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Blackley Golf Club, Charlestown Road Course, Manchester. (1908 - 1936)

Founded in 1908.

Originally located at White Moss farm, north of Boggart Hole, Clough. A 9-hole course with a motor garage and stabling attached to the clubhouse. Membership in 1908 was reported to be 180.

Report from the Athletic News Monday 8 June 1908 - "THE BLACKLEY COURSE - I have received an invitation from E H Nutter of the Blackley Golf Club to witness a match between Tom Simpson, St. Annes, and W J Leader, Worsley, which will celebrate the opening of the new course at Blackley on 27 June."

From 1909 to 1911 the secretary was G A Ford.


Blackley Golf Club, Manchester. Club Button.

Blackley Golf Club button from the 1920s.


A qualifying round for the captain’s cup was played in November 1909, the bogey score for the course was 82, result as follows; J Wild, 85nett; H Hurst, 90nett, qualifiers. J Shepherd, 84nett took the first sweepstake and A W Pitt, 87nett the second.

The 36 hole final for the Barker Challenge Cup and Gold Medal was played on Saturday July 23rd 1911, result as follows; F T Metcalf, 191-24-167; J Affleck, 191-22-169; E B Shepherd, 183-12-171; J Southerst, 190-18-172; H Jackson, 206-26-180; J C Tait, 191-10-181; Dr Lakin, 209-20-189.

On Saturday 24th February 1912 the final of the winter competition was played. Prizes were given by Mr Blamberg and Mr Southerst. The bogey score was 78, leading scores; T Currie (won play-off), 94-17-77; T Gall, 100-23-77; W Barker, 101-17-84; H Butterworth, 109-25-84; C W Smith, 101-16-85; H Hurst, 94-8-86; R K Wermell, 109-23-86; B Barrow, 109-23-86; E B Shepherd, 94-7-87; A W Pitt, 104-16-88; A E Hanson, 103-14-89; J L Barker, 100-10-90. 

In the first round of the Hiller Challenge Cup played in March 1913 the qualifiers from the first division were; J Southerst, 98-10-88; F Ashbrook, 95-6-89; second division; J Hargreaves, 107-20-87; H Jackson, 109-18-91.

The fourth round of the Barker Cup competition  was played on Saturday 9th August 1913, scores as follows; first division - T R Henshaw, 91-16-75; R Ward jnr, 92-16-76; second division – W Cox, 95-23-72; S F Cook, 98-26-72; J W Reid, 97-21-76; J Downing, 108-27-81. 

In the semi-final of the winter competition in February 1914 Mr C W Smith beat Mr J L Barker 6&4 and Mr P Gillespie beat Mr T O Owens 2up.

On Saturday March 7th 1914 the first round of the competition for the captain’s (Mr F T Metcalf) cup took place, result; R K Wormell, 97-15-82; R H Morris, 101-17-84; T O Owens, 93-8-85; P Gillespie, 94-9-85; T Pilkington, 88-2-86; A W Pitt, 101-14-87; J Holden, 93-5-88; A E Hanson, 98-9-89.

Further land was acquired at Clough Top Farm and the course was extended to 18-holes in 1922. The proposed course measured over 5,700 yards and was laid out by T G Renouf, Manchester Golf Club.

The opening of the new course took place in June 1923. 

The course is marked on the 1923 O.S. map below.


Blackley Golf Club, Charlestown Road Course. The course marked on the 1923 O.S Map.

© Crown Copyright {1923}


Below is the result of a match played at Brookdale (now defunct) in July 1926.

Brookdale Golf Club   Blackley Golf Club  
W A Copper 1 J Carr 0
A Moore 0 C G Stevens 1
G Jackson 0 C Weatherilt 1
T Jackson 0 R Briggs 1
H Barratt 1 E B Shepherd 0
H Lee 0 W Ormrod 1
W C Barnes 1 F Fitzpatrick 0
R Taylor 0 J L Barker 1
A Blackburn 0 F Bowman 1
G A Hartley (half) 0 C Teggins (half) 0
C E Swales 0 E Banks 1
H Taylor 1 G J Irving 0
J Lee 0 F G Percival 1
G Sudren 0 J Latham 1
  4   9

From the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership 350; secretary - W Marchanton, 19 Glen Avenue, Blackley; professional, A Milner; course records; amateur - H Milner, 71; visitors; 2s/6d a day, weekend, 5 shillings.

The land was acquired by Manchester City Council in 1936 and used for housing development, report below.


Blackley Golf Club, Charlestown Road Course. The course to be used for housing development December 1936..

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Tuesday 15 December 1936. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Blackley Golf Club, Manchester. The earlier course at Lea Grange.

Grid reference SD87215,03215, co-ordinates 387215,403215.