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Anson Golf Club, Manchester. (1893 - 1919)

The club was founded in 1893.  

Professionals at Anson Golf Club; J Patefield (1896/97); H C Stubbs (1897/98); Harry Simpson (1903 - 1905); F G Renouf (1905 - 1907); Jack Clucas (1907 - 1909); William Henley (1909 - 1912); Walter Hambleton (1912 - 1917).

It was reported in October 1893 that the new course which was situated in “Birch Fields” was opened on Saturday 14th October. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions a large number of members were in attendance to see The Rev C P Roberts, Rector of Longsight, on behalf of the members, present a driver, suitably inscribed, to the Ven Archdeacon of Anson, a vice-president, and requested him to formally open the links “by making the first drive.” The Archdeacon accepted the request and then made a short speech and read a telegram from Sir William Anson, Bart., president of the club, wishing success to the new club.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. The clubhouse in 1898.

The Anson clubhouse and course in 1898.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. Club button.

Anson Golf Club button. 


The first of five monthly competitions for the club Gold Medal was played on Saturday 11 August 1894. The course had greatly improved and the greens were in first class condition, following are the returned scores under 100; G S King, 116-30-86; C Anderton, 111-18-93; Harold Spencer, 117-20-97; F Green, 126-27-99.

Result of the September competition; P H Farrer, 113, 20-93; S E Thomason, 119-22-97; G L Smith, 119-22-97; F K Hudson, 115-16-79.

 Result of the October Gold Medal competition; J M Leake, 103-15-88; C F Baybut, 121-30-91; H Liebert, 97-4-93, T C Deane, 120-25-95; C Anderton, 113-18-95; G Brocklehurst, 116-20-96; H Sheard, 122-25-97; Arch Macniven, 120-22-98; J K Hudson, 114-16-78.

Result of the November 1894 Gold Medal; Dr Mackenzie, 105-18-87; H Liebert, 93-4-89; J M Leake, 100-12-88; S E Thomason, 11-20-91; W A Gilbert, 122-30-92; C Anderton, 115-18-97.

There were 26 entrants for the December Gold Medal, result; E G Symons, 108-15-93; J M Leake, 105-12-93; J K Hudson, 111-16-95; E L Jackson, 117-22-95; W A Gilbert, 128-30-98; S E Thomason, 118-20-98.

In unfavourable weather on Saturday 29 December 1894 the winners of the five monthly competitions played, it finished as follows; J M Leake (winner), P Farrer, E G Symons, Dr Mackenzie and G S King.

Result of the monthly competition for August 1895; W E Gorton, 103-17-86; H F Warden, 104-18-86; E M Bayley, 107-20-87; G H Guest,111-22-89; E L Jackson, 105-15-90; F Green, 105-15-90; P Farrer, 106-16-90; G L Smith, 113-20-93; Dr Mackenzie, 108-15-93; H D Sutcliffe, 119-25-94; S E Thomason, 112-16-95; A Brier, 120-22-98; G S King, 117-18-99.

Below, result of a married versus single match played on Saturday 12 October 1895.

Married   Single  
Dr Mackenzie 0 E L Jackson 3
H F Warden 11 Mr Turnbull 0
T H Core 0 A Macniven 7
Rev C P Roberts 3 E M Bayley 0
E Thorp 4 O E Wilson 0
W Wadsworth 0 G H Gnest 3
John Williamson 1 J Vicars 0
G L Smith 0 A Brier 7
H D Sutcliffe 6 G F Warden 0
Dr Russell 2 A M Crook 0
J Cooper 0 T B Shimwell 4
Dr Wallace 0 S B Fowler 9
S T Smith 1 G E Bowring 0
  28   33

Below is the result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 8 August 1896. 

E L Jackson 93 12 81 W E Gorton 102 13 89
C Anderston 93 12 81 W Dewse 106 14 92
Dr Dearden 102 20 82 E M Bayley 111 18 93
H Spencer 104 18 86 H F Warden 109 15 94
Dr Ferguson 107 20 87 J Cooper 119 25 94
G L Smith 104 16 88 J S Williamson 120 25 95
H D Hulme 105 17 88 A Brier 113 17 96
S E Thomason 100 11 89 D G McNiven 113 14 99

It was reported in December 1896 that the monthly medal competition was played over the new 18-hole course. Below are the leading scores for this medal played on Saturday 5th December.

T A Scott 106 25 81 G Leslie Smith 108 16 92
W E Gorton 95 13 82 W Dewse 108 14 94
H D Hulme 101 15 86 John Williamson 112 16 96
C Anderton 98 11 87 S E Thomason 109 11 98
A Macniven 101 14 87 E L Jackson 108 9 99
W Wadsworth 103 12 91        

Below, result of a match played against Heaton Moor in October 1897. 

Anson Golf Club   Heaton Moor Golf Club  
F L Jackson 0 J Smith 1
S E Thomason 2 J Spilsbury 0
H D Hulme 0 Rev W H Smartt 4
Dr Mackenzie 0 J Stirling 3
W Wadsworth 3 A H M Gow 0
E Thorp 6 C Halliwell 0
W E Gorton 3 A W Reynolds 0
H F Warden 0 R Scholes 1
D G Macniven 0 J A Franklin 2
A Macniven 0 F S Leedham 0
Jno Williamson 0 J F Walker 0
Professor Core 0 J Adam 1
G H Guest 0 H Taylor 4
H D Sutcliffe 0 W R Thorburn 6
G L Smith 4 C P King 0
E Latham 5 T B Glover 0
  23   22

Thanks to Golf Heritage @LdnGolfHistory for their help in compiling the following from 1898.

From Golfing & Cycling August 1898. "Pluck and energy, and a readiness to put their hands down, have enabled Anson Club to make, out of the most uncompromising materials, and in a few years' time, a course of which they have a good reason to be proud. For the first few years of the club's existence the course was one of nine-holes, but some two years ago more land was taken and eighteen-holes laid out. These are mostly of a good length and afford an excellent test of play. The hazards consist of ditches, hedges, some artificial bunkers, and, most formidable of all, a brook with high banks which winds through the lower part of the course. As this brook has to be driven twice, and twice carried in the approach, the player who is at all afflicted with a lack of nerve is almost certain make a close and disastrous acquaintance with it at some part of his round. In its work of temper-ruffling and medal-card destroying the brook is ably assisted by a tributary, which winds about several of the greens. The eighth green, with a pond immediately in front and a hedge close behind it, is magnificent, but it is not golf. From the tee the green can easily be carried with a good cleek or brassie shot, but in dry weather it is a difficult task to keep the ball on the green, and to be short or to run over is almost equally disastrous. However, the pond is to be drained and filled with sand, which will remove what is the only blot on an excellently laid out course.

Throughout the course the lies on the line are first class, thanks to constant and judicious use of the mower and roller. The greens are spacious and well kept. The club has just taken a long lease on the greater part of the land, and is about to enclose the links with an iron railing, which will serve a double purpose, to keep out trespassers and enabling the committee to substitute sheep for cattle grazing.

The surroundings of Anson are wonderfully countrified, when one remembers that the links is within the boundaries of Manchester, and less than two miles from the city centre.

The record of the course is held by Harold Hilton, score of 77. The captain of the club is Mr S E Thompson; Secretary, Mr Sutcliffe; Treasurer, J D Calder."     

Below is the result of a match played at Marple on Wednesday 12 July 1899. 

Marple Golf Club   Anson Golf Club  
G H Bailey 0 J S Bridge 6
G O Mackenzie 1 H E Moore 0
W Habgood 4 H D Hulme 0
A Simon 2 D G McNiven 0
G Sherwin 1 E Thorp 0
G Brocklehurst 0 W E Gorton 0
H Kay 0 L A Wilson 3
J Ashton 1 W Wadsworth 0
H P Hill 0 S F Thomason 3
H Eskrigge 0 R F Harker 1
  9   13

Below is the result of a nine hole ladies’ match played at Anson against Knutsford on 12 July 1899. 

Anson Ladies' Golf Club   Knutsford Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Miniati 4 Mrs Jackson 0
Miss Wood 2 Miss H Hopkins 0
Miss Warden 0 Miss O Carver 0
Miss C J McNiven 0 Mrs Carver 3
Mrs Russell 0 Miss E Hopkins 3
Miss R Bowring 0 Miss Rourke 3
  6   9

Result of a match played on the Anson course against Todmorden in August 1899.

Anson Golf Club   Todmorden Golf Club  
T Merry 7 Rev. A S Roberts 0
H D Hulme 4 Dr. McRobert 0
E L Jackson 1 A R Crossley 0
W E Gordon 1 E J Crossley 0
E Thorp 3 W Brown 0
D G McNiven 5 J W Barker 0
J B Mackenzie 4 W A Wrigley 0
S E Thomason 2 Rev. J Midgley 0
J Williamson 4 Dr. Currie 0
R F Harker 0 E S Gill 9
  31   9

 In 1900 the secretary was H D Sutcliffe, Birch Grove, Rusholme. Course record J S Bridge 76.

On Wednesday 31st October 1900 the ladies' played an American tournament for a prize given by Mrs Russell, result as follows; Miss L Rostron, 91 holes; Mrs R Bell, 75 holes; Miss Miniati, 70 holes.  

Below is the result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 3rd November 1900. 

A M Cook 96 22 74 A H Marsden 96 10 86
Rev A H Gray 91 12 79 E Houghton 105 18 87
J Robertson 96 17 79 G H Russell 102 14 88
R F Harker 97 15 82 W Dewse 100 11 89
G F Warden 92 9 83 G P Heathcote 99 10 89
Dr Ferguson 99 15 84 H Sheard 111 21 90
Dr Dearden 99 14 85 H D Sutcliffe 103 12 91
S E Thomason 94 9 85 H D Hulme 99 6 93
J Williamson 96 11 85 A Macniven 111 15 96
W M Cumming 106 20 86 A Edwards 114 17 97
F Green 99 13 86        

The final for the ladies’ prize presented by Mr H D Hulme was played on Wednesday 26th June 1901, leading scores; Miss Warden, 106-20-86; Mrs Harley, 93-4-89; Miss C I McNiven, 106-17-89; Miss Miniati, 94-4-90; Mrs Mackenzie, 118-27-91; Mrs Russell, 117-22-95; Miss Jackson, 123-28-95; Miss A M Wood, 112-16-96; Miss L Rostron, 98 scratch; Miss Beattie, 100-1-99.

Below, result of matches played on Saturday 29th June 1901 against Heaton Moor Golf Club.

First team match played at Anson.

Anson Golf Club   Heaton Moor Golf Club  
W S Davidson 2 J C Maxwell 0
E L Jackson 0 J Smith 7
H D Hulme 0 J F B Adam 4
P H Farrer 0 Wm J Hunt 1
W Wadsworth 0 E Blake Smith 3
Dr Christie 4 J Spilsbury 0
T A Russell 0 J Stirling 3
Dr Mackenzie 0 W M Miller 3

Second team match played at Heaton Moor. 

L A Wilson 0 J H Ellis 8
A H Gray 0 R Graham 3
E Russell 4 J W Adam 0
G F Warden 0 F A Sharratt 8
J robertson 2 J F Walker 0
E Thorp 0 F S Leedham 3
L Warden 0 A E Ogden 4
D G McNiven 0 A T Miniati 1
  12   48

The result of home and away club matches played against Withington in March 1906.  

Below, teams playing at Withington.

Withington Golf Club   Anson Golf Club  
F W Lee 0 P H Farrar 0
J M Leake 1 S S Carrington 0
H Horkeimer 1 R H Wright 0
H C Lings 1 R V Critchley 0
A Clegg 1 S E Thomason 0
E Lee 1 E Thorp 0
W C Wilson 1 F Morris 0
F H Overmann 1 H D Hulme 0

Below, teams playing on the Anson course.

P Taylor 1 J R Hilditch 0
R Crosthwaite 1 F S Woodward 0
G P Raundrup 1 A H Gray 0
E Johnstone 0 W Wadsworth 1
E M Ratcliffe 0 G Jennison 1
E Rhodes 1 R Bell 0
E Saxon 0 G F Warden 1
E Bayley 0 L Mackenzie 0
  11   3

Result of the April 1906 qualifying competition for the captain’s cup; S E Thomason, 88-6-82; F S Woodward, 88-6-82; H D Hulme, 90-6-84; L McKenzie, 97-11-86; Jno Smith, 111-25-86; A W Ogden, 102-15-87; W A Balmforth, 100-13-87; E T Laycock, 96-9-87.

A social gathering arranged for the lady members by Mr Archibald Macniven (Club Captain) took place on Thursday 5th September 1906. The weather was fine and there was a good attendance. The prizes were presented by the captain. Results; driving competition winner, Mrs R Bell, distance 169yards, 1ft, 7inches; runner-up, Miss Minniati, 148yds, 1ft; approach and putting, winner, Mrs E Marsden, 8strokes, runner-up, Mrs R Bell, 9, third Miss Jennison, 11 and fourth Miss N Roberts. Mixed foursomes medal play over 12 holes; J M Irwin and Mrs McManus, 65-14-51; Dr Wright and Miss Marsden, 56-3-53; J R Hilditch and Mrs Broome, 67-12-55; P H Farrer and Miss Roberts, 66-10-56.

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 3rd August 1907; D Du Val, 84-14-70; G Jennison, 75-4-71; J M Irwin, 89-11-78; F S Woodward, 82-3-79; W Wadsworth, 89-9-80; Dr Walter, 97-17-80; J Smith, 87-6-81; H D Hulme, 89-8-81; Robert Bell, 89-8-81; F Brocklehurst, 94-13-81; Rev C M McClelland, 94-13-81; E Edwards, 95-13-82.

The monthly medal in January 1908 was played in fog over a frost covered course, leading scores in the first division (13 and under); F S Woodward, 87-3-84; G F Warden, 92-8-84; S S Carrington, 90-3-87; Robert Bell, 97-8-89; E T Laycock, 99-10-89; J F Williams, 99-7-92. No cards were returned in the second division.  

Result of a club match played in July 1908 against Chorlton.

First team at Anson.

Anson Golf Club   Chorlton Golf Club  
C S Carrington 1 W R Pope 0
P H Farrar 0 T G Armstrong 1
A E Livesey 0 S J Fillingham 1
J Simpson 0 A W Hunn 1
D du Val 1 C Timmis 0
J R Hilditch 1 A Catterall 0
F Morris 0 J P Wright 0
A McNiven 0 W H Fillingham 1
  3   4

Below, second team at Chorlton. 

Chorlton Golf Club   Anson Golf Club  
F Winterbottom 0 E Thorp 1
A Owles 1 A Jennison jnr 0
W Edwards 1 T B Wear 0
S T Rowe 1 J Irwin 0
J Brownhill 1 A J Barker 0
H F Armstrong 1 C Howard 0
C B Dewhirst 0 G F Warden 1
W H Fillingham 1 A McNiven 0
  6   2

Result of the 1908 July medal; Dr A M Mitchell, 77-8-69; S S Carrington, 71 scratch; T Lord, 85-14-71; R Jennison jnr, 78-6-72; W Wadsworth, 81-8-73; Dr R W Marsden, 82-9-73; H Williams, 88-14-74; P H Farrer, 78-3-75; H D Hulme, 81-6-75; Dr J E Floyd, 81-6-75; J Williamson, 87-12-75; M B Cotterell, 89-14-75; J H Foyster, 93-18-75; J H Duxbury, 87-11-76; L Samuels, 92-16-75; Foden Williams, 83-6-77; T B Shimwell, 92-14-78; A M Crook, 98-20-78.

Result of the ladies’ competition played in July 1908 for the prize given by Mrs Harry Sopper; Miss L Rostron, 76-2-74; Miss Marsden, 72+3-75; Mrs R Bell, 77-1-76; Mrs Russell, 111-24-87; Miss J A Magnus, 99-11-88; Miss Edwards, 105-16-89. Result of the ladies’ July medal and Mrs J Williamson’s prize; Mrs Care, 105-23-77; Mrs Duxbury, 95-14-81; Miss Marsden, 91-2-89; Mrs Russell, 116-24-92. 

Below, result of a club match played against Heaton Moor Golf Club in July 1909.

First team played at Anson.

Anson Golf Club   Heaton Moor Golf Club  
S S Carrington 0 J C Maxwell (8&7) 1
Dr Christie 0 J B Mallalien (4&3) 1
Dr Wright (4&3) 1 R Graham 0
E A Livesay 0 Dr Holt (6&4) 1
F S Woodward 0 W S Miller (1up) 1
D Duval 0 J W Adam (5&4) 1
P H Farrar 0 J F B Adam (3&2) 1
J Simpson 0 J T Meadows (1up) 1
  1   7

Second team played at Heaton Moor.

Heaton Moor Golf Club   Anson Golf Club  
J Laurie 0 F Morris (2up) 1  
S A Miller (2&1) 1 Foden Williams 9
B S Brown (8&7) 1 E T Laycock 0
C Hunter (2&1) 1 Dr Mitchell 0
F C Oldham 0 A Gibson (1up) 1
H G Davies 0 L Robinson 0
Dr Stowell 0 A J Almond (2up) 0
B Eldridge 1 A W Ogden 0
  4   3

Result of the annual Boxing Day competition in 1909. Over 40 prizes were contributed by members. Leading scores; M B Cotterell, 80–9–71; R Jennison jnr, 81–3–78; J Simpson, 82–4–78; R Bell, 85–7–78; J F Williams, 83-4-79; F Barker, 90-11-79; J H L Foyster, 94-15-79; C E Ratcliffe, 92-12-80; B McMonies, 93-13-80; W Goodman, 96-16-80; A M Crook, 99-18-81;F S Woodward, 85-3-82; W E Harvey, 92-10-82; F Wood, 95-13-82; L L Samuels, 98-16-82; J S Williamson, 95-13-82.

On Saturday January 20 1912 the first round of the captain’s prize presented by Mr S S Carrington was played, result as follows; R Jennison, 83-1-82; H Maxfield, 89-5-84; A Gibson, 91-5-86; E Edwards, 101-15-86; P Grimshaw, 101-14-87; W F Ashbrook, 95-7-88; E A Livesey, 89 scratch; S S Carrington, 89+1-90; H D Hulme, 98-6-92; E Thorp, 102-9-93; W Goodman, 108-15-93.

Pictured below is Walter Hambleton, the Anson professional, who won the Courier Cup in 1912.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. Walter Hambleton the Anson professional winner of the Courier Cup in 1912.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Tuesday 11 March 1913. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below, result of a match played in October 1912 between teams selected by the captain, S S Carrington, and the secretary A J Almond. 

Captain's Team   Secretary's Team  
S S Carrington 1 A J Almond 0
P H Farrer 0 E A Livesey 1
T B Weir 0 H D Hulme 1
L Waugh 1 A Gibson 0
E Thorp 1 R Bell 0
A Macniven 0 G F Warden 1
F F Williamson 0 W Tester 1
B Peters 1 C Howard 0
M McLeod 1 F Wood 0
W Ridyard 0 J A Sinclair 1
J H Duxbury 1 P Grimshaw 0
B Kendrew 1 H K Charnley 0
W R Charnley 1 W Dearden 0
J Davies 0 T B Smellie 1
H C Crawford (Half) 0 J Rogers (Half) 0
H E Almond (Half) 0 E L Fletcher (Half) 0
R R Nicholson 1 W Boardley 0
G G Boulaye 0 W W Brown 1
  9   7

On Saturday 23rd November 1912 the competition for the English and Scottish prizes took place, the winners were; S S Carrington, 81+1-82; W F Ashbrook, 87-5-82; Dr Marsden, 89-7-82.

The annual Scottish theme continued during the evening when “about ninety partook of supper and afterwards had a smoking concert” Mr John Williamson, the newly elected captain, was in the chair.  

Mr R L Jennison of the Anson Club was Lancashire county champion in 1913.

First round of the captain’s, Mr John Williamson, competition held in January 1913; S S Carrington, 84 scratch; E T Laycock, 92-8-84; A L Lee, 95-10-85; F Morris, 93-6-87; F F Williamson, 99-11-88; H D Hulme, 96-8-88; J Robertson, 102-13-89. The winner of the monthly medal was Dr R W Marsden, 92-9-83, runner-up J Williamson, 108-14-94. There was a very low entry for the medal due to the adverse weather conditions on the day.

The qualifiers from the winter monthly bogey competitions  played in the final on Saturday 9th March 1912, result as follows; R Jennison (scratch) won play-off, 1down; E A Livesey (scratch), 1down; W L Waugh, 2down; J F Williams, 5down; H D Hulme, 5down; A L Lee, 6down; S S Carrington, 7down; J H Duxbury, 7down; E T Laycock, 7down; W F Ashbrook, 8down.

The third round of the captain’s (Mr John Williamson) prize was played in March 1913, leading scores; W Tester, 97-9-88; F Ashbrook, 95-6-79; E A Livesey, 92-2-90. Bogey score was 78.

In the “Courier Cup” competition played at Hopwood in April 1913 Walter Hambleton, the Anson professional, finished runner-up to A E Hallam (North Manchester).


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. Walter Hambleton of Anson Golf Club.

Walter Hambleton receives the Gold Medal as runner-up. (Courier)


The first and second teams played against Trafford Golf Club in June 1913, the first teams at Anson and the second teams played at Trafford. 

Below, first team result at Anson.  

Anson Golf Club   Trafford Golf Club  
S S Carrington 0 J Maunders 1
R Jennison 1 S Edwards 0
P H Farrer 1 J Spence 0
E A Livesey 1 E W Parry 0
C Ashbrook 1 D Dorrity 0
A J Almond 0 G H Watterson 1
W L Waugh 1 H Risk 0
T B Weir 1 J B Ward 0
  6   2

Below, second teams at Trafford 

Trafford Golf Club   Anson Golf Club  
W Browning 0 E T Yaycock 1
J D Nettleton 1 J M Irwin 0
Dr Hart 0 F F Williamson 1
C W Law 1 A Dunbar 0
A Syer 0 E T Laycock 1
T S Wilson 1 W A Balmforth 0
R T Loftus 0 M McLeod 1
Mr Mitchell 0 W Arnold 1
  3   5

In September 1913 Mrs J H Duxbury presented her prizes for the best aggregate of three cards out of the six returned in the monthly medal. Miss E H Robb won the first prize, her scores being 76-79-81=236, Mrs G A Livesey was runner-up, her scores 76-79-83=237. The monthly medal result for September as follows; Mrs Bell, 86-8-78; Mrs G A Livesey, 110-24-86; Mrs J H Duxbury, 95-8-87; Miss Russell, 104-16-88; Miss Robb, 104-12-92; Mrs Dearden, 123-30-93.

Below is the result of a match played at Anson against Withington Golf Club in September 1913.

Anson Golf Club   Withington Golf Club  
E A Livesey 1 A Heighway 0
P H Farrer 0 A R Handley 1
C Ashbrook 0 W A Gilbert 1
W F Ashbrook 1 J S Bridge 0
J A Williams 1 W A Kirk 0
A Gibson 0 Mr Deeley 1
A J Almond 0 H J Redfern 1
Dr. Christie 1 E H Perry 0
W L Waugh 1 O S Perry 0
H D Hulme 0 E Rhodes 1
T B Weir 0 H D Clark 0
Bridge Peters 1 W C Wilson 0
F S Woodward 1 H Smith 0
Mr Laycock 0 E Gunson 1
F Williamson 1 B Reekie 0
A Macniven 1 R F Harker 0
  9   6

In 1914 the secretary was A J Almond, 16 Kennedy Street, Manchester and the professional Walter Hambleton. An 18-hole course of 5,656 yards in length.  Membership at this time of 220 gents, and 80 ladies. Entry fees were, gents £5/5/0 and ladies 10/6. Subs were gents £2/12/6 and ladies £1/6/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day when playing with a member, 2/- without. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. It was stipulated that ladies had to play with gentlemen after 4.30 on weekdays and were not  allowed to play on Sundays. The station at Longsight was ¼ mile away.

Result of the 1914 January medal; J H Duxbury, 94-9-85; W Boardley, 106-20-86; P Grimshaw, 97-11-86; J H Foyster, 103-15-88; A Taylor, 100-11-89; W Arnold, 103-14-89; R I Stephenson, 103-14-89.

Result of the 1914 March medal;  A Dunbar, 91-12-79; A Taylor, 93-11-82; F W Dibnah, 98-16-82; A Ellwood, 99-15-84; S S Carrington, 83+2-85; E T Laycock, 94-9-85. Bogey score 78.

In September 1915 an exhibition match was held on the Anson course in aid of the Red Cross. Golf Professionals were very much involved with raising money for the war effort and most gave their time willingly. On this occasion a large crowd tuned out to see H Vardon, the Open Champion, H Simpson (St Annes Old Links), and T G Renouf (Manchester), who were joined by the home professional W Hambleton. A four ball foursome was played over 36 holes, Vardon and Simpson being partners. On the outward half there was little to choose between them. Hambleton and Renouf turned one up. They were all square at the thirteenth, but Vardon and Simpson won the next two, the last three holes were halved, Vardon and Simpson winning 2up. Probably to add to the interest the approximate individual scores were given as; Simpson 72, Vardon 73, Hambleton 74, and Renouf 75. Renouf and Hambleton won the first of second 18 holes, and playing consistently held their rivals to the turn. But Vardon and Simpson turned the heat up on the back nine eventually winning 5&4. Again approximate scores were given; Simpson 69, Vardon 70, and Renouf and Hambleton both 73.

The visit of the professionals resulted in over £50 being raised for the Red Cross Hospital’s fund. During the last twelve months the Anson club had raised over £330 for various war funds.

Below are 'War Memento 1915' and 'War Memento 1916'. Both hall marked Birmingham 1915 by either George Loveridge & Co. or George Lingard. (25mm). Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. World War One memento button 1915.

Anson Golf Club 1915 War Momento button. Image courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. World War One memento button 1916.

Anson Golf Club 1916 War Momento button. Image courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


A reflection of the sad times when the following advert appeared in the Manchester Evening News on Wednesday 25th April 1917 “Found near Anson Golf Links, Longsight, Soldier’s medal stamped “For King and Empire - services rendered” – Apply Pavilion, Anson Golf Links”

John Bridge was the course record holder in 1899. John Bridge was a very good amateur golfer as well as being a professional violinist. He became leader of the Halle Orchestra in Manchester in 1925. In the summer months he played in the Llandudno Pier Orchestra and was a member of the North Wales Golf Club. (Thanks to Frank Rutherford for the contribution on John Bridge)

The following report from The Manchester Guardian dated Tuesday 7th October 1919 announces the sad demise of the club; On October 14th 1893, Archdeacon Anson drove the ball which formally opened the Anson’s club links at Longsight, and on Saturday last the club closed down with all the members hoping that the possibility of securing new ground elsewhere will be realised. The twenty-six years between the opening and the winding-up have been spent in an almost continuous fight against builders. When the course was first laid out the general direction of the holes was from Birch Park to Hamilton Road but the building of houses and the formation of new roads compelled most of the old holes to be given up until the links, instead of lying parallel with Dickenson Road, ran out towards Burnage.

Many clubs would have given up the struggle years ago, but the Anson members had a stronger tie than that of playing golf together, and they refused to be dispersed. Difficulty after difficulty was overcome, and before the war broke out there had been several years’ immunity from builders’ raids. When allotments where wanted during the war the “Ashpits” hole and the sporting eighth were cheerfully given up, but when the Manchester Corporation bought the Annson Estate for building purposes the club received a blow which could not be turned aside. The turf of the Anson green is to be used for improving other links, and the perch, roach and carp which have multiplied in the pond in front of the clubhouse – a pond which rumour says has a bottom lined with golf balls hit from the first tee – are to provide sport in a larger stretch of water for a well-known angling club.

Saturday was the formal closing day, and the members were the guests of the captain at lunch and tea. The morning was given up to the lady members, who played a stroke competition in which Miss J Ashbrook was the first with 80 net, and Miss E Makin second with 81. In the afternoon a mixed foursomes competition was won by Mrs G Boulaye and J H Birtles, 99-20-79. Miss Makin and W L Waugh, 94-14½-79 ½ were second. In the evening prizes were distributed by Mrs E A Livesey, the lady captain, and speeches were made by Mr W L Waugh (captain since 1914), Robert Bell and J Davies the secretary. The captain mentioned that one of those present, Mr A M Crook, was the founder of the club and expressed the hope that he would be with them when the call was sent round for the members to assemble in a new home. A vote of thanks to the captain  was carried with a round of cheers, and the proceedings ended with “Auld Lang Syne.”


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. Location of the earlier Anson Golf Club course.

The course in the early 1900s.


Anson Golf Club, Manchester. Anson Golf Club course in the 1920/30s.

Course still appearing on O.S maps in the 1920/30s, but the club had closed in 1919. Note the encroachment of Beresford Road, this is the beginning of the end for the Anson course, the developers would soon be stepping in. The area the course once occupied has been completely built over.