Padgate Golf Club, Fearnhead, Padgate, Cheshire. (1924 - 1982)

Exact foundation date is still to be found but there is definite evidence that the golf club pavilion was officially opened in 1924. It appeared as Padgate Golf Club until 1940.

This was an 18-hole course with a SSS of 73 and a Par of 68 and a membership of 200. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day and 7/6 a week. Sunday play was allowed with caddies. The station at Padgate was ½ mile away. Local hotel was the Farmer’s Arms.

Thanks to David Owen, secretary Poulton Park Golf Club for the following; after WW2 it became Fearnhead Golf Club. The Poulton Park Golf Club was formed in 1978 following the demise of the nine hole Fearnhead Golf Club when the land (Powell's nursery) was used for housing and for the college, now university.

After WW2 it became Fearnhead Golf Club.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1923 W Powell  
1925 Geo H Rodgers, 124 London Road, Stockton Heath. S Jellico (p) W Powell (g)
1940 W Powell. A Black (p) W Powell (g)


  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1950s/60s J A Coyle W Powell (g)
1970s A Simpson  
1982 A Melbourne  


  Course records
1972 Roy Webster (am) 70
1975 B Evans (pro) 67
1982 E Leslie (am) 69 B Evans (pro) 67

In 1947 Fearnhead Golf Club, Padgate near Warrington appears. All other information as 1940 with the exception of the membership which was now 150 and the SSS and Par which was 68.

By 1972 the course had been reduced to 9 holes and was located 3 ½ miles east of Warrington on the A574. The course was now 5,730yds in length and had a SSS of 67. There was a membership of 150.  Visitors’ fees were 25p a day, 50p at weekend.

In 1975 visitors’ fees were 30p a day, 60p at weekend.

In 1982 there were 9 holes of 5,595yds and a SSS of 67. Visitors’ fees were 60p a day, £1 at weekend.

In 1982 it was reported that the course was liable to be closed for development.

Padgate Golf Club, Fearnhead, Padgate. Location of the former golf course.

Map showing the location of the former Padgate golf course.

Grid reference SJ63235,91040, co-ordinates 363265,391040.



Fearnhead Golf Club disappeared in the mid 1980s. Poulton Park is the current club.