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Louth Golf Club, Lincolnshire. (1902 - WW2)

In November 1900 a golf club was established for Louth, this first course was situated at Keddington Grange. There is evidence of a later course to the west of the town on Elkington Cow Pasture which appeared in the 1930s, both courses were appearing at this time.

Result of the 1902 February monthly medal donated by the president Mr T Cheney-Garfit. Mr F W Osgood beat Mr E H Cartwright by one point. Mr T M Winch and Mr A H Worrall were third and fourth, only five points separating the latter from the winner. A Gourlay of St Andrews, was appointed professional of the club for three months.

Result of a Match played at Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club in May 1904.

Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club   Louth Golf Club  
Mr Lymbery 0 Mr O S Good 1
Mr Barnsdale 0 Major Walker 1
Mr F Wright 0 Mr Marsden 1
Mr Richards 1 Mr Owen 0
Mr H O Wright 1 Mr Dennis 0
  2   3

Result of the May 1904 monthly medal; Mr F W Osgood, 92 – 10 – 82; Mr S W Marsden, 97 – 15 – 82. Later in the month Louth played a club match at Sutton on Sea Golf Club, the home side winning by three matches to two. After the match an exhibition game took place between T Williamson, the Notts Golf Club professional, and the best ball of Mr Osgood and Major Walker. Williamson won 3 and 2, completing the course in 40.

Result of the July 1904 medal; Major F Kyme Cordeaux, 89 – 21 – 68; F W Osgood, 83 – 10 – 73. The latter gross score was the amateur course record.

Below is the result of a match played at Sutton in April 1905.

Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club   Louth Golf Club  
W R Lymbery 1 Major Cordeaux 0
George Ridgard 0 S W Marsden 0
S Weston 1 E H Cartwright 0
J H Richards 1 F W Dennis 0
E Vamphlew 0 F J M Ingoldby 0
W B Lymbery 1 W Allison 0
  4   0

Below proposed new golf course at Acthorpe in November 1908.


Louth Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Proposed new course in November 1908.

From the Hull Daily Mail Monday 16th November 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual meeting was held on Monday 18th January 1909, Mr T Cheney Garfit in the chair. The report and statement of accounts for the year ending 31st December 1908 was showing a balance in hand of £13/8s/9d. Progress was being made on the new links, probably a re-design of the original course at Acthorpe. It was hoped that this venture would prove successful. Mr Garfit was unanimously re-elected as president; Mr Cave Orme was elected captain; A Bellamy, secretary and treasurer; committee – E H Cartwright, R H Fowler, E Kyme Cordeaux, S W Marsden and W E Smith.

Result of the monthly medal for May 1909; B L Cartwright, 86-4-82; T N C Garfit, 96-10-86. 

Whilst playing with Mr R L Cartwright on Thursday 13th May 1909, E Major, the Louth Professional, set a course record by completing the 18-holes in 67, the par for the course was 68. Major’s score as follows; 3,4,3,4,4,3,4,5,3 = 33; 3,4,3,4,3,3,5,5,4 = 34- total 67.

In January 1910 Mr A Bellamy, secretary and treasurer, wrote a letter to the Stamford Mercury saying, “he wishes to draw the attention of the South Wold Hunt to the graves and tees on the golf course at Acthorpe. He states that serious damage was done on Monday 2nd January, and appeals to the sporting instincts of all members to do what they can to prevent a recurrence” 

The annual meeting was held in the committee room at Louth Town Hall on Friday 28th January 1910, Mr Cave-Orme presided. Others present were; Lieut-Col Cordeaux, J.P, F W Dennis, Mark Smith, J.P, S W Marsden, Councillor C F Herbert, J S Allison, J P Hemming, T M Winch, Capt W G Smyth, J.P, W H Smith, Dr Laughton Smith and A Bellamy, secretary and treasurer. The treasurer’s account showed a balance in hand of £9/3s/9d. Subscriptions amounted to £118/2/6, donations £8/2/6, green-fees and locker rent £8/11/6, with £4/15/0 transferred from the formation account. The total receipts amounted to £149/0/3. On expenditure the principal items were; Tradesmen’s account £19/7s/2d; labour £59/17/5; rent £12/10/0; loans on clubhouse repaid £7/17/0; dividends on debentures £5/3/0; expenditure on formal opening £9/18/3. The accounts were audited by Mr J Perry Hemming. The membership was 50 men and 15 ladies. It was proposed to reduce the subscriptions from 2guineas to a guinea and a half to encourage membership. The president, Mr Garfit was re-elected as was the captain, Mr Cave-Orme.

Winner of the monthly medal for February 1910 was Dr Laughton Smith, 96-10-86.

In March 1910 the committee appointed E Major for a few weeks. He would be available for giving lessons after March 31st.

The fine weather attracted a lot of competitors to the picturesque links during Easter 1910. On Saturday 26th March 1910 a match between teams selected by the captain, G A Cave-Orme and the secretary, A Bellamy.

Captain's Team   Secretary's Team  
G A Cave-Orme 0 Chas Parker jnr 1
Major W H Smith 0 C F Herbert 1
Lt-Col F Kyme Cordeaux 0 H L Brackenbury M.P 1
Mark Smith 1 J P Hemming 0
T M Winch 1 Dr F L Smith 0
K G Smith 0 Major R H Fowler 1
F W Dennis 0 S W Marsden 1
M E Smith 1 H C Bentley 0
E Bentley 0 Stewart Cole 1
Ed Ashton 0 E Brodgham Bach 1
Rev J A Bunch 1 Clive Smith 0
  4   7

Following are the results of four competitions played during November 1910; The final of the competition for the captain’s prize (Mr G A Cave-Orme) resulted in a tie between T M French and F W Dennis, both finished all square; The ladies’ monthly medal was won by Miss Willan, net53; The monthly medal for men was won by A Bellamy, 96-14-82; There was a large turnout for the Williamson Challenge Bowl which was won by G A Cave-Orme with a score of 3up. This competition was open to members of the Royal Wimbledon Golf, as yet I have no idea of the association between Louth and Royal Wimbledon but it would be interesting to find out. 

Result of the monthly medal played on 1st April 1911 on the Acthorpe links, the heavy conditions made scoring difficult; Major R H Fowler, 97-16-81; Dr F Laughton Smith, 93-9-84; Liet Col F K Cordeaux, 100-14-86; Rev J A Beasley, 95-8-87; Mark Smith, 116-24-88.

Below is the result of a match played at Acthorpe against Woodhall Spa Golf Club in April 1914.

Louth Golf Club   Woodhall Spa Golf Club  
H Hill (4&2) 1 G D Fox 0
T M Winch 0 L Boys (2&1) 1
Rev. J A Beazley (2up) 1 Rev. G W Borlase 0
R C Boyd (1up) 1 A C W Clark 0
C Parker jnr. (6&4) 1 W Stead 0
Dr. F Laughton Smith (2&1) 1 Lt.-Colonel Domenichetti 0
F W Dennis (9&7) 1 T C Myddleton 0
Lt-Colonel Cordeaux (5&3) 1 E S Hassard 0
  7   1

Played on the Acthorpe course the May 1914 monthly medal was won by Basil Sharpley; 104-24-80. 

Arthur Bellamy of High Holme Road was the secretary in 1919.


Louth Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Location of the course at Grange Farm.

Grid reference for the course at Keddington TF34155,89315, co-ordinates 534155,389315.


Louth Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Location of the Cow Pasture course.

Grid reference for Cow Pasture, TF31120,87300, co-ordinates, 531120, 387300.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the Cow Pasture course.