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Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. (1907 - 1973)

The club first appeared in 1907.

The original 9-hole course was at Garners Lane off Bramhall Lane, and play continued there until the 1970s when the land was sold for housing development. The club played its final competition at Garners Lane in September 1973.

Strangely the Davenport Golf Club was not listed in the Golfer's Handbook until 1956.

The first monthly medal competition was played on Saturday 26th January 1907. Owing to the bad weather only 12 cards were taken out; B Sellers, 102-18-84; J J Battersby, 111-25-86; T H Cocker, 103-16-87; A Briggs, 102-11-91; M Young, 111-18-93; J Longson, 114-18-96.

Result of the April 1907 monthly medal; F O S Leak, 91-9-82; H Newton, 97-14-83; E Beswick, 103-16-87; J T Green, 104-16-88; E Ritson, 105-16-89; H D Mason, 107-16-91; T E Forster, 114-22-92; J Longson, 113-18-95; G A Orme, 112-14-98; C R Brady, 117-18-99.

Following is an advert from the Manchester Courier May 7th 1907. “Wanted, for the Davenport Golf Club, Stockport, a grounds-man or working professional; must be a good worker and thoroughly understand greens and green-keeping; must be able to give lessons if required and repair clubs; wages 21s per week. Apply by letter, with all particulars, qualifications, references, etc., to the Hon. Secretary, The Orchards, Stockport.”

It was reported in January 1908 that the annual meeting for the Davenport Golf Club was held on Saturday 25th  January. The annual report was produced to show that the club was prospering, on the year’s working there was a balance of £60. The club had a membership of 117 gentlemen and 55 ladies. The course had been improved which had resulted in a higher turnout of players.

Following is the result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 7th March 1908, bogey score was 78; William Meadows, 93-16-77; G A Orme, 96-15-81; J T Smith, 90-6-84; R Hyde, 103-18-85; F Robinson, 103-18-85; J Longson, 99-13-86; W S Whitfield, 108-20-88; E Beswick, 105-16-89; H Dillason, 109-18-91; B Sellars, 109-18-91; J J Battersby, 112-18-94; W Bancroft, 114-20-94.

Result of the monthly medal for July 1908; F O S Leek, 82-7-75; N H Smith, 85-9-76; A Gastall, 88-10-78; T E Forster; 96-16-80; J Howie Smith, 85-4-81; A E Daniels, 88-7-81; A Briggs, 89-8-81; R Hyde, 95-14-81; G A Orme, 94-12-82; M F Hickey, 101-18-83; J A Stott, 98-13-85; W Ralphs, 103-18-85; W Bancroft, 108-20-88; H E Corbin, 108-18-90. 


Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. Club button dated 1916.

Davenport Golf Club button marked 1916. 


Sad news from the Manchester Evening News Tuesday 12th December 1916; Latest Casualties - "Pte. Charles Victor Clampett, age 22, of the Manchester Regiment, wounded in France on November 8th, has died in hospital. He was a son of Mr L C Clampett, Elmfield Road, Stockport, and joined immediately after the call to arms in 1914. He was a member of the Davenport Golf Club, and before enlisting was in the employment of the Oak Tree Hosiery Co. Ltd., Manchester."

The golf course is marked on the 1922 O.S. map below.


Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. The golf course marked on the 1922 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1922}


Little was found between the wars for Davenport Golf Club.

Result of the Captain’s Prize played in June 1940; F W Fryer, 76-13-63; F W Hay, 82-14-68; H Brown, 80-11-69; E J Cutler, 84-14-70; R B Whitfield, 84-14-70; O Barker, 89-19-70; A Booth, 87-16-71; R F Durose, 77-5-72; F G Glew, 81-9-72; R Bardsley, 82-10-72; R S Wood, 77-4-73.

The first record found in a Golfer’s Handbook is from 1956; Davenport Golf Club Ltd; Membership of 240; Secretary – H Briggs, 12 Egerton Road, Davenport; Professional T Cowling, and green-keeper L Whitehead; Nine-holes, measuring 5,472 yards, SSS 68; Visitors, 3s/6d a day,  7s/6d at Weekend and Bank Holidays.

In 1972 the secretary at Garners Lane was J Gray. The nine-hole course measured 5,526 yards with a SSS of 68. The professional was A C Gillies. The club had a membership of 240. Course records; amateur – F G Thurston, 67; professional – A C Gillies, 68. Visitors’ fees £1.


Davenport Golf Club, Stockport. Location of the golf course.

Location of the former Davenport course.

Grid reference SJ89460,88050, co-ordinates 389460,388050.

The current club is situated at Worth Hall Farm in Poynton.