Bury Golf Club, Manchester. (1890 - WW1)

Founded in 1890.

The original 9-hole course with hazards of hedges and roads was situated at Redvales. The course was extended to 18-holes in 1907.

The following report is from Sporting Life Friday 13th November 1891. "At the annual general meeting it was decided that ladies be admitted to the playing privileges of the club; also that they be allowed to play any morning, and on Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, and in mixed foursomes at any other time except competition days or other times named by the committee. Early application is desirable as the number of ladies to be admitted will be limited. The Swan and Cemetery Hotel has now been made the clubhouse. The committee have had to make a slight alteration to the course. The first teeing ground will be close to the Road Hole for play to Little Britain green. First Hole, Little Britain; second, Swan; third, Road; fourth, Starkies; fifth, Cross; sixth, Fishpool; seventh, Punch Bowl; eighth, Hillock; ninth, Home.

Coming Events; The St Anne's Cup (presented by A B Schofield,) November 14th; December 12th, January 9th, February 13th, March 12th, three best scores to win the Magginis Gold Medal (presented by R Maginnis); November 28th, December 26th, January 23rd, February 27th, March 26th, three best net scores to win; The Sir Henry James Challenge Cup will be played for at the spring meeting. Competition cards can be had at the clubhouse by ten o'clock on competition days - H Robinson, hon. secretary."     

Harry Vardon was the professional in the early 1890s joining the club from Studley Royal (also defunct). Other club professional in the early 1900s were, R Wilkinson 1908, Arthur Joseph just prior to WW1 followed by T E Cooke to the early 1920s.

From The Golfing Annual Vol. V - 1891-92; "Entrance Fee, One Pound One Shilling; Annual Subs. Two Pounds Two Shillings; About 80 Members; President, Sir Henry James, M.P; Vice-President, Dr. Parks, J.P; Captain, S F Butcher; Director of Greens, Cap. G A Kay; Secretary - Rev. Beresford Knox, B.A., Gigg Lane, Bury; Treasurer, Capt. P G Gow; Committee - W H Crossland, H Handley, Rev. W C Atkinson and John Haslam.

Record for green, 95, in January 1892 by S F Butcher. The Green is at Redvales, about one mile from Bury. It consists of nine-holes over grassland. Hazards; hedges, roads and boggy land. Hitherto only a winter course, it is now open in summer also."

Below is the result of a one-sided match played at the Wilpshire & District Golf Club in October 1892.

Wilpshere & District Golf Club   Bury Golf Club  
Rev. J C Denison (captain) 4 S F Butcher (captain) 0
J R Thompson 2 G R Baker 0
J Hargreaves 10 P G Gow 0
James Fish 12 H W Preston  0
J W Sharples 4 F Herham 0
R A Pippett 3 W H Crossland 0
George Hindle 4 Rev. C B Knox 0
Charles F Kenyon 5 J W Barlow 0
  44   0

Below is the result of a match played at Accrington in July 1896.

Accrington Golf Club   Bury Golf Club  
Rev. H Just 0 Dr. Deaik 5
H L Wilson, jun. 0 S F Butcher 0
J Law 8 P G Gow 0
A H Aitken 4 Dr. Gow 0
T Lightfoot 2 F Perham 0
J T Kenyon 8 F Murgatroyd 0
H Griffiths 5 H Gowenberg 0
  27   5

Below is the result of the annual Boxing Day competition played in 1896. Due to the rain-sodden conditions at Redvales the competition was played on temporary greens. Prizes were given by; F Perham, Captain; G A, H E and A H Kay; L Aitken; C H Pigott; Mr Kitchener; J W Barlow; D Nicoll; S F Butcher; J A Rogers and Dr Baird. 

Dr W B Gow 97 9 88 W French 122 20 102
P G Gow 99 8 91 E H Kay 118 16 102
G A Kay 103 12 91 A H Kay 113 9 104
Dr Baird 108 14 94 F Perham 114 9 105
F Murgatroyd 110 15 95 N D Stewart 117 11 106
C H Pigott 111 15 96 J Milnes 128 20 108
J A Rogers 126 30 96 N Duxbury 130 22 108
Rev C B Knox 110 13 97 J W Barlow 125 16 109
C B Fair 112 15 97 L Aitken 133 20 113
D Nicoll 113 16 97 R Maginnis 149 25 124
H W Freston 113 15 98 G Bridge 158 25 133
S F Butcher 102 2 100        

There were nine no returns in the above competition, Mr G Bridge became the year’s “Knight of the wooden spoon.” 

In 1900 the secretary was S C B Farr, 8 Belgrave Place, Manchester Road, Bury. Course records; amateur S F Butcher 40, professional F Batel 37.

The autumn meeting took place over the Redvales course on Saturday 4th October 1902, there were 42 competitors. The Magginia Gold Medal for the lowest gross score with momento, presented by George Bentley, was won by Dr Baird with a score of 87. The Bealey Challenge Cup, for the best net score, handicap limit 20, with momento given by Dr Baird, was won by S G Gow, 88-9-79.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1890; Number of members, 124; 27 ladies and 12 juniors; station half a mile; Hon. secretary, F Murgatroyd, 5 St Marie's Gate, Bury; Captain Dr. W J Baird; Entrance fee £2/2s and subs £2/2s; nine-holes; Green-keeper, Robert Wilkinson; Professional record F Butel, 34 (9-holes); Amateur record G L Wike, 82 (18-holes). The course abuts on the highway between Bury and Manchester. The course is laid out on undulating pasture land. The hazards are roads and disused roads and artificial bunkers. Many of the holes are good sporting holes, and the course is considered difficult.

Below is a report on improvements to the course in January 1907.


Bury Golf Club, Manchester. Report on course improvements in January 1907.

From the Manchester Courier & Lancashire General Avertsiser 29th January 1907. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the February 1910 monthly bogey, played at Redvales. There were 47 entrants, bogey score for the course was 76; C E Hardman, 1down; I Fielden, A T Webb, J Hyslop, all 3down; C Taylor, 5down; G L Wike and A E Hardman, 6down; S M Hopkinson, W H Ward, H Woodcock, Dr Johnson, all 7down.

Result of a four-ball foursome bogey competition played in October 1912; W Jamieson jnr & W H Ward, 3up; T O Charles & F Whittaker, all square; N Duxbury & J W Holt, 1down; Rev A A Fuller & A Fitton, 1down; C Hardman & H L Battersby, 2down; C H E Holt & W Broughton, 2down; F B Wolstenholme & J H Wild, 2down; T Chantler & J E Tinline, 2down; Dr Jelly & J Theakston, 3down; E Peers & A Tetlow, 3down.  

The fourth winter competition was played at Redvales  in January 1913. Due to the very wet weather only 14 competitors took part, result; Norman Duxbury, 82-3-79; S F Butcher, 88-8-80; J Theakston, 89-9-80; J R Hall, 95-15-80; J M Harvey, 89-8-81; W H Ward, 98-17-81; R H Butcher, 96-13-83; C Hardman, 86-2-84.     

Result of a match against at Rochdale Golf Club in April 1913. First eight at Rochdale second eight at Bury.

Rochdale Golf Club   Bury Golf Club  
C H Turner  1 C E Hardman 0
Dr. White (halved) 0 N Duxbury (halved) 0
C B Hudson (halved) 0 J Theakstone (halved) 0
W H Kershaw 1 J Fielden 0
H Tweedale 1 J M Harvey 0
J E Walker 1 H L Battersby 0
R Walker 1 S F Butcher 0
E Cheetham 1 H Cross 0
A Seeley (halved) 0 H Simmonds (halved) 0
W Backhouse (halved) 0 J K Bridge (halved) 0
W E Sharples 1 T V Hardman 0
S Tipping 0 H Butcher 1
J Harwood 1 W A Brown 0
F H King 0 G Rothwell 1
R Ashworth 1 C H Cooke 0
T Fletcher (halved) 0 W G Packman (halved) 0
  9   2

The club continued at Redvales until WW1 when the land was required for a housing and road development. The club moved to its present location at Unsworth Hall in the early 1920s on a course designed by Colt, MacKenzie and Alison.


Bury Golf Club, Manchester. Location of the course in 1910/11.

Location of the earlier Bury course. Grid reference for the early course; SD80175,09160, co-ordinates 380175, 409160.