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Bache (Chester) Golf Club. (1900 - WW1)

The club first appeared in the early 1900s. 

It was reported on 15 May 1903 that “Ellis, the keeper of the Bache Golf Club House, Chester, was playing his second stroke to the first green when a well driven ball hit a leveret, which was crossing the line of play, killing it instantly. The ball was “an old fashioned gutty one”. 

In May 1906 Bache Golf Club appealed to Chester Council to establish a bus service to the course. 

Result of the October 1906 monthly medal; Dr. Butt, 88-13-75; J A Hirst, 88-7-81; W D Laird, 97-16-81; A Clemence, 94-12-82; P Johnston, 96-14-82.

In 1910 the Bache Hall estate was put up for sale, obviously this meant the golf club would need a new home. Suitable land was eventually found at Brewers Hall Farm in Curzon Park. Just prior to WW1 it was decided that  it should be named the Curzon Park Golf Club.

The original Chester Golf Club, founded in 1891 at Sealand (see separate entry), closed at the outbreak of WW2.

In the mid 1960s it was decided that Curzon Park Golf Club should become "The Chester Golf Club." It eventually became "Chester Golf Club." 


Location of the Bache (Chester) Golf Club Course.

Above is the location of the Bache course. © Crown Copyright {1911}


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