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Amble Golf Club, Amble Links, Northumberland. (1910 - 1950s)

The club was founded in 1910.

A 9-hole testing course on seaside turf close to the shore. Before WW1 the station was at Amble, North Eastern Railway a ¼ mile away. In later years the nearest station was at Warkworth, 2 miles away, with a motor bus available from the station to the course.  Local hotels were the Dock and the Station.

Below is an extract from a report on the opening of the Amble golf course in June 1911.


Amble Golf Club, Northumberland. Extract from a report on the opening in June 1911.

From The Morpeth Herald 2 June 1911. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Amble Golf Club, Northumberland. Early image of the Golf Club Pavilion.

Amble Golf Club Pavilion. 


Result of the first handicap competition to be played on the Amble Links on Wednesday 21 June 1911; M Moffatt, 76; R Stewart, 78; W Penrose, 78; E Carse, 79; G Rochester, 79; R Taylor, 79; H Teasdale, 79. There were 38 entries. 

In July 1911 Mr David Deuchar of Low Buston presented a challenge cup to the newly formed club. The club was to present the winner of the cup with a gold medal valued at £2/2s. Following are the leading scores in the first competition for the trophy played in August 1911; R Taylor, 95-15-80; J Gardner, 97-15-82; G Rochester, 99-17-82; M Moffatt, 98-14-84; J R Ballantyne, 104-20-84; T Matthews, 107-22-85. 

The eighth qualifying competition for the Deuchar Challenge Cup and gold medal was played on Saturday 6 April 1912, result; E Carse, 101-18-83; J Turnbull, 106-22-84; F Murrie, 108-22-86; R Stewart, 104-15-89; J R Ballantyne, 113-22-91. 

Below is the result of a match played at Alnmouth on Saturday 18 May 1912. The Alnmouth Working Men's Club ran out easy winners.

Alnmouth Working Men's Club   Amble Golf Club  
F W Rowe 1 H Teasdale 0
P Jefferson 1 J Stobart 0
W Atkinson 1 R J Burgess 0
J R Jefferson 1 A Barrett 0
G Marshall 1 J Gardner 0
L W Purdue 1 R Taylor 0
L Smith 1 D M Murrie 0
G Shaughan 1 G Rochester 0
W Shaughan jnr 1 J Storey 0
W Luke 1 J Turnbull 0
G Middlemiss 1 M Moffatt 0
W Brown 1 T Cavers 0
E Straughan 0 E Cavers 1
  12   1

Below is the result of a match played at Amble on Saturday 6 July 1912. Interestingly the away team was called Bamburgh (not Castle) so it’s possible the earlier Bamburgh club could still have been in existence at this time. 

Amble Golf Club   Bamburgh Golf Club  
H H Roberts 1 A Purves 0
H F Teasdale 1 T Marshall 0
J Stobart 1 J Brown 0
R J Burgess 0 A Hall 1
R Taylor 1 J Marshall 0
G Rochester 1 J Hewitt 0
J Gardner 1 W McColl 0
J Turnbull 1 T W Little 0
J Sanderson 1 J Gregory 0
T L McAndrews 1 G Brewis 0
  9   1

Below, result of the match played on Saturday 2 November 1912 with teams selected by the secretary and captain.

Captain's Team   Secretary's Team  
E Coulson (Captain) 0 R J Burgess (Secretary) 1
D M Murrie 1 J Sanderson 0
H F Teasdale (Half) 0 J Stobart (Half) 0
D S Kydd 0 J Storey 1
J Turnbull 0 T Cavers 1
E Carse 0 T L McAndrews 1
T Thompson 0 F W Brown 1
A Henderson 1 J Robinson 0
  2   5

In February 1913 the committee engaged Mr Norman of Morpeth to lay a new green on the golf course and to re-lay and re-turf the existing ones. Mr Robert Lee of Togston was appointed as the new grounds-man. 

In 1914 the secretary was R J Burgess 6, Beaconsfield Terrace, Amble. The professional was F Sullivan and the green-keeper J Little. Membership at this time was 100. Entry fees were 2/6, with subscriptions for gents 10/- , and ladies 5/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/-day, 2/-week with no restrictions for ladies. There was no Sunday play.

Below is the result of a match played on Saturday 18 April 1914 between teams selected by the Captain and Secretary. 

Captain's Team    Secretary's Team  
G Rochester 0 A J Barrett 1
R Patten 0 E Cavers 1
T Cavers 0 J Gardner 1
A Roper 0 T Thompson 1
R Stewart 1 T L McAndrews 0
E Coulson (Captain) 1 R J Burgess (Secretary) 0
  2   4

Result of a mixed foursome played on Saturday 25 April 1914; Miss Roberts & H F Teasdale beat Miss Penrose & J T Sanderson; Miss Geggie & M Moffatt beat Miss Melrose & J T Robinson; Mrs Turnbull & A Barrett beat Mrs Earnshaw & G Stewart; Miss Johnson & R D McInnes beat Miss Gair & J Gardener; Miss Richardson & J Sanderson beat Miss Forsyth & R Patton; Mrs Young & H Nicol beat Miss Sanderson & J Stobbart; Miss Grey & T L McAndrews beat Miss Spowart & J Earnshaw; Miss Hogg & A Henderson beat Miss Esson & T Cavers; Miss Williamson & J Ritchie beat Miss Ballantyne & E Coulson; Mrs Ritchie & T Thompson beat Mrs Appleby & T Matthews.  

In 1922, the secretary was still R J Burgess, at the same address who continued until the 1930s. The greenkeeper was J Stewart (early 1920s) W Marshall (1924 to 1926). Membership had increased to 120. Amateur course record held by H F Teasdale 33. The course was still 9 hole, and visitors’ fees had changed little. Sunday play was now permitted without caddies. Local hotels were the Dock and the Station.

Ordnance Survey Map from the 1920s showing the location of the golf course.


Amble Golf Club, Amble Links, Northumberland. Ordnance Survey Map showing the location of the course in the 1920s

O.S. Map Revised 1921; © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1926}.


In 1926 the amateur course record was held by J W Young 32. There had also been a rethink regarding Sunday play and it was not now allowed.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s the green-keeper was W Dickson, membership of 110.

Result of a mixed foursome played in August 1935; W Carr & Mrs Ballantyne (70); J Baston & Mrs Rowland (73); R Nicholson & Mrs C Rowell(y) (74); R Rochester & Mrs Hornsby (75); G Stewart & Mrs White (76); J Davison & Mrs Baston (77); T Jones & Mrs Ross (78); J T Tulley & R Patten (80); R Chrisp & Mrs J Rowell (81); J Anderson & Mrs Lillie (82); G Rochester & Miss A Young (87).

Result of a mixed foursome played in September 1935; R Patten & Mrs C Rowell (61); J Davison & Miss A Young (64); N Roland & Mrs Ballantyne (72); J Ross & Miss M Jefferson (74); E Rowell & Mrs Ross (75); F Chrisp & Mrs Ord (75).

The members held their annual social event in St Cuthbert’s Hall, Amble, in October 1935. The various trophies won during the year were presented by Mrs Ballantyne, Councillor J Sanderson presided; Deuchar Cup – winner, T Hogg, runner-up, R Nicholson, third, G Rochester; Knock-out competition – winner, W Carr, runner-up, J Anderson, third, E Jones; President’s Prizes – winner, R Rochester, runner-up, G Mitchell; Ladies,  Roland Bowl – winner, Mrs G Chrisp, runner-up, Mrs J Ross; Knock-out competition – winner, Mrs J Nicholls, runner-up, Mrs J Rowell. A “golf stick” presented by Councillor T Gibson was won by Mrs J Ross and a golf umbrella, presented by Mr J T Tulley was won by Mrs F Rowell. 

The annual meeting was held in April 1936, Councillor Sanderson presiding. The financial statement showed a small credit which was felt satisfactory in view of the heavy expenditure. The following officers were elected; Patron, Mr E M Lawson Smith; president, Mr J Sanderson; vice-president, Mr G Duncan; chairman, Alderman T H Tulley; vice-chairman, Mr G Kyle; secretary, Mr J Baston; assistant secretary, Mr T Hogg; treasurer, Mr J Anderson; captain, Mr T Cavers; ladies’ secretary, Mrs W Ballantyne; assistant secretary, Mr W Lillie.

Result of a mixed foursome competition played on Saturday 18 April 1936; Miss A Young & W Carr, 66 net; Mrs J Ross & G Mitchell, 71½; Mr B Brown & W Cavers, 73½; Mrs J White & S Baldwin, 73; Mrs W Ballantyne & T Cavers; Miss G Stewart & E Jones, 80; Mrs T Bailes & T Tulley, 85; Miss I Turnbull & T Bailes, 92; Mrs F Rowell & T Hogg, 93.

Result of a mixed foursome played in July 1936; G Mitchell & W Carr, 62net; Miss I Turnbull & S Baldwin, 68½; Mrs E White & W Park, 69; Mrs E Roland & G Matthews, 70; Mr & Mrs J Ord, 75.

Below is the result of a match played at Amble against Newbiggin Golf Club in July 1936. 

 Amble Golf Club   Newbiggin Golf Club   
J Mitchell J Alexander 
J E Hall 0  J Wood
W Cavers   T Wood 0
W Carr W Pringle
J Davison  H Lennox 
R Patten  L Robinson
G E Rochester  E Lennox
S Baldwin (half) 0 M Lennox (half) 0
G Mathews 0 J R Dent 1
 T Archbold 0  G Fairbairn
  1   8

Result of a mixed foursome played in May 1939; Mrs C Rowell & W Park, 71; Mrs Coxon & W Cavers, 75; Mrs E Ford & E Young, 77; Miss M Jefferson & N Henderson, 77; Miss Fisher & G Mitchell, 78.

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played at Amble against Alnwick Golf Club in June 1939.

Amble Golf Club   Alnwick Golf Club  
Mrs J Rowell 0 Miss Craik 1
Mrs R Baston 0 Mrs Merry 1
Miss M Jefferson  0 Miss Meech 1
Mrs F Rowell 1 Miss Grey 0
Mrs Ballantyne 0 Miss Robinson 1
Miss D Brown 0 Miss Burn 1
Mrs J White 1 Miss Brown 0
Mrs C Scorer 1 Miss Goodman 0
Mrs W Douglas 1 Miss L Straker 0
Miss L Herriott 1 Miss J Straker 0
  5   5

Below, prize presentation in December 1939. Mrs J R Ballantyne presenting trophies to Miss Doris Brown (Roland Cup) and Mr W Carr (Deuchar Cup.)    


Amble Golf Club, Northumberland. Prize presentation in December 1939.

From The Alnwick Mercury 8 December 1939. Image © Illustrated London News Group. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


From 1936 to its demise in the late 1950s the secretary was J Batson, 27 Panhaven Rd, Amble, and the green-keeper W Marshall. The 9 hole course had a par of 66. The last recorded amateur record of 31 was held by F Pierpoint. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day, 3/- a week, 5/- a fortnight, 7/6 a month, and there was still no Sunday play.



Location of the Amble Golf Club course.

Location of the course at Amble.