Failsworth Golf Club, Nuthurst Road, New Moston. (1895 - 1972)

The club was founded in 1895.

The location of the first course is, as yet, unknown.

In June 1901 the club moved to a nine-hole course on Nuthurst Road.

The course was extended to eighteen-holes course prior to WW1.

In 1927 the course was reduced to nine-holes to make way for a housing development. 

Despite opposition from the local M.P a decision was made to sell the course in 1972. House building on what is now "The Fairway" commenced in 1973/4. 

The original club house on Hollinwood Avenue still exists and is now a Conservative Club, but all that remains of the northern end of the course is a path beside the railway leading to Nuthurst Road. The later clubhouse was on the south side of Nuthurst Road, set back a little, with car-parking space in front.


Failsworth Golf Club, Nuthurst Road, New Moston. Course information 1921/22.

Above is the course information from the 1921/22 Members Booklet which belonged to John Robert Guest. Thanks to David Proud for the image.


Below is the result of a competition played on Saturday 18th July 1896.

G Wood 91 15 76 D Benson 109 20 89 T Robinson 125 20 105
Alf Taylor 93 15 78 W Crossley 109 20 89 Y Dunkerley 127 20 107
E Birchenhall 98 20 78 Rev. C E Bahin 108 17 91 Wm Jagger 129 20 109
G E Ferguson 100 20 80 Mr Reynolds 117 20 97 A Whitehead 132 20 112
R Lakin  104 20 84 G Collett 120 20 100 G W Brown 138 20 118
J Beard 103 17 86 J Brierley  120 20 100 Abr  Crossley 155 20 135
J M Elliott 103 15 88 Henry Wood 121 20 101        


Result of a qualifying competition for a prize given by Mr Ferguson was played on Saturday 5th December 1896, qualifiers were, E Birchenall, 102-18-84 and W Jagger, 118-20-98. They would go forward to play in the final along with; R Lakin, G Wood, A Taylor, D Benson, W H Newton and W Crossley. 

Below is the result of a ladies’ match played on July 13th 1899 at Clayton.

Clayton Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
Miss L Brundrett 0 Miss Beattie 5
Miss M Brundrett 9 Mrs Moore 0
Miss Esplin 6 Miss A Beattie 0
Miss K Brundrett 3 Miss Newton 0
Miss Scott 0 Miss Scottt 2
Mrs Grimshaw 2 Miss E Beattie 0
  20   7

The second round of the Mellor Cup was played on Saturday 15th July 1899, results; Dr Beattie beat A Crossley, 1up; A Taylor beat C G Moeller, 4&2; Mr Hughes beat Dr Moore, 4&2; A C Ferguson beat Dr Morrow, 8&6; G E Ferguson beat T Etchells, 8&6; both W H Newton and Mr Birchenall had walk overs, Mr Beason had a bye. 

Extract from a report on the new course from the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Monday 10th June 1901. "On Saturday afternoon the new links of the Failsworth Golf Club were formally opened by Mr F Cawley, M.P. The course is one of nine-holes with natural bunkers. The proceeding were presided over by the Rev. C E Bahin, who extended a cordial welcome to Mr Cawley, who was presented by Miss Beattie, on behalf of the club, with a silver mounted driver. Mr Cawley, after congratulating the members on securing better links than the old ones at Failsworth, declared the course open and proceeded to hit the first shot with the driver."  

Below is the result of a match played at Clayton (Brookdale) in July 1901. 

Clayton Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
H Brundret 8 A O Ferguson 0
J Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
L Gaisman 4 G E Ferguson 0
S Dreyfus 0 W Crossley 6
E Wray 0 R Lakin 2
T Hewlett 0 P Hughes 2
V Eva 0 D Pagan 12
  13   22

In 1904/5 the secretary was Alfred Taylor, 18 Ashton Road, East Failsworth. The captain was A O Ferguson and the professional T Prince. Amateur course record held by J W Crossley, 75. Entrance fee was £1/1s and subs £1/11s/6d. 

Result of the June monthly medal 1908; W L Dyson, 90-24-66; A W Storey, 79-10-69; R T Grime, 99-26-73; J Crossley, 76-2-74; C Cooper, 82-8-74; H Dunkerley, 87-12-75; H B Kauntze, 100-24-76; W Newton, 104-28-76; F Newton, 92-14-78; F Dewhurst, 93-14-79. Winner of the ladies’ June 1908 medal was Miss Mary Crossley, 102-14-88; Miss J Crossley, 119-30-89; Miss H S Crossley, 106-16-90. 

Below is the result of a match played at Brookdale (also now defunct) in July 1909.

Brookdale Golf Club   Failsworth Golf Club  
H Brundret 1 A Taylor 0
J A Dyson (half) 0 A O Ferguson (half) 0
F E Gilder (half) 0 W A Storey (half) 0
A G Worthington 1 H Hingham 0
H Connally 0 C Cooper 1
C E Ward 0 J Edge 1
J W Linney 1 J Hood 0
T Johnson (half) 0 F J Grinrod (half) 0
C E Swales 0 H Dunkerley 1
G Birchenall 0 K L Lawson 1
J Smith 1 G Howarth 0
S Hoskisson 1 W A Taylor 0
  5   4

Below is the location of the clubhouse and course in 1910.


Failsworth Golf Club, New Mostyn. The clubhouse and course on the 1910 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1910}


Result of the fourth monthly competition played in January 1913. Mr A Parkinson qualified for the gold medal and Dr Low’s prize; A Parkinson. 102-20-82; R J Stephenson, 104-20-84; A A Hill, 95-10-85; J Yeadon, 97-12-85; W Schofield, 105-19-86; T Crossley, 96-8-88; W E Turner, 112-24-88. 

Result of the monthly medal held in February 1913, bogey score was 76; J E Alcock, 94-16-78; A Taylor, 88-7-81; W L Dyson, 93-11-82; J Yeadon, 94-12-82; H Howarth, 100-16-84; S Howarth, 101-16-85; A S Cossley, 104-17-87; R J Stephenson, 109-20-89; P M Cooper, 112-22-90; A Parkinson, 113-20-93. J E Alcock qualified for the gold medal and Dr Low’s prize, A Taylor also qualified for Dr Low’s prize.

The final for Dr Low’s prize was played in March 1913 in very rough weather. Eighteen qualified, following are the leading scores; H C Howarth, 92-16-76; W L Dyson, 92-11-81; K H Lawson, 95-12-83; G Howarth jun, 93-9-84; A A Hill, 98-10-88; A S Crossley, 106-17-89; A Taylor, 98-7-91; A C Harris, 105-14-91; R Morrell, 111-19-92.

Result of the gents medal January 1914; S Howarth, 96-16-80; R Heywood, 97-16-81; A L Dyson, 96-13-83; J E Alcock, 97-14-83; J W Horn, 99-14-85; T Crossley, 92-5-87.

On January 27th 1914 the Manchester Courier ran an interesting piece on the Failsworth club, it gives an insight to the club and a general course description at the time. “On leaving Victoria on a stopping train one reaches Moston station in eleven minutes, and the clubhouse is only a niblick shot distant from the platform. Surely if one reckons by the time required to reach it, this must be the nearest golf to Manchester. The second impression is that the name of the club is apt to mislead strangers unfamiliar with the geography of the outlying parts of the city. Although this is the Failsworth club, the clubhouse alone is situated in that district, and, after crossing the road to the first tee, the whole of the course is in Mostyn. The clubhouse is an eminently convenient building for a golf club, and the fact that in the first instance it was intended for a rather different purpose has been of decided advantage. The easy manner in which the course may be reached  is no doubt responsible for the fact that many of the members reside in such faraway places as Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Whalley Range and Worsley. Also the golf is decidedly cheap, for there is no entry fee, and the subscription two guineas.

Although when regarded from the point of view of length the course is on the short side, it does not necessarily follow that low scores will be achieved, for there are plenty of places which one can visit with the expense of many strokes. The two short holes are excellent, the seventh being a delightful example of the punch bowl variety. The short eleventh is also placed in a hollow, and, if not possessed with quite the same excellence is a good hole. Many of the holes are of the drive and pitch order, but the first, 543 yards, allows everybody a chance of opening their shoulders. And when there is a keen east wind blowing, one is glad when the green is reached. The tenth, or Alps hole, certainly offers the greatest difficulty. Just about the length of a fair drive from the tee, there is a deep gully to be crossed, the carry being about 175 yards or so, and the long hitters are tempted to go for it. The more usual plan is to play an iron shot up the hill and short of the gully, and from there drive home with a wood or iron. The gully is so difficult that a special rule exists which enables one to lift out and drop behind under the penalty of two strokes”

Result of the final of the club gold medal Saturday 21st March 1914. The winner was Mr H Purvis with a score of 95-14-81, runner-up Mr S Howarth 98-14-84.

In 1914 it was an 18 hole course with a membership of 180 gents and 50 ladies. There was no entry fee. Subs were £2/2/0. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/- a day, otherwise 1/6, 5/- a week. Ladies were requested not to play Saturday or on competition days. Sunday play was not allowed. Stations at Failsworth and Moston, the latter adjoined the course.

In 1921/22 the President was Joseph Johnston; Captain,  Joseph Edge; Hon Sec., Charles Rothwell; Groundsman, A Farrow.

In 1924/5 club membership was 150. Visitors’ fees were now 2/- a day, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month. Sunday play was now permitted without caddies.

In about 1927 the course was reduced to nine-holes when the LMS railway (who owned the land) decided to sell a portion to Manchester Corporation for housing. This concurs with the building of the houses around Chatwood Road, between Nuthurst Road and Hollinwood Avenue, which date from 1928 onwards. The eighteen-hole course originally ran from Williams Road at the south end all the way to Hollinwood Avenue at the north.

In the mid 1950s membership was 150. Visitors’ fees, on introduction, were; 2/6 a day, 3/6 at weekend and bank holidays, 7/6 a week and 15/- a month.   

In 1960 membership was 130. From this time to the clubs demise in the 1970s the nine-hole course measured 2585yds with a SSS of 65. Visitors’ fees were 3/6 a day, 5/- at weekend and holidays. 

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1896/7   A Whitehead (p)
1902   W Brown (p) J W Gaudin (p)
1905-12   T Prince (p)
1912/3   C C Seaman
1913-23   T Boylin
1914 H C Howarth, Sunnyside, New Moston, Failsworth.  
1923 S C Rothwell, Parkhurst Avenue, New Moston.  
1924/5   A Farrow (g)
1926/7 H C Howarth, Elyhaugh, New Moston . J Fernyhough (g)
1928-50s J J Smith, 57 Moston Lane Failsworth. J Smith (p&g)
1955   F Cooper (g)
1960 R Cathcart.  
1960s-70s J Perry.  


  Course records
1923 S S Potter (am) 75
1940s-50s W E Buckle (pro) 66
1960 L O M Smith (pro) 70
1960s-70s S Holland (am) 65


Failsworth Golf Club, New Moston. Location of the earlier golf course.

During WW2 the course suffered bomb damage. The area once occupied by the course has now been taken over for housing.

Grid reference SD88610,02100, co-ordinates 388610,402100.



Thanks to David Proud for the image.