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Helsby Golf Club, Cheshire. (1901 - 1936)

Founded in 1901.

The course opened in 1902 on 30 acres of land off Primrose Lane, bordered by Towers Lane and the railway.

The lease expired in 1915 which led to a move  to Helsby Hill, where they remained until 1936. The land at Helsby Hill cost £70 per year, which was more expensive than the old course, but there were advantages: Sunday play would be allowed, the lease included a house which could be let out for £15 a year, and the course would not be shared with grazing cattle. Subs were raised to £2 a year to meet the increased costs.

The club is not recorded in the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook.

On Saturday 21st March 1914 the final of the winter competition was played. The winner of the gold medal was J H C Brooking, the newly elected club captain.

The first of the summer competitions was played on Saturday 4th April 1914, leading scores; F J Jones, 87-18-69; F Stott, 84-12-72; P Robinson, 89-16-73; E W Crosland, 81-6-75; F Cole, 84-8-76; Mrs Martin, 97-20-77.

The winter medal was played in December 1914 and resulted in a tie between J Brotherton and E W Crosland both returning a net score 79.

In 1915 a new pavilion was built and the club continued during the War years despite financial difficulties. The tenant of the house on the leased land, Mr Cooper, became responsible for maintaining the course, being paid 10/- a week for mowing and rolling twice weekly.

In February 1923 Mrs Edmonson was elected as captain of the club and asked to continue making teas.

From the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Membership of 150; Secretary - F E Ward, "Rock Mount," Helsby; green-keeper, R Duncalf; 10-holes; Station at Helsby, three-quarters of mile; Visitors, 2s/6d a day, 10s a week; Sunday play.

The lease at Helsby Hill was due to expire on 1st February 1937. A dispute with the then owner led to the club moving back near its original location.

Helsby Golf Club, Cheshire. The first golf course.

Grid reference of the first course, SJ48675,73850, co-ordinates 348675,373850.



The course on Helsby Hill.

Grid reference for Helsby Hill course, SJ 49630,73520, co-ordinates 349630,375320.