Marston Green Municipal Golf Club, Birmingham. (1947 - 1975)

The following report is from the Birmingham Daily Gazette Friday 6th January 1939. "A new municipal golf course, larger than any of those at present in use, will be constructed on the east side of Birmingham, if a recommendation of the Parks Committee is approved by the City Council at their meeting on Tuesday. The site of the new course, which will cost £8,500, is at the Chapel Farm Estate, Marston Green, the land having been purchased by the Corporation nearly three years ago. The Committee are convinced that such a course would not only be self supporting, but would provide a valuable source of revenue." 

Due to the onset of WW2 the above project was put on hold.

In 1947 the 18-hole course was under construction at Marston Green and it was hoped to open nine-holes during 1947. Marston Green was a council run course, initially nine-holes it was extended to eighteen in 1951. As the nearby Birmingham airport development took place it reverted to nine-holes. The course was laid out on the former Chapel House farm. The course was kept in splendid order by  Harry Monkhouse the head green-keeper who lived in Chapel House farm, Harrys wife ran the clubhouse catering.

Due to further airport extensions in 1975 Marston Green finally closed. As you pass the site on the main railway line from Birmingham New Street to Birmingham International small areas of the old course can still be identified,  but it’s mostly overgrown. When Marston Green closed many of its members moved to the nearby Hatchford Brook Golf Club.

In 1949 the address was Elmdon Lane, Marston Green. Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a round. Marston Green (LMS) station  was only minutes away. There was also a Midland Red Bus numbers 165&166 to the course.

Two professionals with the name of Adwick appear in the 1950s. Both played in professional tournaments. K  W C Adwick also wrote a book called X-ray way to Master Golf.

In April 1950 W H Adwick, the professional at Marston Green, scored 83 in the Daily Mail qualifying competition at Woodhall Spa. He also played in the Penfold Tournament at Sutton Coldfield in June.

In April 1951 K W C (Ken) Adwick (Marston Green) had rounds of 76, 74, 78, 81 and 75 (total 384) in the Dunlop 2,000 guineas 90 hole tournament played at Little Aston.  

Below is the announcement of the opening of the extended course in April 1951.


Marston Green Golf Club, Birmingham. Opening of the eighteen-hole golf course.

From the Birmingham Gazette April 26th 1951. With thanks to Trinity Mirror. Digitised by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited. All rights reserved.


In 1952 visitors’ fees were 2/- a round.

In May 1954 M F Jones (Marston Green) scored 78 in the first round of the assistant professionals’ tournament at Coombe Hill, Surrey. 

In the early 1960s A Thompson was appointed professional. In 1964 Harry Monkhouse was the green-keeper although there was a brief period during 1968/9 when the green-keeper was W Trafford. Harry Monkhouse reappeared in 1970.

From the Golfer's Handbook 1964; Marston Green Golf Club, Elmdon Lane; professional, A R Thompson; green-keeper, H Monkhouse; 18-hole course; green fees, 4 shillings.


Marston Green Golf Club, Elmdon Lane, Birmingham. Course scorecard.


Marston Green Golf Club, Elmdon Lane, Birmingham. Course scorecard.

Scorecard images courtesy of Christoph Meister.


In May 1967 fourteen year old Christopher Thompson, son of the professional, Roger Thompson, scored a 62 net in the May medal. Unfortunately for him 62 was not good enough, David Nairn had 61 net.

1947/8 E S White, General Manager, Parks Department, Civic Centre, Broad Street, B'ham.
1950s G E Ross, General Manager, Parks Department, Civic Centre.


1947 H Monkhouse (g)
1949-50s W H Adwick (pro) H Monkhouse (g)
1960s R Thompson (pro) W Trafford and H Monkhouse (g)
1970s D Owen (pro) H Monkhouse (g)

The Marston Green golf course finally disappeared in 1981. By then it was recorded as Marston Green Golf Club at Elmdon Lane. Telephone 021 779 2449. It had reverted to 9 holes with a total length of 4,930 yards and a SSS of 64. 


Marston Green Golf Club, Birmingham. The clubhouse and golf course.

Over the wall towards the Marston Green course with Chapel House Farm in the background. Author's Collection (click to zoom)


Marston Green Golf Club, Birmingham. View of the golf course.

Looking across the Marston Green course. The main line railway to Birmingham is on the right. Author's Collection (click to zoom)


Marston Green Golf Club, Birmingham. Chapel House Farm.

The former Chapel House Farm. Author's collection (click to zoom)


Marston Green Golf Club, Birmingham. Location of the former golf course.

Location of  Marston Green golf course.

Grid reference SP16520,85260, co-ordinates 416520,285260.