Ryley's Golf Club, Alderley Edge. (1887 - 1890s)

From the Golfing Annual Vol. V  1891-92:-

"Ryley's Golf Club, Instituted November 1887.

The course is a nine-hole one, laid out on a few fields belonging to the Ryley's Farm, Alderley Edge, and about a mile and a quarter in circuit. The ground is very rough, with plenty of hazards, consisting of brooks, ditches, trees, hedges and two public roads that have each to be crossed twice. During the last half of the season the course is generally heavily manured, as part of it is used for growing meadow grass, the other part being grazing fields. The course is situated about a five minute walk from Alderley Edge Station."

The map below shows Ryley's in the late 1890s, golf course not marked.


Ryley's Golf Club, Alderley Edge. Ordnance Survey Map 1899 showing The Ryley's.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1899}