were now 3/6 a day, 5/- a day at weekend and Bank Holiday.

Bexhill disappeared shortly after the above date. Most of the land has been used for building although some of the features can still be made out on the land nearest the sea.


Bexhill golf course

Galley Hill, Bexhill. Postcard published by The Photocron Co Ltd, London and Tunbridge Wells. “Celesque Series” Image courtesy of Dave Blocksidge (Downtowndave)


Bexhill golf course

Early days on the course at Bexhill. Postcard from A. B. C. Stores, Bexhill, posted in 1906.


Bexhill golf course map

Location of the course at Bexhill. Grid reference TQ75440,07600, co-ordinates 575440,107600.