Brookdale (Clayton) Golf Club, Manchester. (1896 - 1950s)

Founded 1896 as Clayton Golf Club.

The 9-hole course had a SSS of 68 and Par of 70. Membership of 100 to 180. Brookdale Golf Club first appeared in 1906 and was situated at Lord Lane, Failsworth. The railway station (L&YR) was 5 minutes away.

The following report is from the Manchester Courier Tuesday 21st July 1896. "NEW CLUB AT CLAYTON - What promises to be a most successful golf club has been started at Clayton. The links lie between North Road and Clayton Vale and command some very pretty and pituresque  views of the surrounding country. The committee have had Butel, the Bury professional, going over the ground, and he has given it as his opinion that it will form one of the most sporting courses in Lancashire. The inception of the club was due to Dr. Junk, F Burt and Dr. Willis, the captain, treasurer and treasurer, respectively, and they together with the committee are using every effort to have the ground ready for the formal opening which is to take place in September. The number of members is already large, and there are many applicants awaiting admission and the outlook of the club is very promising." 

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played on July 13th 1899 at Clayton against Failsworth. 

Clayton Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
Miss L Brundrett 0 Miss Beattie 5
Miss M Brundrett 9 Mrs Moore 0
Miss Esplin 6 Miss A Beattie 0
Miss K Brundrett 3 Miss Newton 0
Miss Scott 0 Miss Scottt 2
Mrs Grimshaw 2 Miss E Beattie 0
  20   7

Below is the result of a match played against Failsworth at Clayton in July 1901. 

Clayton Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
H Brundret 8 A O Ferguson 0
J Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
L Gaisman 4 G E Ferguson 0
S Dreyfus 0 W Crossley 6
E Wray 0 R Lakin 2
T Hewlett 0 P Hughes 2
V Eva 0 D Pagan 12
  13   22

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Clayton Golf Club - Instituted 1896; Station Clayton Bridge half a mile;  Hon.secretary, J Brundret; Captain, H Brundret; Entrance ree £1/1s and subs £1/11s/6d, ladies £1/1s; nine-holes; Green-keeper, J Nicholls; Professional record, Butel, 36; Terms for visitors, 2s/6d a day. The course is one of the best round Manchester; all bunkers and hazards are natural. The greens having had great attention are in perfect condition, and through the greens the turf is good. Bogey, 37.

The course described. Extract from an article that appeared in the Manchester Courier Tuesday 6th June 1905. "The outstanding feature of the Clayton course is that there are no artificial hazards. It is laid out on a plateau; the land is more or less undulating, intersected with gullies, and abounding in ponds, quarries, and other equally unpleasant places for a badly hit ball. The nine-holes are very sporting, and a very nice judgment has been exercised in the situation of all the greens.

The description of the holes is rather terrifying to a stranger, whose nerves receive somewhat of a shock as he learns the first drive is to the “Dynamite” hole. Though the bogey is five, and he gets down in four, let him take heed lest in arrogance he allows contempt to choke down the feelings of respect for the hazards. They grow as he proceeds round the course, and it is even possible that the lesson will be learned on the second – the “Duffer’s Gulley,” out of which it is, however, almost impossible for a player to make a recovery. The most difficult hole is the third – aptly called the “Rush Pit.” A hooked tee shot will land in a clay pit, while the green is protected by a large pond on one side and a disused quarry on the other. The right line is a very narrow path and few there be that find it. From these relentless difficulties it is a relief to turn about and drive to the “Happy Valley.” One’s happiness, however, hangs in the balance as you play the approach, and if the ball runs across the sloping green over a precipice at the side the player may well despair. He is confronted with a Sisyphean task, and resembles the Titan whose punishment in the infernal world was to roll a stone up a hill, which no sooner reached the top than it came bounding down again, and had to be rolled up anew. The fifth is not particularly difficult, but the sixth is an exceptionally fine one shot hole. The way to the green is down a deep slope, and it is situated on the edge of a precipice, which curves partially round the front of the green. The eighth is a good sporting hole, and the green can be reached from the tee. The ninth is 360 yards long and the chief merit of the hole consists in playing the second shot, which must be carefully judged to get on the green in two. The bogey of the course is 40.

The Clayton course will be memorable in local golfing history by an amusing incident which occurred at the opening about eight years ago. The ceremony was performed by a member of Parliament, whose duty it was to drive the first ball. He incautiously tried to do so without having nails in his boots, with the result that he missed the ball and sat down on the tee.

The membership of the club is about seventy, and there are approximately twenty lady players. Mr C Dreyfus is the president; Mr Balfour, Mr F Cawley M.P., and Mr R Le Neve Foster, vice-presidents; Harry Brundret, captain; V Eva, hon. treasurer; J Brundret, hon. secretary; committee – E Grimshaw, C A Hartley, C P Senior, T R Hewlett, A J Hoyland, H Connolly, C Hall."

The following is an extract from a report from the Manchester Courier Monday 4th September 1905. “NEW CLUB AT NEWTON HEATH – The formal opening of the links and clubhouse of the Brookdale Golf Club took place on Saturday. The links are behind Brookdale Park, Newton Heath. Among those present at the opening ceremony were Alderman Birkbek and Bowes, Councillors Butterworth and West, George Evans , Robert Lakin (President,) C E Ward (hon. secretary,) P Carter (treasurer.) Alderman Bowes drove off the first ball.”

Result of a match played against Failsworth (also defunct) in July 1909.

Brookdale Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
H Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
J A Dyson 0 A O Ferguson 0
F E Gilder 0 W A Storey 0
A G Worthington 1 H Ingham 0
H Connally 0 C Cooper 1
C E Ward 0 J Edge 1
J W Linney 1 J Hood 0
T Johnson 0 F J Grinrod 0
C E Swales 0 H Dunkerley 1
G Birchenall 0 K L Lawson 1
J Smith 1 G Howarth 0
S Hoskisson 1 W A Taylor 0
  5   4

Result of the second monthly competition for Mr T Johnson’s prize played on Saturday 13th November 1909; H Brundret, 78nett, C P Senior, 80nett; J A Dyson, 81nett; G A Hartley, 84nett; C E Swales, 85nett; A G Worthington, 87nett; S Hoskisson, 90nett; J Lees, 92nett; W A Copper, 92nett; J Bridge, 92nett; C Linney, 93nett; C Godbert, 96nett.

The final for a prize given by Mr C W Godbert was played on Saturday 23rd September 1911, leading scores; W A Copper, all square; J A Dyson, 2down; G A Hartley, 3down; C E Swales, 3down; H Barratt, 4down; S Hoskisson, 5down; C Rothwell, 5down.  

Result of a competition held in February 1914 for a prize presented by Mr William Birkbeck; Mr George Hartley, 87-11-76; T W Robinson, 92-13-79; R L Harrison, 99-18-81; J A Dyson, 88-5-83; James Lees, 98-15-83; W C Copper, 93-7-86; C Rothwell, 98-11-87; C P Senior, 100-12-88.

Result of a competition in March 1914 for a prize presented by Mr J Walton; C Rothwell, 91-9-82; A G Worthington, 91-6-85; H Barratt, 99-14-85; R L Harrison, 103-18-85; C E Swales, 97-10-87. Bogey score 78.

  Secretary Professional/Greenkeeper
1907-11   Harry E Roffe (p)
1914 C E Swales, Mount Vernon, Clayton Bridge.  
1920s (early) J Barratt, Mount Vernon, Clayton Bridge.  
1922   H Stansfield (g)
1923/4   D Heraghty (g)
1924 H Wolstencroft, Holly Bank House, Clayton Bridge.  
1925-27 J W Lee, 19 Bedford Avenue, Whalley Bridge.  
1925   H Whittaker (g)
1926-28   J C Moss (g)
1920s (late) G A Taylor, 58 Daisy Bank, Newton Heath. S Marsh (g)
1947 A Owen, 4 Wright Srteet, Failsworth. J Fleming (p) M Greenwood (g)
1956-60 A R Latham, 141 Cultheth Lane, Newton Heath. J Collinge (p&g)

Result of a competition played in 1920; H B Lockwood, 94-12-82; W Jackson, 90-7-83; J Barratt, 91-4-87; G Jackson, 98-11-87; J Hart, 101-14-87; H Barratt, 93-4-89. The gross prize was won by H Saul, 89.

In 1922/3 the amateur course record holder was H Saul 72. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and 2/6 a week.

Below is the result of a match played against Blackley in July 1926.

Brookdale Golf Club   Blackley Golf Club  
W A Copper 1 J Carr 0
A Moore 0 C G Stevens 1
G Jackson 0 C Weatherilt 1
T Jackson 0 R Briggs 1
H Barratt 1 E B Shepherd 0
H Lee 0 W Ormrod 1
W C Barnes 1 F Fitzpatrick 0
R Taylor 0 J L Barker 1
A Blackburn 0 F Bowman 1
G A Hartley (half) 0 C Teggins (half) 0
C E Swales 0 E Banks 1
H Taylor 1 G J Irving 0
J Lee 0 F G Percival 1
G Sudren 0 J Latham 1
  4   9

Result of a ladies’ competition for a prize given by Mrs H Taylor played in July 1926; Miss Sudren, 89-20-69; Miss Birkbeck, 95-24-71; Miss M Livesey, 92-18-74; Mrs Crawshaw, 103-26-77; Miss A Livesey, 106-26-80.

In the late 1920s and 1940s visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day and 7/6 a week.

In the late 1950s the professional course record was held by  J Fleming 66. Visitors’ fees were 3/- a day.

Following WW2 moves were afoot to develop the course for housing. With land prices on the rise the club reluctantly decided to move to a new home and the Lord Lane course disappeared.

Brookdale (Clayton) Golf Club, Manchester. Location of the former golf course.

Location of the earlier Brookdale course.

Grid reference SD89400,00600, co-ordinates 389400,400600.



The club moved to its present location in 1960.