Entwisle Golf Club, Manchester. (1893 - 1903)

Founded in 1893 and continued in to the 1900s.

The course was on land owned J B N Entwisle who was the president of the club. 

Below is the result of a match played at Old Trafford Golf Club (now defunct) in July 1896.

Old Trafford Golf Club   Entwisle Golf Club  
D F Merry 3 G H Wadsworth 0
S B Groves 0 S Kneale 2
H G Langley 7 W Walker 0
F Wilkinson 0 J S warden 4
N S Bannerman 3 A C Wilson 0
J M Hart 2 T A G Wilson 0
G A Saatweber 4 Dr. J Clegg 0
A D Jones 0 F M Evanson 4
  19   10

In 1903 the secretary was W H Eyre and the steward John Wigglesworth. Located on the south side of Davyhulme Road, between St Mary’s Church and what was the Old Lodge in the 1900s, roughly where Minster Drive and Davyhulme Hospital is today.

Result of the winter medal competition played at Entwisle Golf Club, Urmston, on Saturday 12th October 1895. There were 24 entries and following are the leading scores; E Birtill, 105-18-87; F C Noar, 109-18-91; S Kneale, 98-4-94; T A G Wilson, 105-12-94; A C Wilson, 105-10-95; F M Birtill, 116-20-96; H P Wynne, 105-8-97; T A Barron, 116-18-98; J Clegg, 111-12-99; T J Rowland, 115-16-99.

Result of a ladies’ competition for prizes presented by the captain, Mr S J Redfern, was played on Wednesday 9th October 1895; Mrs F M Birtill, 55scratch; Miss M Goldsmith, 62-2-60; Mrs A C Wilson, 92-18-74; Mrs Isherwood, 77-3-74; Mrs F M Evanson, 102-16-86.

There were 25 entrants for the Stewards’ Cup competition played on Monday 3rd August 1896, leading returns; A C Wilson, 90-13-77; F M Evason, 100-20-80; J Clegg, 99-14-85; S Kneale, 97-9-88; S J Redfern, 106-16-90; J S T G Fitzgerald, 106-13-93; J Lutley, 108-15-93; H P Wynne, 104-10-94; W Walker, 106-12-94; F J Edge, 114-20-94; P B Watson, 119-25-94; R G H Tomson, 12-25-95; T J Rowland, 111-15-96.

An approach and putting competition was played by the ladies on Saturday 8th August 1896 and was won by Miss E Chadwick with a score of “30 for nine balls, playing from over varying distances over obstacles.”  Miss J Chadwick and Mrs Evason finished joint second on 32. The monthly medal for men was played on the same day, result; H Macbeth, 105-18-87; W Walker, 100-12-88; F Fitzgerald, 106-16-90; H P Wynne, 101-10-91; J Anderson, 102-10-92; J Clegg, 106-14-92; R G H Tomson, 120-25-95; J Lutley, 113-15-98. 

Result of the Boxing Day bogey competition played in 1896; T J Rowland (10), 4down; F A B Fitzgerald (10), 5down; W D Sanderson (12), 6down; S Kneall (5), 7down; F R Musgrave (13), 7down; H P Wynne (4), 8down; F M Evanson (9), 8down; E J Howarth (13), 10down. There were over 20 entrants with 16 returned cards.  

The final of the ladies’ competition for the prize presented by Mrs Tomson was played on the Entwisle course on Wednesday 31st October 1900, the winner was Miss B A Anderson (18) who defeated Miss M K Goldsmith (scratch) by 2&1.

Below is the result of a club match played at Old Trafford on Saturday 3rd November 1900.

Trafford Golf Club   Entwisle Golf Club  
T Coventry 6 J Spink 0
Rev H H Brayshaw 7 H P Wynne 0
S R Graves 1 J Stewart 0
J H Mitchell 2 W Heyes 0
H G Langley 1 S Kneale 0
G A Saatweber 4 F Fitzgerald 0
L Daly 5 J Lutley 0
R L Taylor 0 J Hudson 7
Rev D Dorrity 0 A Caird 3
J Makinson 2 W Proudfoot 0
  28   10

Entwisle Golf Club disappeared in 1903 and Flixton Golf Club came into being.

The club known as Entwistle Golf Club played on a site known as the “Davyhulme Park Links”. In about 1910 the current Davyhulme Park club was formed.


Entwisle Golf Club, Manchester. Approximate course location.

Grid reference SJ75470,95510, co-ordinates 375470,395510.