St Ives Golf Club, High Leys, Hunts. (1923 - 2007)

Golf was first played on a short course in St Audrey’s Lane.

In October 1922 it was announced that it was planned to have a nine-hole golf course on the edge of town on a site known as Brick Hills. A rather basic course came into being quite quickly, upkeep of the course being carried out by willing volunteers with the help of grazing animals to keep the grass in check.

The club moved to its present location in 2007.

Entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership 250; hon. secretary, G G Yeandle; green-keeper, S Hardwick; amateur record, A B Coote, 65; nine-holes; visitors' fees, 2s/6d a day, 10s/6d a week, 21s a month. Sunday play without caddies; station at St Ives one mile.

At the time of WW2 the secretary was G G Yeandle; professional, A Gow; green-keeper, A J Smith; amateur course record, D S Bruce, 64; professional record, W J Davies, 62; nine-holes par 70 SSS 68; visitors' fees, 3s/6d a day.

During WW2 the course was used by the Home Guard for training purposes. Following the war the Huntingdon County Golf Club closed (see separate entry) and many of its members joined St Ives Golf Club. There were many changes to the St Ives course and clubhouse following the war, it was always hoped to extend the course to 18-holes but finding extra land was always a problem.

At the annual meeting in February 1955 Mr G G Yeandle, secretary for 27 years, announced his retirement and appreciation was shown in the form of a cheque. This was presented by the retiring president Mr J J Goodliffe, Mr Yeandle was elected president for the year.

Result of a home match against Peterborough Golf Club in March 1955.

St Ives Golf Club    Peterborough Golf Club  
C Whaley and K Cameron (4 and 3) 1 B Gilpin and E Sunderland 0
G Fisher and W Kirby (2 and 1) 1 G Craig and J Wood 0
J Milner and E Burton 0 N Banton and M Jefferys (2up) 1
C Dulley and G Caink 0 F J Jeffery and L Edwards (3 and 1) 1
  2   2

Following are a selection of entries from the Golfer's Handbook up to the clubs move to its present location in 2007.

1957 - Membership 200; Secretary - T R Magee, Hartford, Huntingdon; green-keeper, O Jones; amateur record - T B Evans, 66; professional - W J Davies, 62; nine-hole course with a Par and SSS of 68; visitors' fees, 3s/6d a day, Sunday, 5s.

1961-64 - Membership 240; Secretary - C H Glover, O.B.E; professional and green-keeper, J G B Cox; amateur record - K A Cameron, 65; nine-holes measuring 5,082 yards; visitors' fees, 3s/6d a round, 5s a day, weekends, 10s a day. 

1966 - Membership 300; amateur course record - C D Whaley, 69; professional course record - P Alliss, 68; nine-holes measuring 5,948 yards; visitors' fees, 10s a day, 15s a day at weekend. (rest as 1961-64.)

1970s - Membership 300; secretary - C H Glover; professional - F G Rand (1972) S R Bassil (1975); amateur course record - C P Harrison, 68 (1971) Fl. Lt. C J B Murdoch, 68 (1975.)

1980/90s - Membership - 320; secretary - R Hill, I.P.F.A; A Headley; nine-holes 6,052 yards SSS 69; visitors' fees £5 a day, £6 at weekend. visitors £12 (1991.) 

Location of the former course (below.)


St Ives Golf Club, Huntingdonshire. The course and clubhouse on the 1949 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1949.}



In 2007 the club moved to a new 18 hole course at Giffords Farm near Needingworth.