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Hazel Grove Golf Club. (1913 - 1990)

Hazel Grove Golf Club was founded in 1913 and occupied two sites prior to its move to the clubs present course at High Lane. The first course was laid out on rented farmer’s fields at Bosden after a short stay there it moved to Mill Hill. 

Although the Golf's Missing Links website solely concentrates on defunct clubs and courses Duncan Cheslett provided the following interesting information on Hazel Grove Golf Club.  

"Hazel Grove Golf Club was an original Alister Mackenzie layout from 1913 which I remember well from my youth. In 1990 however, land on which the most interesting nine-holes on the course lay was compulsorily purchased by the Department of Transport for the building of the new A6 Bypass. Additional land was purchased and nine new holes were laid out by architect Tom Macaulay, together with a very expensive and grand new clubhouse. 

Sadly the new holes bear little comparison to the quality of those lost, and even more sadly the road plans were subsequently abandoned, leaving MacKenzie’s best efforts abandoned. The green staff still maintain the land, it is nowadays used as a practice area.   

The road now being built does not even encroach onto the lost holes of Hazel Grove, so it really was all for nothing."