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Barton-upon-Humber Golf Club, Lincs. (1900 -1928)

A committee meeting was held on Monday 7th May 1900, chaired by the Rev L Mason. Also present were; W T Gooseman, W H Witty, H R Dix and C Hunt junior amongst others. The provision of new links were considered, also whether the game should be carried on throughout the summer. It was decided not to continue playing golf through the summer months, it was thought that cricket and tennis would command greater attention. The links at this time were at Barton Cliff, nearly two miles from the town, and it was decided that Mr C Hunt should be approached with a view to securing the use of his fields on the Bardney Hall Estate, which are much closer to town.

In September 1900 it was reported that the committee where attempting to popularise the game by trying to find a course nearer the town and had succeeded in obtaining several fields up the East Acridge (Ackridge at this time). Altogether the links would cover 40 acres and the course would be one and a quarter miles long. There were plenty of natural hazards, the nine hole course was to be laid out by; A Towle, H R Dix, G Nowell and H O Knight. The season was to commence in October, and it was hoped to arrange matches for the season. There were several keen local golfers who had found it difficult to play the game with the old course being so remote. This, however, had been remedied with the new course the terrain of which was far more suited to golf. It was hoped the committee would be well supported in the venture.

The annual meeting was held at the George Hotel in October 1900, Mr Witty presided. The following officers were elected; H O Knight, secretary and captain; G H Nowell, treasurer; committee – Messrs. Dix, Gooseman, Mason, Pygott, Hart and Witty. The playing season was to continue until April. It was also decided to erect a clubhouse and employ a grounds-man. It was stated that particular attention was being paid to the course and although it was new it would soon be in excellent condition. 

Result of a match played In January 1902 against Brigg on the East Acridge course. It was a win for the home team with excellent play from J W Briggs in particular. After the match the teams took tea at the George Hotel.

Barton   Brigg  
H O Knight 0 Rev G Lewthwaite 4
A L Towle 0 J H Webb 3
G H Nowell 0 H M Webb 5
P Hunt 1 H M Hett 0
C Hunt 3 D Briggs 0
W T Gooseman 0 H Cartwright 0
J W Briggs 11 W Cray 0
  15   12

Following is a result of a one-sided match played in February 1903 against Grimsby on the Cleethorpes links.

Grimsby   Barton  
Dr Booth 1 ? Thorpe 0
W H Wintringham 5 J Webb 0
T Wintringham 2 H O Knight 0
J W Smethurst 4 ? Lewthwaite 0
T Sowerby 0 H Webb 0
F Coulson 3 G H Nowell 0
? Southern 5 ? Hunt 0
? Petty 2 ? Pigott 0
  22   0

On Wednesday the 10th February 1904 the first annual dinner took place at the Wheatsheaf Inn under the chairmanship of their genial president Councillor Hopper. It was stated that golf had now become very popular in the town and that membership at the club was on the increase. Thanks were passed on to Mr A Towle of Framlington College for the gift of several prizes. Other prizes were promised by Nowell, Winship and Pigott.

In April 1904 the following press announcement appeared in the Hull Daily Mail “Barton Golf Club is homeless and linkless, its tenancy having come to a compulsory termination, the landlord refusing the club the use of the land any longer. This is unfortunate, for the club is in a healthy condition, and the game is growing in public favour. Moreover, the club has spent a good sum in preparing the ground etc. It is hoped, however, that this may be remedied by the autumn. The committee have their eye on some fields that could easily be converted into splendid links”

The club was still being recorded in 1905 the secretary at the time was Harold O Knight of Southfield Road.

The club re-appears in the early 1920s. In 1923 the secretary and treasurer was F H Kimber, "Bank House" George Street, Baron-on-Humber, telephone 57. The greenkeeper was S Ogerby (W Green in 1922). Barton upon Humber was a 9 Hole course with a membership at that time of 40. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed. The railway station at Barton-on-Humber was ¾ mile away.

From 1925 the secretary and treasurer was R Wilmott, 9 Maltby Lane, Barton-upon-Humber, and the greenkeeper was still S Ogerby. Membership had now risen to 60.

Barton-upon-Humber Golf Club had disappeared by 1928