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East Bierley Golf Club, Toftshaw. (1902 - 1920s)

Golf was first played at East Bierley in 1902.

There was no recognised course in the early years with a few locals playing in a carefree way on a field at Toftshaw Farm. The farmer was very obliging and when the number of golfers started to increase he agreed that a club could be formed.

In 1904 the Toftshaw Golf Club was set up. The course was eventually extended from five-holes to nine-holes with the members carrying out all the necessary maintenance work on the course. A farm outbuilding was utilised as a clubhouse. Subscriptions were £1 with the members often making donations to help with costs.

Below is the result of a match played at Horbury & District Golf Club (now defunct) in May 1922.

Horbury & District Golf Club   East Bierley Golf Club  
J H Robinson 0 E R Haley 1
P M Brook (half) 0 J Scott (half) 0
H Moss 1 H Horsfall 0
R Garner 1 F Broadley 0
A H Rhodes 0 B Ingham 1
J W Wilby (half) 0 G R Verity (half) 0
W R Lyons (half) 0 J H Margetts (half) 0
G H Townend 1 C D Buckle 0
H Wilkinson 1 H L Brook 0
L Brook 1 R C Gillatt 0
A Longthorne 0 S G Clough 1
A Oxley 1 A Gissing 0
J Smith 1 H Dunn 0
B W Illingworth 0 J Cromwell 1
F Hanson (professional) 0 C Forge (professional) 1
  7   5

 The club moved to their present location at South View Road in the 1920s. 


East Bierley Golf Club, Yorkshire. Location of the earlier golf course.

The early course at Toftshaw Farm is marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1908} Ordnance Survey Map.


 The Google Map below shows the location of the earlier Toftshaw golf course. The current course can be seen to the east.