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Boston Golf Club, Lincolnshire. (1900 - WW2)

Founded in 1900.

The clubs first location was a seasonal course on Sleaford Road. They moved in 1903 to Tower Road, again a seasonal course, they played their golf during the winter. The seasonal arrangement was quite common in the early years it allowed farmers to use the land for grazing during the “growing” season. In 1923 the club was on the move again, this time to a nine-hole course that could be used all year round. This course was situated at Pudding Pie, Fishtoft Road, on the banks of the River Whitham. It stayed at the Pudding Pie location for over 25 years. In 1949 the course was inundated, a fierce storm together with high spring tides left the course completely underwater. The damage was irreparable and the club and course closed.

It was sometimes known as Boston and District Golf Club.

 A general meeting was held at the Peacock and Royal Hotel on Monday 17th December 1900, F P Curtis, club captain, presided. Also present were; H R Garvey, secretary; Rev W T Fielding, N Green-Armytage, Dr South, Dr Reckitt, Dr Smith, H C Johnson, B B Dyer, J Short, H Harwood, E P Smith, S Cooper and C Wood. The business consisted of the adoption of rules, which were submitted and carried. It was also announced that membership had increased, there were over 80 members.

The opening matches for the Boston Golf Club took place on the Sleaford Road course on Tuesday 18th December 1900. Mr R H Ferguson of Skegness, won a close match against the Rev H E Curtis by one up. Councillor F P Curtis, captain of the club, and Mr R H Ferguson beat Rev H C Curtis and the Rev E A Moxon by 5 and 4. In a mixed foursome Mr F P Curtis and Miss South beat the Rev E A Moxon and Mrs Black by 3 and 2.   

Following is the result of the February 1902 monthly medal; H Harwood, 100-20-80; W G Bell, 98-16-82; Rev W T Fielding, 101-18-83; F P Curtis, 95-12-83; H Walford, 92-8-84; Rev H R Garvey, 96-12-84; C W Wood, 115-28-87.  

The winner of the November 1902 monthly medal was the Rev H E Curtis with a score of  85-8-77.

Below is the result of a match played at Spalding against Boston on Saturday 23rd March 1907.  

Spalding   Boston  
A N Other 0 Mr Horry 1
Rev C J S Ward 1 Mr Hill 0
E T Cooke 1 Mr Harris 0
Mr Hamilton 1 Mr Bothamley 0
Dr G L Barritt 0 Dr Taylor 1
C L Harvey 0 Mr Shove 1
F Woods 1 Mr Wright 0
W Newton 0 Mr Bedford 1
Mr Savage 0 Mr Boag 1
  4   5

At the annual meeting held at the White Hart Hotel in October 1918 R W Bothamley was elected captain, and Mr A Norman secretary and treasurer.

At a meeting held on Tuesday 9th October 1923 it was decided, despite considerable opposition, to commence play on the new course at Pudding Pie Farm on the banks of the Witham, at the end of the month.

On Thursday 16th December 1926 the pavilion and all its contents on the Fishtoft Road course was destroyed by fire.

During the night of Friday January 21st 1928 the clubhouse of the Boston and District club was broken into. No money was kept on the premises so the raiders had to content themselves with minor booty from the bar.

In February 1928 A H Parry, who had been captain of the club for three years, was to leave the district to take up a new job at Barclays Bank in Grimsby.

In the March 1928 monthly medal L G Robinson, 94-20-74, and C Anderson, 96-22-74, tied for first place.

Result of the April 1928 monthly medal; P Ostler, 93-16-77; T R Carter, 97-18-79. Result of the Cooper Cup; C Dawson, 99-24-75; P Ostler, 95-16-79.    

Unfortunately the photograph mentioned in the report below was unclear.


Boston Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Report on Ralph Tunnard in May 1938.

Lincolnshire Standard and Boston Guardian Saturday 5th May 1928. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The winner of the July 1928 monthly medal was Cyril Dawson, 90-22-68, runner-up was C H Rastall.

Also in July 1928 Boston entertained the Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club. The Boston team as follows; Dr J Mowatt, J B Arch, M Bothamley, P Ostler, E R Nettleton, T H Tyson, C H Rastall and P B Arch.

There were three meetings held in the clubhouse in December 1928. The first was the third ordinary general meeting of the Boston Golf Club Company, Ltd., which was followed by the annual meeting of the Boston Golf Club. The ladies' section held the third meeting. Ald. T Kitwood, J.P. (President of the club) presided at the first two meetings.  

In December 1928 the ladies competed for Emma Bothamley Bowl. The winner was Miss T Francis, and the runner-up, Miss B Francis. 

A credit of over £10 was reported at the annual meeting held on Tuesday 30th April 1929. Club membership of about 240.  

Result of a match played in July 1929 at Boston against Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club.

Boston Golf Club   Sutton-on-Sea Golf Club  
E R Nettleton 0 A Boddy (4 and 2) 1
C Dawson 0 A K Singer (4 and 3) 1
T R Carter 0 J Dawson (2up) 1
P Ostler (2 and 1) 1 F W Littlewood 0
M W Bothamley (2 and 1) 1 Mr Swaby 0
L G Robinson (5 and 4) 1 R Goodman 0
A Chambers (2 and 1) 1 Major Hatfield 0
T H Tyson 0 A E Farmer (2up) 1
  4   4

In May 1936 R L Thomson holed in one at the par three fifth hole.

In July 1937 the Thomas Cup was won by R Reynolds, who finished 2up. R Gresswell was second 1up, third was R L Thomson, all square.   

On Wednesday 16th August 1937 Walter Hagen, captain of America's Ryder Cup team, and ex-open champion, played an exhibition match. Joe Kirkwood, of Australia, had arranged to give an exhibition of trick shots and a lecture on golf, but was not able to attend due to a muscle injury.

On Thursday 17th November 1938 Mr K Welberry (Wellbury?) holed in one at the 110 yard fifth hole.

At the annual meeting held on Wednesday May 24th 1939 it was decided that women, would not, at present, be appointed members of the general committee. The proposal that women should serve was put forward by Miss Enderby and supported by Alderman T Kitwood (president), Cyril Dawson and N Hartley. It was opposed by Mr Walter Kitwood who said "I don't think, somehow or other, for various reasons, that one lady on the committee would be very comfortable, and two might boss the whole show very soon." (Laughter). T Kitwood was re-elected president; Robert Reynolds replaced J A Marjason as captain; J Arch, vice-captain; Mark Bothamley, secretary; C F C Williams, treasurer; H C Senior, auditor; committee - B S Cooper, H C Rothery, J A Marjason, L G Robinson, C Dawson and N Hartley.

Below are results of matches against Rauceby in June 1939.


Boston Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Results of matches against Rauceby in June 1939.

From the Boston Guardian Wednesday 21st June 1939.


Leading scores in a mixed foursome played in June 1939; Mr and Mrs Davis, 98-26-72; Mrs J C Coney and C Dawson, 85-10-75; Miss M Moore and J Walker, 91-13-78.

In the final of the Woodthorpe Cup in June 1939 F A Harden beat T R Carter by 3 and 2.

Result of a match against Mablethorpe Golf Club (now defunct) played in June 1939.

Boston Golf Club   Mablethorpe Golf Club  
R Reynolds and J Arch 1 J W Marlow and H J Farrow 0
J Marjason and C Smith 1 T Clarke and K Snowden 0
Dr. N Bloom and Dr. M Bloom 1 J M McCreary and G Preston 0
N M Pearson and K Welbury 0 H Gray and Mr Dunbar 1
J Gresswell and C Bycroft 0 A R Dales and H Paul 1
F A Harden and A Skinner 0 A L Watts and C R Clarricoates 1
  3   3

In July 1940 the Woodthorpe Cup was won by Dr J H F Pankhurst, who beat K Welberry by 7&6.

At the time of WW2 the secretary was Dr J H F Pankhurst, 82 Sleaford Road, Boston, and the professional W Hill. The nine-hole course had a SSS of 70. Club membership of 180. The amateur course record was held by C Dawson, 66. Visitors' fees were 3 shillings a day. Sunday play was allowed. 

The Boston club was revived in 1962.   

The Google Map below shows the location of the Fishtoft Road course.