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Heath Common Golf Club, Agbrigg, Wakefield. (1920s -1950s)

Heath Golf Club first appeared in the mid 1920s on the course formerly occupied by the Wakefield Golf Club.


Heath Golf Club, Agbrigg, Wakefield. The Heath Golf Club Clubhouse.

The Heath Golf Club Clubhouse.


From 1928 and into the early 1930s the secretary W A Luff, Harefield, Walton, Wakefield. Club Telephone 710. The professional and greenkeeper was D Smith. A 9-hole course with a SSS of 73 and a membership of 200. Professional course record held by J Smith 68. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, there was no Sunday play.

Below is the result of a match played at Bradford Limes in April 1931.

Brdaford Limes Golf Club   Heath Common Golf Club  
T H Taylor (12) 0 J Smith (3) 1
J T Bailey (12) 0 W Thorpe (3) 1
J Moore (14) 0 J Pearman (5) 1
J Taylor (18) 0 J Illingworth (7) 1
J Sharpe (18) 1 E Roberts (7) 0
R Murray (18) 0 J Jackson (7) 1
  1   5

From 1940 to the clubs disappearance in the mid 1950s the secretary was A Speight, 25 Fieldhouse Street, Wakefield and the greenkeeper A Kersley. The 9-hole course had a SSS and Par of 72 and a membership of 90. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 1/6 on Sunday. The station at Wakefield was about 1 mile away there was also a local bus service to the course.

Situated on Heath Common. Increasing road traffic on the two main roads across the heath from the 1930s as well as competition from nearby clubs contributed to the demise of Heath Golf Club.

Miss D Luff, the daughter of the secretary in the mid 1920s to the early thirties has a clock inscribed “Presented to W Luff by the members of Heath Golf Club as a token of appreciation of his services as Honorary Secretary 1925 - 32”.


Heath Golf Club, Agbrigg, Wakefield. Golf Club ledger 1929.

Thanks to Miss Luff for the copy off the front cover of the ledger for 1929/30.


Heath Golf Club, Agbrigg, Wakefield. Golf course location.

Location of the course on Heath Common. Grid reference SE35760,19570, co-ordinates 435760,419570.