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Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Lincs. (1894 - WW2)

Founded in 1894.

The original nine-hole course was located just to the south east of Beacon Cottage near Hall's Hill.

Following WW1  the club extended the course north east to the area around Hall’s Hill.

The station at Grantham was 1 mile from the course.

Club professionals; T G Hayes, 1905/6; E Williamson, 1906/7; B Collingwood, 1907-1933; Albert Pettit, mid 1930s - 1940. 

Below - A Golf Club for Gantham in August 1894. 


Grantham Golf Club, Hall's Hill, Grantham. The golf club for Grantham in August 1894.

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 4th August 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below the first competition on the Harrowby course in October 1894.


Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Lincs. The first competition played on the Harrowby course in October 1894.

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 27th October 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


From 1896 to 1905 the president was Lieutenant A Hutchinson and the secretary A J Godfrey.

In March 1895 Grantham visited Bulwell Forest to play Notts Golf Club A team.

Notts Golf Club A   Grantham Golf Club  
T G Mellors 0 F Park 11
P W Snook 5 Sid Shaw 0
J D Pearson 0 Alec Shaw 1
W R Lymbery 1 H Shaw 0
J A Simpson 0 J Evans 0
C P Dixon 7 D Bruce 0
J W Windley 11 A Friend 0
C A Rastall 0 A Lockhart 2
  24   14

A bogey competition was held on Whit Monday in 1895, result; H Preston, 6up; A E Park, 4up; F H Vinsen, 3up; J Evans 2up and A L Shaw, 1up. The prize was a box of balls given by the chairman, Mr A Shaw.

Also in June 1895 the foursomes competition, with prizes given by Messrs B Beeson, L Bell, Henley and MacVicar, which had been in progress for the last few weeks, concluded on Friday 7th ; first prize, Miss Luard and Mr G P Fillingham, 1up; second prize, Messrs J Evans and F W Robinson.

Result of the October 1895 medal; R Rothwell, 135-48-87; H Preston, 111-22-89; S Shaw, 103-12-91.

Result of a ladies match played over 15 holes on the Harrowby course against Belton Park in November 1896. Mrs Hutchinson entertained the players in the clubhouse after the match.

Grantham Ladies   Belton Park Ladies  
Miss B M Thompson 0 Miss Maud Wilson 6
Miss Luard 6 Mrs Clements 0
Mrs Allford 0 Miss H Garvey 6
Mrs Lee 0 Mrs Wilson 3
Miss Thompson 4 Miss Pope 0
  10   15

Below is the result of a match played over the West Common course at Lincoln on Saturday 10th March 1900.  

Lincoln Golf Club   Grantham Golf Club  
A Wallace 0 D C Thompson 3
C Pym 0 S Shaw 3
J Alexander 0 H Preston 1
Rev H J Watney 5 R Rothwell 0
W T Warrener 4 A Maxwell 0
W J Cannon 5 L Shaw 0
T P Stokoe 11 J Lockhart 0
A B Porter 5 A L Shaw 0
G Ponsford 4 H Shaw 0
  34   7

Result of a match played on the Harrowby course against Newark on Thursday February 19th 1903.

Grantham Golf Club   Newark Golf Club  
R Rothwell 0 Stuart Macrae 0
S Shaw 11 W J Robertson 0
H Shaw 7 E Harker 0
J Grantham 0 J Brown 2
Rev H H Surgey 0 W H Shipman 1
T Rowle 0 H Bailey 4
W S Brown 1 V Robinson 0
  19   7

Match played in March 1904 at home to Belton Park.

Grantham Golf Club   Belton Park Golf Club  
R Rorhwell 1 B C Thompson 0
B Shaw 0 W E Thompson 1
A J Shaw 0 T Norton 1
J Lockhart 0 F W Thompson 1
W S Brown 0 Rev G Goodwin 1
T Rowle 0 Rev E Robinson 1
  1   5

Below the location of the course in the 1900s.


Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Lincs. Location of the course on the 1905 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1905}


In 1906 course records were amateur Sid Shaw with a score of 36, and professional A Fowler 33. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day , 5/- a week and 10/- a month.

Following is the result of  the Shaw Cup, a competition of 27 holes, played in April 1909; Herbert Shaw, 1down; W J Kelley, 5down; W S Brown, 7down; J Tinn, 9down; F G Simpson, 10down; J R Casburn, 12down. Result of the monthly medal for April 1909; W S Brown, 97-12-85; H Shaw, 95-7-88; W J Kelley, 101-11-90; B Fillingham; 123-26-97; F G Simpson, 115-16-99.

Result of a club match played at Peterborough on Thursday 1st April 1909. 

Peterborough Golf Club   Grantham Golf Club  
A F Percival 0 W E Thompson 1
C M Everard 0 T Norton 1
A C Ferrier 1 Rev H M Cooper 0
T Blunt 1 W S Brown 0
G C Hall 1 W E Dalby 0
W H Sturton 0 J S Glover 0
  3   2

Following is the result for the 1913 January medal (9 holes); division 1 – E W M Harvey, 49-6-43; division 2 – W Merry, 58-13-45; H H Hughes, 57-11½-45½; A L Shaw, 55-9-46. The winner of the Ladies’ Brooch” for January was Mrs A J Benson.

Result of the March 1913 medal; div 1 – H Sharpley, 104-15-89; div 2 – H Willoughby, 111-27-84.

Following is the result of the Shaw Cup, a 27 hole bogey competition, played on March 27th & 29th 1913; A J B Godfrey, 1down; E W M Harvey, 2down; A H S Boggis, 6down; T Rowle, 7down.

Result of the April 1913 monthly medal; div 1 – A J B Godfrey, 98-14-84; div 2 – Herbert Hall, 101-26-75; Theo Rowle, 111-22-89; A E Pearson, 115-26-89; J Curtis, 118-27-91. The winner of the ladies gold brooch for April 1913 was Mrs A J B Godfrey.

In June 1913 a bogey competition for a gold badge, given by A J B Godfrey, result; F J Shaw, 1up; A B Goold, 3down; A L Shaw, 6down. Result of the monthly medal for June; div 1 - A Shaw jnr, 91-14-77; div 2 – H Willoughby, 107-24-83; Ladies gold brooch, Miss G Shaw, 116-36-80.

Following is the result of the 1913 July medal; div 1 – J Tinn, 88-13-75; Stanley Shaw, 92-16-76; W Patrick, 84-7-77; A L Shaw, 91-14-77; F G Simpson, 93-16-77; div 2 – A B Goold, 100-27-73; J E Edmundson, 112-24-88; J T Slater, 112-24-88. Ladies’ gold brooch for July; Mrs A J Benson, 95-28-67; Mrs J E Edmundson, 110-32-78; Miss Willoughby, 109-30-79; Miss G Taylor, 118-36-82; Mrs A J B Godfrey, 115-32-83.

In 1914 the club had a membership of 100. The entry fee was 10/6d and the subs £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees had increased to 1/6d a day. There was no Sunday play at this time.

Below are competition results from 1921:-

The monthly medal and silver spoon competition for February; Division One – H Howman, 82-4-78; A J B Godfrey, 90-11-79; H Sharpley, 93-14-79; E C Newton, 92-92-12-80; A E C Chambers, 98-14-84; G Brittain, 100-14-86; Div Two – A J Benson, 106-18-88; E Peacock, 110-18-92; Rev W G Summers, 118-24-94.

Result of the 18-hole Hutchinson Trophy (Silver Cleek) played in April; H Bowman, 82-2-80; C J Barker, 89-9-80 (won play off); T H Bowman, 81-+1-82; W S Brown; 90-8-82; C Whinney, 106-24-82; A E CChambers, 97-14-83; H Willoughby, 101-18-83; J W Simpson, 95-11-84; B Fillingham, 100-16-84; L Egan, 100-16-84; G N Simon, 101-16-85; A Barnett, 103-18-85. 

Below, result of a match played in April at Grantham against Newark. 

Grantham Golf Club   Newark Golf Club  
A J B Godfrey 1 G Bateman 0
E C Newton 1 E Knight 0
G H Wilson 1 J H Bingham 0
A E C Chambers 1 J Essam 0
L Egan 1 T Hurst 0
B Fillingham 1 H W Mace 0
H Willoughby 1 H W Strange 0
A Barnett 0 E C Thrale 1
C A Basker 1 R J Hambling 0
W H Bird 0 F A West 1
A W J Manners 1 J W Tully 0
A J B Godfrey & E C Newton 0 G Bateman & E Knight 1
A E C Chambers & G H Wilson 1 J H Bingham & J Essam 0
L Egan & B Fillingham 0 T Hurst & H W Mace 1
C A Basker & H Willoughby 1 R J Hambling & H W Strange 0
W H Bird & A W J Manners 0 F A West & J W Tully 1
  11   5

Bogey competition for a prize given by Mr A J B Godfrey played on the 19th May; H Bowman (2), 1up; T H Bowman (+1) all square; E C Newton (14), all square; F W Whipple (8), all square; H Sharpley (12), 2down; W S Brown (8), 3down; C J Barker (8), 3down; H Willoughby (18), 6down; G H Wison (11), 6down.

June medal and silver spoon; Division One – F W Whipple, 88-8-80; Div Two – A J Benson, 101-18-83; A Barnett, 101-18-83; J G Hopkinson, 103-20-83. On Thursday 9th June an 18-hole eclectic competition was played for a gold medal given by Mr W H Bird, result below.  

A J Benson  42 9 33 A J B Gogdfrey 42 + 5 1/2 36 1/2 W McWilliam 48 9 39
39C J Barker 38 4 34 J W Barker 41 + 4 1/2 36 1/2 J W Simpson 45 5 1/2 39 1/2
F W Whipple 38 4 34 A E C Chambers 44 7 37 E C Newton 47 6 41
H Sharpley 40 6 34 J G Hopkinson 47 10 37 W G Summers 54 12 42
L Egan 42 8 34 H Bowman 39 1 38 L P Nainby 54 12 42
A Barnett 43 9 34 G H Wilson 44 5 1/2 38 1/2 C Whinney 53 10 43
T H Bowman 34 +1/2 34 1/2 Alex Shaw 45 6 39        

The monthly medal and silver spoon competition for July; Division One - J W Barker, 81-9-72; E C Newton, 85-12-73; H Sharpley, 94-12-82; L Egan, 98-16-82; Div Two – A Barnett, 94-18-76; H G Hopkinson, 96-20-76; W T Merry, 98-20-78; W G Summers, 105-24-81; C Whinney, 104-20-84; E Goold, 107-22-85; E Peacock, 104-18-86; W A McWilliam, 105-18-87. 

In July the most popular competition of the year, the Victory Bowl, given by the President, Mr J G Thompson was won by Alex Shaw, a founder member of the club in 1894 he beat F W Whipple in the final. On conclusion of play the trophy was presented to the winner by Miss Robertson of St Andrews.   

In 1923 club membership was 120 gents and 50 ladies. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a round, 7/6d a week and 15/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Burghley Park, Stamford in April 1930.

Burghley Park Golf Club   Grantham Golf Club  
Mr Pearson & Mr Conway 0 W T Merry & V Borchard 1
Mr Tinkler & Mr Wait 0 W J Hall & E H Colwell 1
Mr Potter & Mr Bowman 1 C R Lawton & G Wild 0
Mr Eayres & Mr Farrow (half) 0 F W Dudding & L C Burningham (half) 0
  1   2

The winner of the 1930 October medal was W B Light with a score of 4down. 

The winner of the Victory Bowl played in July 1933 was H Sharp; runner-up, E H R Colwell.

Below is the result of a match played at Southwell Golf Club (now defunct) In July 1933.

Southwell Golf Club   Grantham Golf Club  
H T Jackson 0 H Sharp 1
O Higson 0 D Gibson 1
Reginald Walker 1 B Ford 0
E Cauldwell 1 B Shipman 0
R Mather 1 R K Foster 0
R Holliday 1 J B Walker 0
E Clulow 1 Rev. Chantry 0
H Kirkby 1 J D Wroughton 0
J Cauldwell 1 J Millhouse 0
  7   2

The following officer were elected at the annual meeting in October 1934; President, F W Thompson; vice-president, E C Newton; hon. secretary, B Shipman; hon. treasurer, E H R Colwell; committee - F W Dudding, A J Godfrey, J Millhouse, W Pile, A Porter, A Shaw and R S Withington.

In November 1934, to celebrate its 40th year, the club held a dinner at the Angel Hotel, 50 members were present. Mr A J Godfrey, who had been a member since it started, outlined the progress of the club. A Porter presented the trophies to the winners of the past season, he also made a presentation to W Pile as a token of the club's appreciation of all his good work as hon. secretary for the past seven years, a post he had recently retired from.  

Below the result of a foursomes match against Melton Mowbray played in June 1935.

Grantham Golf Club   Melton Mowbray Golf Club  
A Pettit and A Foster 1 D Skingley and G H Salaman 0
W Dolman and B Bullock 0 L Skingley and W C Mountain 1
W Browse and F Booth 1 A Jupp and A Chapman 0
G Dickinson and S McKelvey 0 A Smith and Mr Nash 1
  2   2

Result of a Flag Competition played in August 1935; Ladies - Mrs F W Dudding, Miss I Slatter, Mrs B Shipman; Gentlemen - B Shipman, A Porter, J D Wroughton.

In the R.A.F. summer knockout in September 1935 the winner was H Sharp and the runner-up D Gibson.

Below "Guest Day" in June 1936.


Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Lincs. Guest Day on the Harrowby course in June 1936..

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 13th June 1936. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In September 1936 the play off for the Commemoration Cup took place when L E Parker (holder) beat F Booth. The 36-hole Captain's Prize was won by R J Wroughton.   

Below prize presentation in November 1938.


Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Grantham. Prize presentation in November 1938

From the Grantham Journal Saturday 19th November 1938. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


  Secretary Professional
1906 A J Godfrey, 2 Watergate, Grantham. E Williamson
1914/20s H Sharpley, Upton Bank, Grantham. H Collingwood
1920s/34 W Pile, 41 South Parade, Grantham. H Collingwood
1934 - 1940 B Shipman, 3 Albion Street, Grantham. A Pettit

Result of a match played at Grantham against Spalding in May 1939.

Grantham Golf Club   Spalding Golf Club  
H E B Turner and H C Cross 1 F G Casswell and W Temple 0
W Dolman and L Chalkley 0 O B Easom and J T Gostelow 1
W Chambers and H Foster 0 F A Matthews and C W Elger 1
W Batby and L C Barningham 1 J W White and E C Nelson 0
  2   2

In 1940 the 9-hole course had a SSS of 70 and a membership of 100 gents and 80 ladies. Visitors’ fees were as 1923.

In April 1940 H Breen Turnor, captain of the club, completed three rounds in one day of 73, 75 and 74. The bogey for the course was 72, Mr Turnor played of a handicap of three. 

In August 1940 Grantham Golf Club held a competition in aid of the Red Cross Agriculture Fund. There were 30 entries and following are the leading scores; W Chambers, 81-12-69; D E Foster, 84-12-72; F E Purcahse, 87-13-74; L Jeeves, 90-18-72; W S E Purchase, 90-18-72 L Herriott, 80-7-73; H C Cross, 83-10-73; L C Burningham, 87-13-74; J Ward, 88-14-74; L Parker, 90-15-75; W Dolman, 82-6-76; B Fillingham, 89-12-77; L D Toogood, 92-15-77; G H Dickinson, 89-11-78; B Shipman, 88-9-79; W R Lee, 93-14-79.

In August 1941 Eileen Mary Levick, who had been Ladies' captain from 1931 to 1940, married Albert Pettit, who had been professional at the club in the late 1930s. The bridegroom was now serving with the R.A.F. 

Below evidence of the club being disbanded in 1944.


Grantham Golf Club, Harrowby, Lincs. The club is disbanded by December 1944.

From the Grantham Journal Friday 22nd December 1944. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Grantham Golf Club, Lincolnshire. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the Grantham course in the 1930s. Grid reference SK93075,35715 co-ordinates 493075,335715. The earlier course was located just to the south east of Beacon Cottage.