Eltofts Golf Club, Thorner. (1900s)

The club and course was in existence prior to WW1 and was located between Thorner and Shadwell.

Below is the result of a match played on the Thorner course against Tadcaster Golf Club (also now defunct) on Saturday 20th April 1907.

Eltofts Golf Club   Tadcaster Golf Club  
T G Mylchreest 0 J Bromet 3
H W Heaton 7 Hon. G Jackson 0
W P Cliff 3 Rev H G Metcalf 0
W Gale (half) 0 J Harrison (half) 0
W H Platts 0 H M Wilkinson 1
Dr Tempest 0 W Sykes 2
T G Mylchreest & H W Heaton 0 J Bromet & Hon G Jackson 2
W P Cliff & W Gale 0 Rev H G Metcalf & J Harrison 3
W H PLatts & Dr Tempest 3 H M Wilkinson & W Sykes 0
  13   11


Eltofts Golf Club, Thorner, Yorkshire. Location of the golf course in 1908.

The course at Eltofts is marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1908} Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Eltofts golf course.