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Farnworth & District Golf Club, Bolton. (1901 - 1917)

Founded 1901.

Result of a mixed foursome played in May 1903 for a prize given by W McKerracher; H Harvey and Mrs J E Almond, 133-31-102; J E Almond and Mrs Pleasants, 133-30-103; E Nuttall and Miss Pickering, 132-28-104; N W Crowther and Miss L E Coope, 139-29-110; W B Richardson and Miss C Crowther, 136-23-113; E A Manley and Miss Richardson, 149-36-113; H Nicholson and Miss Gordon, 142-27-115; F Barlow and Mrs Makin, 150-34-116; J T Gee and Miss B Crowther, 153-33-120; W F Crowther and Miss M A Coope, 152-31-121.

Entry from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearboo; Farnworth and District Golf Club; Founded 1901; Number of member 74; ladies, 35; Hon. secretary - Richard Nelson, 23 Higher Market Street, Farnworth; captain, John Almond; professional, Joshua Bird; nine-holes; Entrance fee - £1/1s;  subs - £1/11s/6d; ladies, 17s/6d; visitors, 2s/6d a week.

Result of the monthly medal played in July 1905; P S Crowther, 89-14-75; Rev W Robinson, 99-20-79; J Helliwell, 105-24-81; J W Almond, 98-16-82; A W Isherwood, 97-14-83; J Wild, 100-16-84; R Nelson, 103-17-86; W F Crowther, 110-23-87; G A Buckley, 99-10-89; J E Almond, 102-12-90; E A Manley, 105-14-91; H Harvey, 107-16-91; F W Cope, 117-21-96. 

In 1906 the secretary was Richard Nelson, 23 Higher Market Street, Farnworth near Bolton. A 9-hole course the professional was Joshua Bird, who continued until 1915. Professional course record held by J Bird with a score of 39. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a week, Saturday fees were 1/-. The railway station at Plodder Lane was 10 minutes away.

The final of the winter medal took place on Saturday March 31st 1906; the prize was given by Mr Alan Sumner. Scores; J W Almond, 100-14-86; W Almond, 93-6-87; Rev W Robinson, 105-16-89; Frederick Topp, 103-12-91; John Wild, 100-8-92.

Below is the result of a match played against Horwich at Farnworth in July 1908.

Farnworth Golf Club   Horwich Golf Club  
J T Geo 1 J Ingham 0
Jno Wild 1 C M Crook 0
W E Almond 1 S McClure 0
W H Pleasants 1 Geo Musgrave 0
N Isherwood 0 H B Cooke 1
T E Coope 1 E J Bonner 0
Rev W Robinson (half) 0 G Atherton (half) 0
Jno Almond 0 C E Whitehurst 1
R Nelson 0 O Winder 1
Jno Entwisle 0 N Holt 1
  5   4

Below is a report on the new/extended clubhouse in October 1908


Farnworth Golf Club, Bolton. The opening of the new clubhouse in October 1908.


Farnworth Golf Club, Bolton. The opening of the new clubhouse in October 1908.

From the Bolton Evening News Monday 5th October 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In 1914 the secretary was John Wild, 18 Bromwich Street, Bolton. The club had a membership of 120 gents and 40 ladies at this time. The entry fee was £2/2/0. The subs for gents were £1/11/6 and ladies 17/6. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, Saturday 1/6. Sunday play was not allowed.

The clubs final appearance in the Golfer's Handbook was in 1922 when the secretary was W Wilson Crowther, 21 Ellesmere Villas, Farnworth RSO, Lancs. The professional was now William Coates who also held the revised course record with a strange score of 46.

Following WW1 the club amalgamated with Great Lever, who also had their own 9-hole course, to form the Great Lever & Farnworth Golf Club.

The map below shows the course and clubhouse in 1911.


Farnworth Golf Club, Bolton. The clubhouse and course on the 1911 O.S. map.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {1911}


Farnworth & District Golf Club, Greater Manchester. Earlier course location.

Location of the course prior to WW1, grid reference SD70850,05415, co-ordinates, 370850,405415.