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Old Manchester Golf Club. (1880 - 1960s)

The club was founded in 1818.

The original Manchester Golf Club was situated on Kersal Moor. The course was made up of five-holes. There were no fairways or greens as we recognise nowadays; this would probably not have been allowed in the early years as Kersal Moor was common land and was shared with the general public and probably grazing animals. Despite this it was a very exclusive club and by 1825 it had a clubhouse on Singleton Road.

The Manchester Golf Club on Kersal Moor continued until the 1880s, when it disappeared.

In the meantime another golf club had been set up by a group of enthusiasts and this was called Manchester St Andrews Golf Club. This was to distinguish it from the earlier Manchester club which was still in existence at the time. When the original club went into abeyance, the later club decided to drop "St Andrews" from its title and it became Manchester Golf Club.

In the early 1890s the original club was revived but with the existence of the new Manchester Golf Club a new title was required. The revived club would be known as the Old Manchester Golf Club. It played its golf on a course to the south of Vine Street at Broughton Park where a nine hole course was laid out, just north of the now defunct Manchester Racecourse.

The Old Manchester Golf Club continued until the 1960s.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Early club button.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Early club button (rear).

Pictures of the very fine players' COATEE button worn by the very small elite membership of the original Manchester Golf Club. Hallmarked for Birmingham 1821 by Samuel Horton. Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


In the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser on Saturday 30 September 1837 it stated that “Manchester Golf Club – This society was instituted in 1814 by the late Mr William Mitchell, of Holt Town, and for many years has been kept up with great spirit by the late Mr George Fraser. A medal was presented this summer to the club by Mr Alexander Bannerman, which was competed for last Friday, when there was a full attendance of members on Kersal Moor” The medal was won by Mr James Burt who completed the ten holes (two rounds of the five hole course) in 78. Mr Robert Barbour was next with 79. The members then dined together in the club room, and spent a very agreeable evening.

In November 1838 the annual competition for the silver medal took place over the moor. Alex Bannerman, Esq was declared the winner and he was presented with the medal by James Atherton, Esq, Captain of the club.

In September 1840 and 1841 the annual competition for the silver medal took place. After two rounds Sir Charles Shaw was declared winner on both occasions, in 1841 his score was 80.

The annual competition for the Bannerman gold medal took place over the Kersal Moor course in August 1844. It was won by Alexander Bannerman , Esq.

In September 1847 the annual competition for the gold medal presented to the club by the late Alexander Bannerman took place. Nine members competed and it was won by Robert Barbour with a score of 82 for ten holes (two rounds of the five hole course). Mr Atherton with 86 was second and Mr Thomas Stirling with 87 was third. Mr Barbour had won the medal in two successive years.

During the 1880s the original Manchester Golf Club went into abeyance.  

The club was revived in October 1891 as the Old Manchester Golf Club.


Old Manchester Golf Club, Broughton Park Course. The club is revived as Old Manchester Golf Club in October 1891.

"Golf" Friday 6 November 1891. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Centre marked Old.

Old Manchester Golf Club award button. This example 25mm is hallmarked Birmingham 1913 by William Bruford & Son. Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Ladies pattern.

The Ladies pattern is quite different, 19mm with raised rim and design plus engraving. Hallmark Birmingham 1929 (Bruford & Son). Image courtesy Dixon Pickup.


The Old Manchester Golf Club members competed for the Bannerman Gold Medal on Saturday 26 December 1891. It was reported that “Low scoring was not to be expected, as the putting greens were all newly made and had been affected by the frost and sudden thaw” The competition was played over twelve-holes . The medal was won by Harry A Dods with a score of 68, the runner-up was R H Prestwich, 69, other scores; H W Freston, 78; Marcus S Bles, 90; Lennox Lee, 94; Edward Miller, 94; J B Southern, 95.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Rare image of players on the Broughton course.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Rare image of players on the Broughton course.

Above are rare images that show the course at Broughton. Courtesy of Frank Accleton. 

The annual meeting of the Old Manchester club was held in the new pavilion Broughton Park in November 1892, Sir W H Houldsworth, Bart., MP., was re-elected captain and Mr John S Dods, secretary and treasurer. The Bannerman gold medal was played on Saturday 5th when 23 members competed. The winner for the 12 hole competition was Mr Harry A Dods with a score of 63, result as follows; H A Dods, 63; Richard H Prestwich, 65; Harry W Freston, 72; G W Mouitrie, 73; John S Dods, 79; Edward Holt, 80; J C Bythell, 82; Dr J W Grange, 86; Rev T N Carter, 86; J H Fulton, 88; Charles Southern, 89; Marany S Bies, 91. The other competitors were; F R Hesse, J T Doyle, Abel Heywood jun, W Platt Higgins, Rev W Young, Jas A Meyer, W F Rollinshaw, J J Edmonson, G Edmonson, E Kenyon and J K Bythell.

Competition result from December 1893.


Old Manchester Golf Club, Broughton Park Course. Competition result from December 1893.



Competition result from February 1894.


Old Manchester Golf Club, Broughton Park Course. Competition result from February 1894..

"Golf" Friday 16 February 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Report on the annual meeting held in October 1894.


Old Manchester Golf Club, Broughton Park Course. Report on the annual meeting in October 1894.

"Golf" Friday 19 October 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The captain’s prize was played for over the Broughton Park course on Saturday 9 October 1897. There was a large field in the trying, heavy conditions, leading scores; H A Dods, 83+2-85; C Southern, 93-8-85; J B Southern, 94-8-86; Rev T N Carter, 96-7-89; R Prestwich, 90 scratch; G Norbury, 108-15-93; Rev W Young, 111-16-95; J S Dods, 116-18-98; S M Bles, 113-15-98; J T B King, 115-16-89. 

Result of the monthly medal played on December 26 1896; W F Rollinshaw, 95-14-81; H A Dods, 86+2-88; F Parkinson, 109-15-94; J Barnes jun, 102-4-98; E Broadhurst, 106-8-98; T N Carter, 105-7-98; G H Wadsworth, 104-6-98. Several cards were returned over 100 net, the heavy ground making scoring difficult. 

In 1900 the secretary for the ladies section was Miss Dods, Westfield, Kersal. Listed as a 12 hole course at this time.

The AGM was held on Saturday 27 October 1900. Mr M S Bles was elected captain; vice-captain was W F Rollinshaw he was also re-appointed as treasurer and elected as secretary on the resignation of T N Carter; H A Dods and J Harrison were appointed on to the committee. The club was reported to be in a flourishing condition, the treasurers report showed a substantial increase in the bank balance.

The Vine Street Course opened in 1904 and continued until 1960. The nine-holes measured 2,719 yards; Hole One - 295 yards; Hole Two - 420 yards; Hole Three - 304 yards; Hole Four - 410 yards; Hole Five - 163 yards; Hole Six - 422 yards; Hole Seven - 284 yards; Hole Eight - 118 yards; Hole Nine - 303 yards. 

The following is from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; "Instituted 1818; Number of members 100, ladies 62; Secretary - J Harrison, 370 The Cliff, Broughton; Captain - J T Doyle; Entrance fee £2/2s and subs £2/2; Nine-holes; green-keepers - T Eckersley and J Rogers; Visitors' fees 2s a day and 5s a week. The present course at Kersal Hedge is a new one, and was only opened last October.

Old Manchester Ladies' Golf Club; Hon. secretary - Mrs Rollinshaw, "Merlewood," Broughton Park, Manchester; Captain - Miss Peters; Entrance fee 21s and subs 15s; Nine-holes; Course record - Miss I Prestwich, 107 (eighteen-holes). Visitors' fees 1s a day and 2s/6d week."  

The competition for the Houldsworth monthly medal was played on Saturday 31st March 1906, result; J Cohen, 99-18-81; A Heywood, 105-22-83; R P Hewit, 109-25-84; W Southern, 95-10-85; W A Hepburn, 102-16-86; M S Bles, 104-17-87; J T B King, 109-22-87; R Frankenburg, 107-20-87; G C Mandleberg, 101-13-88; H A Dods, 93-2-91; P Stowell, 101-10-91.

The competition for the Atherton Silver Medal was played off on Saturday 21st April 1906, result as follows; F A Roberts, 101-20-81; G Harrison, 88-6-82; J Archer, 101-16-85; N Cambell, 103-18-85; W Southern, 95-10-85; R A Barnes, 103-14-89; I Cohen, 109-18-91; H A Dods, 96-2-94; A Miniati, 109-14-95; J B Martindale, 127-22-105.  

The clubhouse was erected in 1907 with access from Vine Street.

Result of the monthly bogey for July 1908; George Harrison, all square; D Q Henriques (12) 2down; T P Miniati (8) 2down; G C Mandleberg (10) 2down; G E Bryant (8) 2down; H A Dods (4) 4down; J J Martindale (9) 4down; G J Rycroft (14) 6down; W Shorter (18) 6down; G F Norbury (10) 6down; Rev H Mudie Draper (14) 11down.

Winner of the January 1910 monthly bogey competition was Mr G E Bryant with a score of 4down. The course was described as “somewhat tricky owing to the frost-bitten conditions”.   

Result of the monthly medal played on Saturday 24th February 1912 played in perfect conditions; A Miniati, 88-10-78; H A Dods, 85-4-81; A Donaldson, 94-13-81; G Harrison, 86-4-82; J A Crossland, 104-20-84; F Pitt, 99-11-88; B H Rothband, 105-16-89; L Rothband, 118-25-93; Lennox Lee, 112-18-94.

Result of the January monthly bogey 1913; J Harrison (7) 1down; G C Mandleberg (7) 5down; W A Bury (8) 5down; B H Rothband (14) 5down; E J Elvy (18) 6down; H A Dods (3) 7down; F Pitt (8) 7down. A nine hole ladies eclectic competition was held in January and was won by Miss A Broadbent, 51-14-37.

A fire was discovered at the pavilion of the Old Manchester club in the early hours of Thursday 20th February 1913. It was quickly dealt with and soon put out by the Salford brigade and no serious damage was done. Cards found near the pavilion lead the club officials to believe it was the work of women suffragettes. The movement was very active in the disruption of golf at this time, in fact many clubs were taking out special insurance policies to cover the cost of the damage caused by the suffragettes.

In May 1913 Mr W C Broadbent won the play off when the scores were tied in the Atherton Silver Medal. The monthly bogey competition was played on Saturday May 31st 1913. Three members returned scores of three down for first place. Mr H A Dods having already qualified, A G Southern and W C Broadbent were to play off to qualify to compete for the prize presented by Mr G C Mandleberg, result of the monthly bogey as follows; A G Southern (5) 3down; W C Broadbent (8) 3down; H A Dods (3) 3down; J Harrison (6) 5down; H Gilman Jones (14) 5down; G Harrison (3) 6down; B H Rothband (14) 7down; M Frankenburg (14) 7down; R L Busby (14) 7down; W Lyons (18) 7down; F Pitt (8) 8down; A A Crossland (15) 8down; J B King (17) 8down.

Result of the gents February medal 1914; H L Rothband, 98-22-76; G E Bryant, 84-7-77; W N Bury, 89-12-77; F Bryant, 83-5-78; J Harrison, 86-8-78; R E Stephenson, 95-15-80; H A Dods, 85-4-81; G B Wallwork, 95-14-81; W C Broadbent, 91-9-82; L Rothband, 108-26-82; G Harrison, 91-3-88; E J Elvy, 113-24-89; F Pitt, 101-11-90.

Winner of the February 1914 ladies medal was Mrs J Buckley, 111-30-81.

Result of a one sided ladies match played in March 1914 against North Manchester on the Old Manchester course.

Old Manchester Golf Club   North Manchester Golf Club  
Mrs G Wallwork (half) 0 Mrs Hardman (half) 0
Mrs Burnett 0 Miss Gibbons 1
Miss Broadbent 0 Miss Plant 1
Mrs Robinson 0 Mrs Schofield 1
Mrs Harrison 0 Mrs Clayton 1
Miss Pitt 0 Miss K L Watson 1
  0   5

The AGM in October 1915 was held in the clubhouse and gives a sad reflection of the times. The following officers were in attendance; Captain, Mr Frank Pitt; Treasurer, Mr H T Bacon; Secretary, Mr G E Bryant. Like most other institutions of the kind, the club had naturally suffered on account of the war and the accounts were showing a loss on the year’s working, but this was more than accounted for in the falling off in the subscriptions list, 33 members out of the 130 who joined His Majesty’s Forces had been made honorary members. However, through the generosity of the share-holders of the Old Manchester Golf Company Limited, who gave their shares to the club, the deficit had been wiped out, and the club would commence the new season with funds in hand.  This had been accomplished by the voluntary liquidation of the company, the surplus assets going to the funds of the club.

In 1947 the club had a membership of 100. Secretary was J S Unsworth, 4 The Meadows, Prestwich. The professional was R Leather and the greenkeeper C Hines. Course records, amateur J Pickford 70, professional D C Jones 67. The 9 hole course had a SSS and Par of 70.Visitors’ fees, on introduction 2/6 a day. Sunday play allowed with caddies.

In the mid 1950s the secretary was J A Johnston, 46 Norwood Avenue, Kersall, Salford. Membership 110. The professional was R Leather and the greenkeeper A Briscall. Course records, amateur T J Shorrock 68, professional D C Jones 67. The course (9 holes) had a total length of 5,500 yards, SSS 66 Par 67. Visitor’s fees, 3/6 a round, 5/- a day, weekends 5/- a round and 7/6 a day.

In 1961 the secretary was D Nowell, 84 Bolton Road, Salford. The greenkeeper was D Keith. Course record, amateur K J Britton 65. The course now measured 5,409 yards.

In the mid 1960s there was a Captain, C Williams, 4 Barn Hill Road, Prestwich, the secretary was D Nowell, 34 Standmoor Road, Whitefield. The club was now without a course, two meetings a year were being held. Membership was 55, subs were 15/-.

The Old Manchester club continued in name only until the 1980s. The secretary throughout this time was J A Johnston, 46 Norwood Avenue, Kersal. Membership of 60.

Old Manchester Golf Club. Vine Street from the course.

Vine Street from the Kersal Vale golf course.


Old Manchester Golf Club. The Irwell from the course.

The Irwell from the golf course.


Old Manchester Golf Club. From the golf links.

Postcard, “The Cliff from the Golf Links Kersal” Above postcards by A. H. & S. M.


Old Manchester Golf Club. Early map marked Kersall.

The original Golf House on the Kersal Moor course in 1848, the clubhouse was on Singleton Road, although no course was shown. Grid reference SD82255,02140, co-ordinates 382255,402140.



Old Manchester Golf Club. Location of the later course.

The original Manchester club moved to Broughton Park,to the south of Vine Street.

Grid reference SD81960,01600, co-ordinates 381960,401600.



It was showing as the “Old Manchester Golf Club” up until the 1960s. The club carried on as an Artisan club until the 1980s.

The Old Manchester name lives on - the club currently (2014) has 40 members and holds three meetings a year on local courses.   

Thanks to Eric Matthews who sent us his priceless recollections of the club in 2018. “Not absolutely sure when the OMGC closed, but as I recall it was about 1960/61. The clubhouse was a semi-detached building with two elderly sisters living on the left side, the other side of the building was used by the golf club. Caddies were allowed at weekends and they would sit on the club house steps touting for business. I lived at the old Manchester club in 1957 when my father was steward. When the grounds-man had to retire through ill health my friend and I, both aged 13, took care of the course, mowing 4 or 5 greens before school and the other 4 or 5 after school. I knew Bob Leather the club professional and he kindly gave me a golf club. We would cut the fairways with the old TVO tractor which would nearly choke us when we started it in the old tractor shed half way down the lane from the club, none of this would be allowed nowadays, two kids driving a tractor with gang mowers being towed. As I mentioned, the club professional Bob Leather, was a great chap, he was elderly but he had great patience, he would give me the odd lesson for free as I had no money to pay but he appreciated that we were helping maintain the course. Another incident I remember was when things were being stolen from the locker room and very late on a Sunday night I saw a chap sneaking out of the locker room at about 11 o'clock, long after everyone had left. I told a member of the committee the next day and the result was the police traced him and found many golf items in his property. I cannot pay the committee many compliments as they were very aloof and thought they owned the club and often talked down to people, the secretary, as I remember, was very arrogant. I was given a lecture several times that I should have done this or that and I was only 13 years old. One day during the summer holidays after doing the mowing we stood on the first tee overlooking the first hole hitting a few balls with Bob’s old club when a voice called out " hey you two clear off don't you know people pay to play here," or words to that effect. I told him that what we helped maintain the course, although this bloke new very well. After that incident we never did anything again.”