Whitley (Bay) Golf Club. (1890 - 1906)

Founded in 1890 as Whitley Golf Club.

The club first played on the Whitley Links where the season ran from October to May.

In 1900 the club moved to another course between Hartley and St Mary’s Island, they were not permitted to play on Whitley Links during the summer months.

It continued as Whitley Golf Club in the 1890s/1900s.

The club moved to its current location in 1906.

Following is a report from the Newcastle Courant in October 1890. “It is recommended that the clerk write to the promoters of the new golf club drawing their attention to their possible interference with the public rights on the links, and giving them notice that the Board reserves all rights to restrain them from any such interference” This is yet another instance when golfers and members of the general public fail to see eye to eye on shared common land, this was probably a factor in the clubs eventual move.

Following are a selection of matches and results for the clubs first year in 1891.

Whitley Links were thronged with golfers on Saturday 7th February 1891, when the fifth competition for the Wyndham Cup (presented by F W Wyndham) was decided. Scores as follows; Dr Treadwell, 95-6-89; Dr J Limont, 107-12-95; J Hansell, 121-25-96; Mr Radcliffe, 93+4-97. The following had no returns; Dr C Lightfoot, J Scott, G F Charlton, Dr B S Robson, R Aitken, G W Williams, T Leathart, T Redmayne, J M Redmayne, J Liebert, G F Boyd, A G Ridout, G Bell.

On the last Saturday in February 1891 club members turned out in force for practice and competition. The Routledge Cup, for players with a handicap of 15 and over, was the competition. The weather was cold and windy, the course, and particularly the greens were in first class condition; T H Leathart, 127-25-102; Dr Smallman Robson, 154-30-124; The following also took part, C E J Mitchell, C O Ridley, E L Ord, R A D Liebert.

On Saturday 18th April 1891 the seventh competition for the Wyndham Cup took place in perfect weather, result; James Hedley, 105-7-98; J Hansell, 123-13-110. On Tuesday 28th the eleventh competition took place for the Joicey Cup; J Hansell, 99-13-86; J B Radcliffe, 86+4-90; R T Thomson, 91+7-98.

On Wednesday 6th May the final for the Crawley Prize (presented by Mr J Crawley) was decided. Each of the four players that competed had won the prize once before, result; Dr J L Limont, 107-6-101; J Hedley, 107-1-106; Dr A Wilson, 106 scratch; G F Boyd, 118-14-114 .Following the spring meeting next Friday the season will end, golf returning to the links in October.

The second competition for the Joicey Cup was played Tuesday 10th November 1891. The course was stated to be in excellent condition with the greens like “billiard tables” result; W C Beall, 116-30-86; F T Ridley, 93-5-88; G F Charlton, 93-3-90; G W Wood, 95-5-90; J B Radcliffe, 93 scratch; G W Williams, 97-3-94; Dr C F N Treadwell, 101-5-96; B Brummell, 113-17-96; E C Osborne, 105-11-94. Also in progress at this time was a handicap competition with a trophy known as the “Doctor’s Cup” presented by members of the medical profession.

On Friday the 27th November a foursome took place on the Whitley course. On one side G P Blagdon, Mayor of Durham and former secretary of Durham Golf Club and G F Charlton, secretary and treasurer of Tyneside Golf Club against F W Wyndham, captain Whitley Golf Club and J B Radcliffe, secretary Whitley Golf Club. The play started in frosty conditions but it turned warm and sunny as the day progressed. The guest players won the morning match by 1up. After lunch play resumed and it was again neck and neck until the final hole, which was won by the home team. There was nothing left but to play off , Mr Wyndham and Mr Ratcliffe took an early two hole advantage which they held on to, winning the match by 2&1.  The Mayor was very complimentary regarding the admirable facilities with which the Whitley course affords for all phases of the game.

The report’s below from September 1900 show that the club had moved to a new course at Hartley, there was also a change of name.


Whitley (Bay) Golf Club. Opening of the new golf course at Hartley.

From the Morpeth Herald Saturday 12th May 1900. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Whitley (Bay) Golf Club. Report on the annual meeting held in September 1900.

From the Shields Daily Gazette Wednesday 26th September 1900. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The first round of a bogey competition for a cup presented by the captain, Dr W S Campbell, was played in November 1902, the first four were; Rev. J Cochrane, 5up; T R Strang, 3up; G T Thompson, 1up; J K Guthrie, even. 

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Whitley Golf Club; Hon. secretary - G T Thomson, 48 Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay; Membership of 80.

Below is a report on the opening of the new (present) course in September 1906. Interesting to note that it was still known as Whitley Golf Club at this time.


Whitley (Bay) Golf Club. Report on the opening of the present golf course in September 1906.

From the Morpeth Herald Saturday 29th September 1906. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The Google Map below shows Whitley Links.