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Chilswell Golf Course. Cumnor. (1900s)

The course appeared in the early 1900s, it is actually marked on the 1900 Ordnance Survey Map. The course had disappeared by WW1. At about the same time that the Chilswell course was appearing there could have been another club in the vicinity called Berkeley, whether they are one and the same is still be confirmed. 

The only other evidence, found so far, of the club and course was in an article that appeared in the Oxford Journal in December 1900; “Mr McCann Fellow and tutor of University College, met with a rather serious accident on Friday night when crossing Folly Bridge on a bicycle, on his return from golfing at Chilswell Links. His machine skidded on one of the greasy tram metals and Mr McCann put a knee cap out of joint."


Chilswell Golf Club, Cumnor. Players on the course.

A large crowd watching golfers putting out on the Chilswell course, it must have been a match of some importance. Could it be Chilswell Farm in the background?

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the course. (as marked on the 1900 O.S map) There was also a pavilion marked just south of Chilswell Lane opposite the pool at Chilswell Farm.


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