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Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. (1894 - 1975)

The current Hessle Golf Club was founded in 1898.

The earlier Hessle Golf Club first appeared in 1894. The first course was at Tranby. The club was re-formed in 1896 and continued at Tranby until 1898.

Below a mention for the Hessle Golf Club Ball in February 1895.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Evidence of the club from a report in February 1895.

From the Hull Daily Mail Wednesday 13th February 1895. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below competition results from July 1895.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Competition results from July 1895.

From the Hull Daily Mail Tuesday 9th July 1895. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Hull Daily Mail on Monday 13th April 1896. "Hessle & District Golf Club - Those connected with the newly-formed golf club at Hessle have good cause for congratulating themselves on the excellent start to the season, which commenced on the 1st of April. On Saturday some of the members turned out for the Fraser Medal, which last year was won by Mr Hodgson of Beverley. In spite of the unpleasant weather Mr Gale succeeded in breaking the amateur course record for the course with a first round of 45, two under bogey. Scores for the first three places; G A Gale, 101; L Harrison, 102; W F Wright, 113. Wilson, the professional, had got the course into good order, the "greens" especially being very keen."

The second annual meeting of the Hessle & District Golf Club was held at the Station Hotel on Monday 20th April 1896. Previous to the meeting some 30 members, "including ladies" sat down to dinner. Mr Jameson, the secretary, stated that in order to wipe of the debt of £25, subscriptions should be increased.

About 120 people attended the annual ball of the Hessle & District Golf Club which was held in the West Hull Hall on Wednesday 8th December 1897. 

The annual meeting of the Hessle & District Golf Club was held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 4th May 1897. The club was in a good financial position with a balance in the bank of £48/14s/4d, against a reverse balance of £5/14s/11d last year. The following officers were elected; President, Arthur Wilson; vice-presidents - Wilson Todd M.P., C P Sykes, F R Pease, Dr. J J Fraser and Colonel A K Dibb; club captain, Councillor T P Cooke; hon. treasurer, G A Gale; hon. secretaries, A N Jameson and T R Locking; committee - Alex Smith (chairman,) T Bailey, A H Carver, C O F Saner, J P Chatham, F Grotrian, J J Fraser, C C Muirhead and G L Shackles.  

It was reported in June 1898 (below) that the Hessle Golf Club had ceased to exist due to the loss of the Tranby course. Proposed new Golf Club.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. The proposed new golf club in June 1898.

From the Hull Daily Mail Thursday 2nd June 1898. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The Ordnance Survey map below shows the course at First Lane, Hessle Common.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. The course on First Lane, Hessle Common, O.S. map published 1911.

Ordnance Survey Map; Revised 1906 to 1908; © Crown Copyright {Published 1911}


The Hessle Golf Club, to say the least, kept a low profile for many years after 1898, hardly any mention was made of it. As can be seen above the course at First Lane, Hessle Common, was shown on O.S maps until 1911 so it's possible that golf was played, if only occasionally, up to this date.

June 1913 and organised golf is back. Below the first competition, probably played at Hesslewood.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. The first competition played in June 1913.

From the Hull Daily Mail Thursday 12th June 1913. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below the Hull Daily Mail correspondent pays a visit to the "youngest and least known club in the district" in June 1914.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Hull Daily Mail correspondent visits the club in April 1914.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Hull Daily Mail correspondent visits the club in April 1914.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Hull Daily Mail correspondent visits the club in April 1914.

From the Hull Daily Mail Wednesday 24th June 1914. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the Easter bogey competition played in April 1915; T W Clayton (14) 3down; H E Brown (20) 5down; J Redman (26) 6down; P J Smith (24) 7down; W S Mellon (20) 8down; D Vaughan (22) 9down; J W Richardson (18) 11down; E H Marshall and L W Gibson, no returns.

Following is the result of the April 1915 monthly medal; Gentlemen - P J Smith, 87-24-63; T Appleton, 93-24-69; J R Batey, 87-14-73; T W Clayton, 90-14-76; T Spring, 99-19-80; T Smith, 92-8-84. Ladies - Miss E Smith, 86-16-70; Mrs J H Campbell, 103-31-72; Mrs E P Clements, 104-29-75; Miss M Smith, 111-35-76; no returns from Miss Waram and Mrs T Cusons.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. Club button.

Hessle Golf Club button 24mm hallmarked Birmingham 1915. Note the attractive Yorkshire Rose central background. Image supplied by Dixon Pickup.


Result of the December 1919 monthly medal; W Glover, 94-18-76; T W Clayton, 93-12-81; G Mainprize, 95-13-82; R E Brooks, 95-9-86; J S Wilson, 104-18-86; A J Hole, 98-12-86; W S Mellon, 108-18-90.

On the first Saturday in October 1921  Mr A J Hole, the president, arranged a number of competitions and laid on tea for the members. There were approaching, putting and long driving competitions arranged. The approaching proved difficult with only the veteran, Mr Mellor, outstanding. The long drivers or “big hitters” were Mr L W Gibson and Mr Woodland Hart. Competition winners; ladies – winner, Miss Bradley; second, Miss Redman; third, Miss Ford; Gents – winner, Mr L W Gibson; second, Mr Alderson; third, Mr C Parsons.

Result of a club match played against Hull seconds on Saturday 1st July 1922 at Hessle.

Hessle Golf Club   Hull (2nd) Golf Club  
W Murie 1 E S Walker 0
W K Harland 0 C F Ellwood 1
T W Clayton 1 W Boyd 0
T W Gibson 1 S Jackson 0
W H Bradley 0 A S Foster 0
F Windross 0 H K Colbeck 0
R E Brooks 1 W J Stephenson 0
W M Law 0 P W Chadwick 1
C P Pearson 0 W Craker 1
C S Marriott 1 F J Hewitt 0
G Sonley 1 M Jarman 0
A H Stones 0 G W Jefferson 1
  6   4

On Tuesday afternoon December 19th 1922 the new attractive club pavilion, which had cost close to £1,000 was opened in the presence of a large number of members. The new clubhouse was planned and furnished to a modern layout and was also fitted out with ladies’ and gent’s dressing rooms and lockers, cafe and a verandah which had views of the course and surrounding countryside, there was also a separate office for the secretary. The opening ceremony was performed by Mr A J Hall who was warmly thanked by the club secretary, Mr W H Bradley and Mr L W Gibson, club captain. Following the opening ceremony the lady members served refreshments.

December 1922 competitions as follows; Christmas Day medal; T W Clayton, 87-16-71; L W Gibson, 90-16-74; H V Ashton, 97-23-74; P Davidson, 101-20-81; S J Wilson, 106- 20-86; E G Croskin, 113-26-87; Boxing Day medal; T W Clayton, 84-16-68; P Davidson, 91-20-71; H V Ashton, 94-20-72; G W Sherwood, 101-23-78; E G Croskin, 109-26-83; W A Irwing, 102-18-84; A E Croskin, 110-26-84; Boxing Day bogey; T W Clayton (15) 6down; L W Gibson (16) 6down; H V Aston (22) 8down; H B Scarr, (24) 8down.

Result of the September 1925 medal; T W Clayton, 77-12-65; J S Naylon, 89-20-69; G A Fowler, 93-24-69; A J Cole, 79-8-71; W H Bradley, 87-12-75; C E Parsons, 93-14-79.

In October 1925 a match took place as the result of a challenge between the lady captain,  Mrs E P Clements and the new gents captain, E A Rogers.

Ladies   Gents  
Miss M Tennison (half) 0 E A Rogers (captain) 0
Mrs Ashton 0 A J Cole 1
Miss Bradley 0 T W Clayton 1
Miss J Allen (half) 0 J W Gibson 0
Miss Dobson 0 H V Ashton 1
Mrs Gunston 0 W H Bradley 1
Miss E Horner 1 W M Law 0
Mrs Simpson 0 D McIntyre 1
Mrs Alcock 0 J W Bradley 1
Mrs McIntyre 0 H B Scarr 1
Miss Allen (half) 0 J H Bowers 0
Mrs Mellon 0 E A Marrable 1
  1   8

The 1928 O.S. map below shows the location of the course.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire. The 1928 Ordnance Survey Map shows the location of the course and clubhouse.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1928}


Further developments in 1929 when the Hessle Golf Course Co. Ltd purchased the land the course stood on, finances were very tight both at the club, and nationally, people were attempting to recover from the Great Strike and the Depression. During the 1930s the club managed to obtain the lease on the land to the north of Ferriby Road and a further 9 holes were added. The new part of the course was requisitioned during WW2 for agricultural use, but was returned to its former glory following the war.

Below, result of a club match played at Withernsea in August 1931. 


Withernsea Golf Club   Hessle Golf Club  
R G Rhodes 1 T W Clayton 0
R W Ross 0 J A Naylon 1
C Worrall (half) 0 O Henriksen (half) 0
E L Frost 0 L W Gibson 1
I Greenhalgh 1 W Harrison 0
R G Fisher 1 F Martin 0
Rev T Stewart 0 A Rankine 1
A L Grassam (half) 0 F E Barber (half) 0
A Ackrill 0 H B Scarr 1
W M Wallis 0 T Allen 1
S Nobbs 1 J Richards 0
G W Hoey 0 L Speight 1
T Fenton 0 T Williams 1
S Escreet 1 G Sonley 0
  5   7

Withernsea won the foursomes by 5 matches to 2.

From the Golfer's Handbook 1933; Membership 250; Hon. secretary - T W Clayton, Ardmore, Hessle; professional, A V Tuck; green-keeper, H Wray; amateur record - J Jefferson, 66; nine-hole course; station at Hessle half mile; Visitors, 3s a day. Sunday play without caddies.

There were over 60 entrants for the captain’s (Mr Gibson) day competition in July 1938, result; J Proctor, 82-16-66; A W Lucas, 87-20-67; H Riseam, 84-17-67; P Brewer, 80-12-68; F C L Martin, 77-8-69; W Buckley, 88-20-68; R Roach, 75-6-69 (best gross score); G Gardner, 89-20-69. Fourball (better ball) competition – F Cameron & G Gardner, 77½-21½-55½; A W Lucas & F Norris, 79-22½-56½. Prizes were presented by the captain’s wife and tea was provided by the captain. A separate competition was held for the Earle’s Welfare section and was won by E Cook, 82-14-68. 

In 1947 the secretary was T W Clayton, Swanland Hall, North Ferriby. The professional was J H Bielby and the green-keeper A V Tuck. Club membership stood at 250. The 18-hole course had a Par of 68 and a SSS of 70. Visitors’ fees 2/- a round, 2/6 a day. Sunday play with caddies.

The captain in 1948/9 was A W Lucas, the vice captain was Horace Precious.

From the Hull Daily Mail Friday 18th August 1950. "Hessle Golf Clubhouse walls are lined with honours boards and trophies. Dominating these now is a large photograph with the caption, Tom Clayton, honorary secretary, 1920-1950. T W Clayton, retiring from the secretaryship after 30 years' service to become a honorary vice-president, was presented with the portrait last night by F M Medhurst, president, on behalf of the members. "As I look back on the last 25 years," said the president, "I feel that Tom Clayton is the greatest personality associated with this club." 

Below is the result of a ladies' match against Springhead played in September 1950.

Hessle Ladies' Golf Club   Springhead Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss B Ashton 1 Mrs Powell 0
Mrs Stevens 1 Mrs Cook 0
Mrs Thrale (halved) 0 Mrs Hepton (halved) 0
Mrs Dowdon 1 Mrs Marsh 0
Mrs Turnpenny 1 Mrs Daniels 0
Mrs Smith 1 Mrs Somerscale 0
  5   0

In October 1950 club member G E Coates holed in one at the 118 yard fourth hole, this was his fourth hole in one.

From the 1956 Golfer's Handbook (interesting to note the foundation date); Hessle Golf Club; Founded in 1906; membership 250; hon. secretary - V Coupland, "Brentwood" Heads Lane, Hessle; professional, J S Easey; green-keeper, A V Tuck; records, amateur - E R Mason, 71; professional - J S Easey, 66; 18-holes, 5,400 yards, par and SSS of 68; visitors, 5s a day.  

In 1968 the construction of the Humber Bridge was causing great concern and it was certain that the club would lose its course. Complicated negotiations took place and this enabled the club to find a new home, the outcome was a move to the present course at Raywell in 1975.

Just prior to the move to Raywell in 1975 the secretary was V Coupland and the professional G Fieldsend. The 18-holes measured 5,411 yards, and the club membership was 450. Course records, amateur T E Donaldson and T J Donaldson 65, professional J S Easey 66. Visitors fees 50p, £1 at weekends.


Hessle Golf Club, Yorkshire.Location of the former course.

Location of the course at Hesslewood. The later nine holes are to the north of Ferriby Road.

Grid reference TA02215,25975, co-ordinates 502215,425975.