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Stroud Golf Club, Rodborough Common. (1904 - 1930s)

The club first appeared in 1904 and continued until the early 1930s.


Stroud Golf Club, Rodborough Common. The first competition for Stroud Golf Club September 1904.

From the Gloucester Citizen Tuesday 13th September 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In 1904 the Stroud club played their first match on Saturday 17th September 1904 against Dursley at Rodborough, result below.

Stroud Golf Club   Dursley Golf Club  
H Edmonds (half) 0 H Griffin (half) 0
W J Williams 1 P Ashworth 0
A W Wise 1 A E Smith 0
C P Redston 1 W Gillard 0
W D Gorton 1 A Bloodworth 0
A F Atkins 0 A Lewton 1
W Sadler 0 Mr Metcalfe 1
F J Steel 0 E Knowles 1
  4   3

After the game the teams and other club members sat down to a hearty meal at the Bear Hotel, the clubs headquarters. Following the meal the club president, Mr H J Brewer welcomed the Dursley team he then presented the club handicap cup to the winner, Harold Edmonds. The club captain, Mr W J Williams, made a short speech and  then thanked the president for presenting the trophy.  


Stroud Golf Club, Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire. A view of the course in the 1900s.

A view of the Stroud golf course in the 1900s.


Below, result of a club match against Chosen Hill played at Stroud on Thursday 15th June 1905.

Stroud Golf Club   Chosen Hill Golf Club  
H D Palmer 1 A Johnston 0
H R Peake 1 C C Sumsion 0
A W Wise 1 A J Foster 0
Joe Smith 1 G Clarke 0
W J Williams 1 H Wellington 0
A Holbrow 0 W Bailey 1
F Steele 1 R Ratcliffe 0
J W Buye 1 J C Ford 0
  7   1

 Below is the result of a club match played against Cotswold Hills Golf Club on Saturday 1st June 1907 at Stroud. 

Stroud Golf Club   Cotswold Hills Golf Club  
C G Boughton 1 A Hobley 0
A Stradling 0 J F Steele 1
A W Wise 1 R Ratcliffe 0
C P Redston 1 H Pace 0
F J Steel 1 H E Billings 0
W J Williams 1 F Faulkner 0
C P Newman 1 R Sanders 0
  6   1

Result of the October 1907 monthly medal ended in a tie; A Holborow, 89-16-73; W L Evans, 86-13-73; C P Redston, 85-9-76; G A Shipway, 99-22-77; G F Shipway, 102-24-78; W G Downing,101-22-79; G E Matthews, 105-20-85; F L Daniels, 116-25-91; F J Platt, 124-25-99. No returns from the following; J H Daniels, W W Wilkins, A J Blakey, H J Brewer and W W Sadler.

Following WW1 the secretary was A Gladman, Bath Road, Stroud, telephone Amberley 10. A 9-hole course of 2,455yds with a bogey of 40 and a membership of 60. The Bear at Rodbourough served as the clubhouse. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6 a week and 5/- a month. Ladies 1/-, 2/-, 4/- respectively. The station at Stroud was 1 mile away. Local advertised hotel was the Amberley Ridge. 


Stroud Golf Club, Gloucestershire. A view of the course following WW1.

A postcard by F Frith, posted in 1918.


Stroud Golf Club, Gloucestershire. The ninth hole on the former course.

Present day photograph, pointing the way from the ninth tee to the green at Stroud Golf Club, Rodborough Common.


Stroud Golf Club, Gloucestershire. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the course on Rodborough Common.