Whickham Golf Club, Durham. (1910 - 1938)

Founded in 1910.

In 1910 a large and representative gathering was held at the Village Institute, Whickham to discuss the formation of a golf club. Lieutenant Colonel J W Thompson was in the chair, the course was to be located at Broom Lane near the village. The joint secretaries were Mr J B Renton and Mr J E Stafford.

The first qualifying round for the Thompson Trophy was played in October 1912. J Straker Nesbit beat T Bryson Renton; Rev. C McCelland beat R W Glass; R G Cutter beat Charles White; H G C McCreery beat R Swinburne.

Below is the result of a ladies match played at Whickham against Jarrow & Hebburn in July 1913.

Whickham Ladies   Jarrow and Hebburn Ladies  
Miss M Brown  1 Miss Thornicroft 0
Miss Bullerwell  1 Miss G Campbell 0
Miss Brown 1 Miss Dipple  0
Miss M Willis  1 Mrs Wallace  0
Mrs McClelland  0 Mrs Spencer 1
Miss Willis 1 Miss McGregor 0
  5   1


Whickham Golf Club, Durham. Report on prize presentation in January 1914.

From the Newcastle Journal 6 January 1914. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The annual meeting was held in the Church Schools in June 1914, the president, Lieut. Colonel J W Thompson, in the chair. It was reported some members had volunteered to help with course maintainence. In addition the clubhouse had been considerably improved. The following officers were elected; President, Lieut. Col. J W Thompson; captain, Rev. C M McLelland; vice-captain, J B Renton; secretary A K Whitehouse; treasurer, J S Stephenson; committee - W Charlton, R H E Cappell, W Diamond, R Wordingham, W Watson, E Taylor, W H Tweddell, J Dinning, J E stafford, R W Glass. A Vote of thanks was passed to the retiring secretaries, J B Renton and J E Stafford, for their services since the formation of the club.

In August 1922 the following qualified for the final stages of the President's Cup; T Charlton, F Brown, S Stepenson, J Haigh, J G Charlton and J Corbett.

Result of a match played at Whickham against Beamish Golf Club in June 1927.


Whickham Golf Club, Durham. Result of a match against Beamish Golf Club played in June 1927.

Newcastle Journal Monday 13 June 1927. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The original course was to the south of Whickham and straddled Sunniside Road. The club continued at this site until 1938 when it moved to the current location at Hollinside Park.

Whickham golf club

Location of the earlier Whickham course.

Grid reference NZ20845,59500, co-ordinates 420845,559500.