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Lambton Colliery Golf Club, Fence Houses, Durham. (1912 - WW2)

Below is evidence of an earlier Lambton Golf Club in a match played at Pelaw Golf Club (now defunct) in September 1912.

Pelaw and District Golf Club   Lambton Golf Club  
Dr. Millar 1 Rev. S M Reynolds 0
R C Cook 0 T Wilson 1
C Ferguson (halved) 0 F Hall (halved) 0
R B Foster 1 J Sharpe 0
E Laird 0 W Davies 1
W Chapman 0 N C Hall 1
J G Smith 0 J Brown 1
E Histon 1 F Embleton 0
G Graham 1 H Lax 0
  4   4

Lambton Colliery Golf Club first appeared in the early 1920s. A 9-hole course with stations at Penshaw or Fence Houses ¾ mile away.  Membership was 200 in the 1920s reducing to 100 by closure.

Advert from the Sunderland Daily Echo in May 1921. "Golf - The Lambton and Hetton Collieries Golf and Tennis Club have vacancies for a few members for the season 1921-22. The course consists of nine-holes, is situated near Penshaw and Fence Houses stations, and is about 10 minute walk from the Newbottle stage of the Northern Omnibus Service - Sunderland to Durham. The course is open from 10 a.m. on weekdays. Refreshments are supplied on application to the professional. The clubhouse is fully equipped for visitors. For further particulars apply to the Secretary. The Lambton and Hetton Collieries Golf and Tennis Club, Club House, Junction Row, Fence Houses.    

In 1924 visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day and 4/6 a week.

Result of a match played at Durham in July 1924.

Durham City Golf Club   Lambton and Hetton Collieries  
J Proud 0 A E Reay 1
W T Dixon 1 B Gordon 0
J Reay 0 B Liddle 1
J Wray 0 A Andrews 1
W T Merritt 1 W Liddle 0
O T Colpitts 0 J Mole 1
W S King (halved) 0 J Deity (halved) 0
F L Atkinson 1 W Bell 0
  3   4

In 1929 the address was Lambton Collieries Golf Club, Philadelphia. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day and 7/6 a week.

Report on the annual meeting in March 1929.


Lambton Colliery Golf Club, Fence Houses , County Durham. Annual meeting March 1929.

From the Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette Wednesday 27 March 1929. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In 1935 visitors’ fees had been reduced to 1/6 a day and 5/- a week.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1923 G M Tait, telephone Sunderland 1039. J Maxwell (p)
1924 Captain E A Parke MC, Beechwood, Shiney Row, CD. R Cobb (g)
1929 W Liddle and E A Parke, West View, Philadelphia. R Harrison (p&g)
1935 G T Dixon, 6 Brompton Terrace, Philadelphia. R Harrison (p&g)


  Course records
1923 T Colpitts (am) 38. R Harrison (pro) 36
1926 R Harrison (pro) 72
1929 to closure A Liddle (am) 78 R Harrison 68


The Golf course and clubhouse on the Ordnance Survey Map


Lambton Colliery Golf Club, Fence Houses, The course and clubhouse on the 1921 Ordnance Survey Map.

O.S Map Revised 1914 © Crown Copyright year of publication 1921}