Clifton Golf Club, Manchester. (1909 - WW1)

The club and its nine hole course appeared prior to WW1, described at the time as a “semi-private” club. 

Clifton was added to the growing number of clubs around the Manchester area in the 1900s. The exact start date is yet to be found but it was appearing on an O.S map in 1909 (see below).

It was reported (below) in January 1913 that club membership was 85. The course was situated on the main road between Manchester and Bolton. Officers of the club as follows; president, Mr Laurence Pilkington; captain, Dr J W Chambers Herbert; secretary, Mr J T Fogg; treasurer, T A Crompton. The first annual meeting was held on Saturday 10th January 1913 and it was hoped that a prosperous future was in store for the club and members.


The course disappeared following WW1.


Clifton Golf Club, Manchester. Course location.

Above is the location of the course in 1909, grid reference SD76620,04030, co-ordinates, 376620,40430. The area that the course occupied has been built over, with Corrie Crescent, Corrie Drive and Belmont Avenue amongst the roads on the housing estate.