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Didsbury Golf Club. (1891 -1901) 

Founded in 1891.

A nine-hole course laid out near the former Didsbury railway station, it continued at this location until it moved to its present location in 1901. 

Didsbury station used to be near the present junction of School Lane and Wilmslow Road near Moorland Road. Grid reference SJ84755, 91315, co-ordinates, 384755,391315. 

The Didsbury course was opened on Saturday 9th May 1891 with a match between Sir William Houldsworth M.P and the Rev J G Denison, captain of the club. There was a good crowd of members in attendance to enjoy the game.

Below is the result of a one sided club match played against Cheadle at Didsbury on Saturday 6th August 1892. 

Didsbury Golf Club   Cheadle Golf Club  
H R Conbrough 0 R H Prestwich 5
S D Stewart 0 J A Tweedale 0
A Merilees 0 Dr Scowcroft 5
Dr Godde-Smith 0 C D Milne 5
A L K Gilchrist 0 D H Greenwood 4
A Galbraith 0 F Bindless 7
G W Moultrie 0 J H Milne 1
J G Fleming 3 J M Eaton 0
  3   27

Below is the result of a mixed foursome played on Saturday 22nd October 1892. 

  Gross H'cap Net
Miss J Beith and R G Adamson 63 15 48
Miss Foster and H R Conbrough 69 9 60
Mrs Conbrough and A Galbraith 77 16 61
Miss Holt and J G Fleming 78 16 62
Mrs Gallie and F M Godde-Smith 65 scr 65
Mrs Nuttall and F Pattison  81 15 65
Miss Shoefall and W M Allen 83 16 67
Mrs Godde-Smith and Mr Gailie 79 10 69
Mrs Boyd and W W M Allen 82 13 69

The AGM was held on Monday 16th January 1893, Mr H Ross Conbrough, captain of the club, was in the chair. The secretary, Mr J G Fleming, read the minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer, Mr A Galbraith, submitted the accounts, which proved satisfactory with £16/9s/ in hand. The club membership was full. The captain, secretary and treasurer were re-elected with W H Young, W C Adamson, F M Godde-Smith and W Higginbottom elected to the committee for 1893.

On Saturday 23rd June 1894 a 36 hole professional competition took place on the course. It was for professional golfers in the local Manchester area. Harry Varden played particularly well in front of the enthusiastic large galleries; he completed his first nine holes in 34 strokes, as follows; 4,4,3,4,3,4,4,5,3 =34.  Full result of the competition  below. 

H Varden, Bury.  34 38 39 41 152
R Meiklejohn, Heaton Moor. 38 42 38 43 161
J l'Anson, Handforth. 41 43 38 42 164
P Thomson, Oldham. 42 46 40 37 165
G Strath, North Manchester. 43 42 44 38 167
E Cobbe, Rochdale. 44 42 42 43 171
T Gourlay, Didsbury. 41 42 42 48 173
F K Weir, Bowdon. 46 45 43 40 174
W Kirk, Cheadle. 46 42 42 48 178
K Macgregor, Timperley. 45 44 44 45 178
J Rathbone, Wilmslow. 49 48 41 43 181

Prizes were; first £5, second £2/10s, third £1/1s. 

In 1895 the secretary was Mr G A Brown a fine golfer and popular figure at the club; unfortunately he had to resign from the post in July as he was moving to London.

Result of a medal competition played on Easter Monday in April 1895; Geo A Brown, 88-10-78; A Galbraith, 96-14-82; W C Adamson, 92-8-84; E A Russell, 101-16-85; C W Foster, 103-15-88; M Bythway, 105-14-91; W Cownie, 103-12-91; F D Smith, 101-10-91.

It was announced in October 1900 that due to the extension of the London and North Western railway the Didsbury Club would lose its course. It was stated at the time that the club would amalgamate with the Withington Golf Club, providing that certain conditions could be met.