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Lincoln Golf Club. (1891 - 1903)

Golf was being played in Lincoln before the club was formally set up on a few holes off  Nettleham Road. 

Lincoln Golf Club at West Common was founded in February 1891.

The club leased land adjoining Carholme Race Course for £100 per year. The 9-hole course, laid out by Willie Park was opened on Thursday 5th March 1891. There were 40 members, paying an entrance fee of one guinea, and annual subs of the same amount. The club-room was situated in the racecourse grandstand. The Club adopted a uniform of red jackets with London green collars and brass buttons engraved “Lincoln GC 1891”. Past presidents still wear red jackets at the Club’s annual dinner.

At the AGM held at the Central Sale Rooms on 4th February 1892 the retiring captain, Mr A H Leslie-Melville, was in the chair. The following were elected officers for the coming year; President, Mr Shuttleworth; Captain, Mr Montague Walde-Sibthorp; Treasurer, Mr Claude Pym; Secretary, Mr W T Toynbee; Committee, Mr C Brook, Mr A H Leslie-Melville, Mr H J Sutton, Mr H N Sutton, Mr R Swan and the Rev W N Usher. The club was reported to be in a flourishing condition, the balance in hand shown to be £34/3/3, membership was 52.


Lincoln Golf Club. Club button.

A pre-WW1 Lincoln Golf Club button. Image courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Result of a club match played at Belton Park in November 1892.

Belton Park Golf Club   Lincoln Golf Club  
F W Thompson 2 W T Toynbee 0
C A Young 0 Rev W N Usher 1
C G E Welby 6 Commander Swan 0
Rev E A Gillett 0 H N Sutton 9
Rev E M Clements 0 Lieut Col Clements 2
H J Hildyard 2 A H Leslie-Melville 0
Sir J H Thorold, Bart 0 R Swan 1
Rev E R Nicholls 0 Captain Wiley 3
  10   16

Result of the gold medal and the Melville prize played on the Carholme course in June 1895; W Toynbee, winner of the gold medal with a score of 92 gross; Mr M W Sibthorp, winner of the Melville prize, 93-14-79; Mr E H Edwards, 105-20-85; Mr F C Brogden, 108-12-86; Rev W N Usher, 94-8-86; Mr R Swan, 101-14-87; Rev J W Bury; 114-26-88; Rev A W Rowe, 109-20-89.

Result of a club match played against Grantham over the West Common course on Saturday 10th March 1900. 

Lincoln Golf Club   Grantham Golf Club  
A Wallace 0 D C Thompson 3
C Pym 0 S Shaw 3
J Alexander 0 H Preston 1
Rev H J Watney 5 R Rothwell 0
W T Warrener 4 A Maxwell 0
W J Cannon 5 L Shaw 0
T P Stokoe 11 J Lockhart 0
A B Porter 5 A L Shaw 0
G Ponsford 4 H Shaw 0
  34   7

In November 1900 a silver gilt cup bearing a hallmark of 1809 and weighing 36 ounces was presented to the club by the president, Alfred Shuttleworth.

In 1903 the club moved to its current course at Torksey.