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Ashover Golf Club, Derbyshire. (1905 - 1920s)

A 9 hole course, founded in 1905. The Ashover House Hydro Hotel was a 12 minute walk from the course.

The nearest station was at Stretton three miles away.

The Ashover course was situated on a plateau 900ft above sea level in one of the most picturesque parts of Derbyshire. The course was laid out over old grazing land by Tom Williamson of Hollingwell, and Joseph Sherlock, the Ashover professional. Hazards consisted of gorse bushes, stone walls, an artificial gorse fence 6ft high approaching the fifth hole and an artificial bank and ditch before the ninth.  The membership consisted of 25 men and 25 ladies.

Following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph on Saturday 3 December 1904.

“A long felt want at Ashover is shortly to be remedied by the making of a golf links at Ashover, a much patronised inland resort in Derbyshire. A committee consisting of; J B Jackson, A F Jones, W S Udall, W Haslam, J H Twigg, Dr Benson and P R Birks have had the matter in hand for some time. The course selected is situated on what is known as Long Lane, Ashover, which is close to Bassett Barn Farm. This has been viewed by professionals, and they are of the opinion that it will make a good golf nine-hole course. Arrangements have been made with landowners and occupiers of land, and they have given the committee every assistance. The work of preparing the links will shortly be proceeded with, and in a few months time the committee hope the course will be ready for play.”

It was reported in April 1905 that Tom Williamson had laid out the nine-hole course and it would be open for play at Easter.


Ashover Golf Club, Derbyshire. Report on the course from March 1905.


Ashover Golf Club, Derbyshire. Report on the course from March 1905.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph Friday 17 March 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The formal opening of the course in June 1905.


Ashover Golf Club, Derbyshire. The opening of the course in June 1905.

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal Friday 9 June 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Report from the Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald Saturday 10 June 1905; “OPENING OF THE ASHOVER GOLF LINKS – The formal opening of the Ashover Golf Links took place on Saturday last, when the weather was everything that could be desired. Golf Links for Ashover have been under consideration for some years, but in September of last year a few energetic residents called a meeting to discuss the matter. It was enthusiastically taken up and the following officers were elected - W Chesterman (president); J B Jackson and C A Strutt (vice-presidents); Dr Benson (hon. secretary); W S Udall (hon. treasurer); working committee – E A Jones, J H Twigg, P R Birks, W Haslam and E Johnson. The work of laying out the golf links was commenced at once, and Tom Williamson, the Nottingham professional, assisted the committee considerably in selecting the most suitable ground. The links are situated on the main road leading from Ashover to Northedge and some short distance from the Fabric (sic). They command an extensive view, and are at an elevation of over 1,000 feet. The distance from the village is about a mile. J Sherlock, of Hoylake, has been appointed grounds-man, and he has been chiefly responsible for laying out the links. The course is a nine-hole one, with a distance of something like a mile and a half round. Starting from Bassett Barn the course runs by way of Hill Top Farm and crossing the road leading to Birken Lane returns to Bassett Barn. The cost of laying out the links has been defrayed by public subscription. The links were completed for the Easter holidays, and were opened for play, but the formal opening only took place on Saturday afternoon, when a large company assembled to witness a match which had been arranged between members of the Hallamshire club, Lindrick, and a Derbyshire team captained by J B Jackson.

The opening ceremony was performed by Mrs Jackson of Stubben Edge, who in a few well chosen words said it gave her the greatest pleasure to open the links which she considered would be a great attraction to Ashover and which she hoped would prove a thorough success. She took a great interest in the village, and anything that would enhance its prosperity had her hearty support (applause). Mrs Jackson then declared the links open. Dr. Benson called for three cheers for the success of the Ashover Golf Links which were heartily responded to and the match was then proceeded with Mr F J Baines, of the Hallamshire club driving-off. A capital performance was accomplished by the captain of the Derbyshire team, who figured 77 in the double course, although bogey is only 76. The match was a very interesting and enjoyable one. The teams were entertained to lunch by Mr Chesterman at his residence, Fleetwood Grange. Results below.”    

Hallamshire   Derbyshire  
F J F Baines 0 Captain Taylor 1
W Brown 1 Dr. F Edmunds 0
V P Pearson 1 J H W Jeudwine 0
J Henderson 0 A G Barnes 1
R J Nicholson 1 J B Jackson 0
G Nicholson jun. 1 O C Royle 0
L G Clegg 0 W Chesterman 0
J F Eardley 1 J Sherlock 0
Baines and Henderson 0 Barnes and Taylor 1
Brown and Nicholson jun. 1 Edmunds and Royle 0
Pearson and Nicholson senr. 0 Jeudwine and Jackson 1
Clegg and Eardley (halved) 0 Chesterman and Sherlock (halved) 0
  6   4


In 1906 the secretary was J A Benson, Hockley House, near Chesterfield. The professional from 1905 was Joseph Sherlock, and from 1906 to 1909 C F Knight. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 5/- a week, 10/- a month and £1/1/0 per year.

The first annual meeting was held in June 1906, W Chesterman presided. The accounts, provided by Dr. Benson, showed a deficit of £35/18s/3d. The following officer were appointed; President, W Chesterman; vice-presidents - G A Booth, W Haslam, J H Twigg, J B Jackson, Godfrey Jackson and G A Strutt; secretary, Dr. Benson; treasurer, W S Udall; committee - S E Chesterman, E Johnson, C Johnson.

It was reported in October 1909 that rapid strides were being taken at Ashover. New holes were to be added, a new clubhouse was to be erected and there was a probability of Sunday play. 

No further reference was found for Ashover Golf Club prior to WW1.

The course can be seen on the Ordnance Survey Map below. It continued to be shown on O.S. Maps until the 1940s.


Ashover Golf Club, Long Lane, Stanedge. The Golf Course on the O.S. Map at the time of WW1.

O.S. Map Revised 1913 to 1914; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1921}.


The club re-appeared in the early 1920s when the secretary was J W Twigg, Amber House, Ashover. Visitors’ fees were as 1906.

The revival was short lived as Ashover Golf Club had disappeared by the late 1920s.


Location of the Ashover Golf Club course in the 1920s.

Location of the Ashover course in the 1920s.

Grid reference SK35245, 64700, co-ordinates 435245, 364700.