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Hall Garth Golf Club, Hornsea. (1922 - WW2)

Hall Garth Park opened in 1920 and a 9-hole golf course was laid out two years later.

In the mid 1930s the secretary was Leslie M Hultse, “Avalon” Cliff Road, Hornsea.

At the AGM in March 1935 the balance sheet showed a profit of £4/3s/6d. Mr Ray Whiting was in the chair and Mr L M Hultse, the secretary, gave his report. He pointed out that the report was satisfactory from a financial point of view considering the expenditure, such as the purchase of trophies and improvements to the clubhouse. A disappointing feature was the fact that all the competitions during the year had been poorly supported. The captain’s prize had been won by Mr J Turner. Mr Hultse resigned as secretary; Mr T Parker was elected as secretary and treasurer. The following were elected on to the committee; R Whiting, J Turner and F Brandham.

Competition results for 1938; Tom Parker Memorial Trophy, won by, J A Myers, runner-up, E Blenkin; Captain’s Prizes, E Blenkin & R W Davison; Turton Cup, winner A Brooks, runner-up J D Thompson; Medal competition winners, C Hobson, J D Thompson, A Ball; Bogey competition winner, J R White.


Hall Garth Golf Club, Hornsea. View of the Hall Garth Golf Course.


Hall Garth Golf Club, Hornsea, Yorkshire. The course and St Nicholas Church.

Above is the Hall Garth Course with St Nicholas Church in the background.


In 1940 and 1947 the secretary was B Cox, Newbigin, Hornsea and the greenkeeper A Clapham. The 9 hole course had a SSS of 54 and a membership of about 90. Visitors’ fees were 6d a round, 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/- a month. Sunday play was allowed. The station at Hornsea was ¼ mile away.


Hall Garth Golf Club, Hornsea, Yorkshire. Players on the golf course.

Hall Garth in the 1930s. Photcard by Thos C Wise. Authors Collection.


Hall Garth Golf Club, Hornsea, Yorkshire. Location of the course.

Location of the Hall Garth course at Hornsea. Grid reference TA20430,47930, co-ordinates 520430,447930.



Hall Garth Golf Club had disappeared by 1951.