Sunderland Golf Club, Pensher. (1890s)

The Wearside Golf Club was often called Sunderland Golf Club in the 1890s.

In January 1893 Mr T Carruthers of Edinburgh visited the town and went round the proposed golf course with several members of the committee. He advised on the laying out of the course and gave his opinion that a very good 18-hole course could be obtained. 


Sunderland Golf Club, Pensher Course. Report on the golf club from January 1893.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It was reported on Monday 4 June 1893 that the first monthly club competition of the Sunderland Golf Club had been decided over their course at Pensher on Saturday afternoon. Result as follows; T S Hunter, 92 net; E De Mattos, 102 net. There was a large number of members on the course, most of them practising in an attempt to improve their game.

It was reported on 26 June 1893 that over a dozen enthusiastic members of the Sunderland Golf Club turned up at the grounds at Coxgreen to enjoy the golf.

Below is the result of a match played on the City of Newcastle course on Thursday 20 September 1894.   

City of Newcastle Golf Club   Sunderland Golf Club  
J B Radcliffe 5 D Archbold 0
F R Upcher 8 D H Birse 0
H C Smith 8 F Patterson 0
G F Charlton 8 H Clark 0
W G Black 6 H Howe 0
J R Bolton 8 A E Legat 0
W G Richardson 0 A C Thompson 3
T H Leathart 8 W Howorth 0
T S Williamson 4 C Scott 0
L G Leathart 11 E Hirst 0
J W Robson 5 W Mann 0
A H Marsh 0 F W Wyndham 2
  71   5

In May 1898 the Sunderland club visited Bishop Auckland and recorded a handsome victory, result below. 

Bishop Auckland Golf Club   Sunderland Golf Club  
F Waddington 7 H Pickersgill 0
Dr Ellis 0 J Eltringham 1
Dr McCullagh 0 D H Birse 4
Mr Wreford Brown 0 W T Howorth 3
J G Tomlinson 0 T Patterson 9
Jas Widdas 0 H Patterson 2
F Gray 0 D Hamilton 5
S P Thompson 0 C Vaux 6
E Temple 0 M Kirkup 1
J Lidster 0 Mr Scott Gunn 7
  7   38