Timperley Golf Club, Cheshire. (1893 - WW2)

Founded in 1893 (opened in May 1893).

It was reported that on Wednesday 22nd November 1893 that the Timperley Golf Club was honoured by a visit from Mr Harold H Hilton, ex-champion of the game. In the morning he took on the home professional, Macgregor, Hilton recorded a score of 78, giving his opponent a drubbing. In the afternoon he played in a foursome alongside R H Prestwich, captain of the Formby Club, they took on S W Gillett, secretary of Bowden Golf Club, who was partnered by Macgregor. With five holes to play Mr Gillett and his partner were three up, but their opponents rallied and managed to halve the match. The Timperley club had been in existence for six months at this time but already had a membership of 210 with 40 lady members. The course measured 5,060 yards and had a few teething problems regarding condition but generally things looked promising, Mr Hilton was of the opinion that Timperley would make a very good inland course. The success of the club was largely due to the efforts of S Thompson, secretary and A Sullivan Fletcher, treasurer.


Timperley Golf Club, Cheshire. Timperley Hall was used as a clubhouse.

Golfers outside Timperley Hall which was used as the clubhouse in the early 1900s.


Timperley Golf Club, Cheshire. Club button.

Timperley Golf Club button. 


The early professionals at Timperley – J B Daly 1893/4, J Bruce 1894-96, Alfred Vardon 1899-1902, T W Simpson, 1902-05 and George Duncan 1905-07.  


Timperley Golf Club, Cheshire. George Duncan Timperley putter.

George Duncan, Timperley, (professional 1905-07) putter. Authors Collection.


In November 1893 the second monthly competition of the club was played. Leading scores were; S W Gillett, 91 - 3 - 88; A Coran, 110 - 15 - 95; C H Occleston, 110 - 14 - 96; T W Deane, 116 - 18 - 98; R M Nosworthy, 117 - 18 - 99; J E Wild, 128 - 28 - 100; J M H Blarney, 119 - 17 - 102. There were 22 competitors.


Timperley Golf Club, Cheshire. Report and result of the January 1894 medal.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 20th January 1894. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


In April 1894 membership had grown to 220 with 40 ladies. The following were elected as officers for the coming year; captain, Dr Males; treasurer, A Fletcher; secretary, S Thompson; committee – C Cooper, W Craig, G Haworth, R Nosworthy, C Pearce, C Occleston, J Thompson, J S Wild and J Wildgoose.

Below, result of a club match played at Timperley against North Manchester on Saturday 15th September 1894.

Timperley Golf Club   North Manchester Golf Club  
W R Craig 0 C A Schunck 5
R R Deane 5 E Holt (captain) 0
Dr Mules (captain) 1 T Muirhead 0
C F Pierce 2 C A Muirhead 0
J M H Blamey 1 W Tootill 0
E C Symons 0 F Hilton 3
J H Atkinson 0 G E Bryant 6
T Ibbotson 14 J H Boardman 0
  23   14

Result of a mixed foursome played on Wednesday 3rd October 1894; William Bell & Miss Bell, 61-14-87; R R Deane & Miss J Taylor, 61-9-52; J E Wild & Miss S Taylor, 62-8-54; E C Symons & Miss J Thompson, 69-13-56; W Owen & Mrs Dippie, 72-15-87; J J Arnold & Miss K Dippie, T Ibbotson & Miss Watson, 67-3-64; Sam Thompson & Miss E Ogden, 71-7-64.  

Result of the ladies monthly medal played on Friday 4th January 1895; Class 1 – Miss M Taylor, 82-19-63; Miss Ogden, 79-15-64; Miss Watson, 73-5-68; Miss Dippie, 85-15-70; Miss J Taylor, 91-20-71; Miss Bell, 92-20-72; Miss S Taylor, 92-16-76; Class 2 – Mrs Owen, 115-20-95; Mrs Haworth, 105-10-95; Mrs Dippie, 100-3-97; Miss Taylor, 102-3-99.

The Christmas competition for the Captain’s Cup took place on Saturday 26th December 1896, the heavy conditions made scoring difficult, leading scores below. 

R R Deane 90 6 84 J H Payne 107 11 96
H Goble 97 10 87 T Ibbotson 108 12 96
J C McBride 102 14 88 J H Gregory 112 15 97
Dr P R Cooper 98 8 90 W Ibbotson jun 114 16 98
E H Carr 103 11 92 A C Street 119 21 96
J E Wild 104 11 93        

On Wednesday 26th July 1899 a unique professional match  was played between the Open Champion, Harry Vardon, and his two brothers, Tom Vardon of the Ilkley Golf Club, and Alfred Vardon the young professional from Timperley. The match was stroke play over 36 holes. In addition to the individual money prizes the Timperley club committee offered an additional sum of £5 should anyone beat the existing course record of 72, made by the resident professional. The first round started at 10.30 in front of an enthusiastic crowd of members and prominent golfers from the district, which, it stated, “largely consisted of the fair sex”. Mr J M Blamey, the captain of the club, took charge of the proceedings, ably assisted by other members, who acted as stewards. Mr John Merry acted as marker and referee. In the first round the scores were as follows; Harry Vardon, 38+38=76; Alfred Vardon, 38+41=79; Tom Vardon, 37+44=81. After lunch the number of spectators had increased to over 500, representing many golfers from local clubs. In the afternoon round Harry Vardon went out in 37 and came home in 40 for a 77. Tom Vardon was in trouble at the second hole, after hitting a tree he finished with an eight, he went on to score 41 on the front nine but recovered to score 34 coming home giving him the best round of the day with a total of 75. Alfred went out in 37 and came back in 41 finishing with 78. Harry Vardon therefore won the first prize with an aggregate of 153; Tom was second on 156; Alfred third with 157.

It is interesting to compare the score of the best round of the day, made by Tom Vardon, against the bogey score for the Timperley course.

Tom Vardon score; Out - 4,8,5,3,4,3,4,6,4 = 41; Home - 3,3,5,4,4,3,4,4,4 = 34 total 75. 

Course bogey score; Out - 5,5,3,4,5,3,5,5,5 = 40; Home - 3,4,7,6,5,5,4,4,3 = 41 total 81. 

In an attempt to create a new course record the players went round again after tea. A large crowd stayed on to follow the play, unfortunately no of the players could better the score made by Tom Vardon in the afternoon round. At the conclusion of play the captain presented the prizes to the players in front of the clubhouse. Harry Vardon was warm in his praise of the state of the course and the greens, which were in superb condition for the match.

Due to adverse weather conditions the John Haworth prize was postponed on Boxing Day 1899. The competition was played at the end of December and following are the winners, with their very interesting prizes; F Pilling, 100 net, a set of Lowe’s Irons; V Smythe, 103, box of cigars; C Anderton, 104, brace of pheasants; F Bridgeford, suit of khaki; W P Shelmerdine, 105, couple of ducks; J M H Blainey, 108, bottle of Bushmill’s whisky; S Thompson, 108, bottle of scotch; J A Cuffley, 108, bottle of scotch; R M Platt, 108, box of cigarettes. 

The ladies’ monthly medal for the club badge was played on Friday 2nd November 1900, result; Mrs Anderton, 113-24-89; Mrs H Storey, 133-36-97; Mrs Saatweber, 114-14-100; Miss A James, 126-20-106.

In 1902 the joint secretaries were Joseph Wildgoose and Shelly Cooper.

In 1903 the address was Timperley Hall, Stockport Road. The secretary was A H Stevenson, Mrs Clara Lightowler was caretaker.

Below, result of a ladies match played at Manchester played on Friday 30th March 1906. 

Manchester Ladies'   Timperley Ladies'  
Mrs Rhys Davids 1 Mrs Cooper 0
Miss Ferguson 0 Miss Crawley 1
Mrs Fothergill 0 Miss D G Owen 1
Mrs Saatweber 0 Miss Ford Smith 0
Miss Dean 1 Mrs Lloyd Jones 0
Mrs Harrop 1 Mrs Anderton 0
Miss Collins 0 Miss Lawson 1
  3   3

There was a large attendance for the annual meeting which was held on Friday 20th April 1906. The accounts showed that the season had been highly successful. Mr G A Harrop was unanimously re-elected as captain.

The first qualifying round for the captain’s cup was played on Saturday 28th April 1906, leading scores; first division – J Needham, 86-6-80; W E Thompson, 86-6-80; Dr L W Crowe, 95-13-82; S B Hunt, 86-3-83; Dr H G Cooper, 88-5-83; F Pilling, 88-4-84; H S Willcocks, 90-5-85; J Bernard, 95-9-86; J W Robson, 96-9-87; S O’Hanlon, 91-3-88; A H Hartwig, 97-6-91; W Garlick, 106-6-100; second division – G S B Coupe, 96-17-79; F Terras, 98-19-79; C T Collinson, 109-16-93; T Battersby, 113-15-98.

Result of a bogey competition, with a prize presented by Mr F A Tomlinson, was played on Saturday 19th May 1906, leading scores; S Thompson (6), 2up; S Bridgford (1), 1up; E H Carr (3), 1up; G S B Coupe (9), 1up; H Collins (17), 1up; H Naylor (scratch), all square; P B S Cooper (6) 1down; J Welsh (3), 1down; W Brookes (12), 1down; J B H Carr (5), 1down; G D Haslam (7), 1down; Dr H G Cooper (3), 1down; W R Thompson (4), 1down; W J E Owen (8), 1down; T F Tattersall (13), 2down; J Needham (3), 2down; H E Berry (10), 2down; C S Haslam (7), 2down; H M Gibson (9), 2down; S B Hunt (2), 2down. 

In 1907 George Duncan, the professional, left Timperley to join Hanger Hill Golf Club (also now defunct) 

In 1909 the secretary was Thomas Deane and the caretaker William Thompson.

Result of a Ladies match played at Timperley against North Manchester in July 1909.

Timperley    North Manchester   
Miss Cressy (5&4) 1 Miss Plant 0
Mrs Cooper (wo) 1 Mrs Macbain 0
Mrs Rhys Davids (3&1) 1 Miss McClinton 0
Miss Crawley (3&2) 1 Miss Colles 0
Miss Ford Smith 0 Miss Jackson (2&1) 1
Mrs R Milne 0 Miss Ogden (2&1) 1
  4   2

Below is the result of the first qualifying round in the winter bogey played in November 1909. 

J M Eaton  7 all square W Garlick 3 4down
H E Berry 14 all square C S Tweedale 9 4down
P R Cooper 4 2down E M Thorp 14 4down
G E Thorburn 8 2down J H Willson 16 4down
J F Haworth 11 2down L Bridgford +1 5down
J E Longson 16 2down A Raworth 4 5down
H S Willcocks 1 3down H H Brown 9 5down
T G Armstrong 2 3down W C Minto 8 6down
H Agha 3 3down G A Harrop 10 6down
C Anderton 3 3down A S Stevenson 3 8down
H P Bury 4 3down A Hines 11 8down
E Ward 5 3down J B Smith 14 8down
K Stoker +1 4down J S Holbrook 11 9down
W Heyes 1 4down      

The winner of the 1909 summer bogey was J M Eaton (7) with a score of all square, other scores; G E Thorburn (8) 2down; C Anderton (3) 3down; E Ward (5) 3down; K Stoker (+1) 4down; L Bridgford (+1) 5down; A S Stevenson (3) 8down.  

Following is the result of a bogey competition played in October 1912 for a prize presented by Mr Tom Walton; C Bunce (5), 3up; D Berry (+2), 2up; F W Nuttall (8), 1up; J G Needham (2), all square; G S B Coupe (8), all square; C Anderton (3), 1down; J C Whitmoyer (6), 1down; J B Smith (11), 1down; H Fecht (14), 2down; C B Smith (14), 2down; E H Carr (3), 2down; G H Smith (11), 3down; J C Pickin (7), 4down; R M Milne (5), 5down; H C Evans (12), 5down; G E Thorburn (4), 6down; C F Sandiford (5), 6down; A Y Barker (6), 6down; C S Tweedale, (6), 6down; C S Willcocks (6), 7down; P Turner (10), 7down; J J Hickey (11), 7down; W C Minto (6), 8down; F A Lord (7), 8down; W Holland (12) 10down.  

The third round in the monthly medal competition was played on Saturday 31st May 1913, result as follows; first division – J C Pickin, 84-10-74; A Byrne, 86-10-76; J D Barnsdale, 84-4-80; H B Broadbent, 85-5-80; B D C Morgan, 88-8-80; H S Wilcocks, 84-3-81; A R Carr, 89-8-91; W C Minto, 91-9-82; E H Carr, 86-3-83; C Anderton, 87-4-83; H W Bloomer, 89-6-83; F W Emery, 93-10-83; J S Holbrook, 93-8-85; A Y Barker, 95-9-86; second division – Bold Aldred, 88-14-74; J T Edmondson, 88-13-75; A H D Lawson, 92-12-80; J B Smith, 92-12-80; J W Turner, 93-13-80; A L A Bull, 99-19-80; P Lord, 94-13-81; E M Thorpe, 99-17-82; W Brookes, 101-19-83; H Hodson, 99-14-85; G Hardy, 99-11-88; J Mottram, 116-21-95.

The fourth round in the summer bogey was played on Saturday 9th August 1913, result as follows; D Berry (+3) 2up; T W Deane (4) 2up; S Lord (10) all square; C Bunce (4) 1down; J B Smith (9) 1down; A P White (16) 1down; E S Street (4) 2down; F W Emery (8) 2down; H Heyworth (7) 3down; A H D Lawson (9) 3down; F Lowenthal (18) 3down; C Hardwick (17) 4down; J W Turner (10) 5down; J E Jackson (5) 6down; F H Holgate (16) 6down; A H Smith (14) 7down.   

At the AGM in February1914 the following officers were appointed; Captain, Mr H C Evans; ex-captain, Mr H Collins; secretary, Mr A H D Lawson; treasurer, Mr H B Broadbent; committee, Messrs, Bold Aldred, H E Berry, H W Blooner, E H Carr, J J Hickey, S B Hunt, J G Needham, S Thompson, G E Thorburn, J L Welch, J C Whitmoyer and H S Willcocks.

On Saturday 14th February 1914 the fourth round of the winter bogey competition was played. J C Pickin, H Heyworth and E Entwisle junior qualified to play in the final, Mr H F Simpson having already qualified. Result; H F Simpson, (H’cap 6) 1up; J C Pickin, (5) 1down; H Heyworth, (8) 1dn; E Entwisle, (11) 1dn; H Agha, (4) 2dn; R M Milne, (8) 2dn; A R Carr, (6) 3dn; J S Holbrook, (6) 3dn; J E Jackson, (6) 3dn;  E S Street, (4) 4dn; H S Willcocks, (4) 4dn; H B Broadbent, (5) 4dn; S B Hunt, (5) 4dn; W P Shelmerdine, (9) 4dn; J T Edmonson, (10) 4dn; F K Ritson, (11) 4dn; W Brooks, (14) 4dn; E Ratcliff, (5) 5dn; W M Shipman, (5) 5dn; G E Thorburn, (5) 5dn; J W Robson, (8) 5dn; C S Tweedale, (8) 5dn; F A Lord, (9) 5dn; H Hodson (10) 5dn; H Fecht, (14) 7dn.

In 1914 it was an 18-hole course with hazards of hedges, brooks and artificial bunkers. There was a membership of 270 gents and 99 ladies. Entry fees for  gents were £8/8/0 and ladies £2/2/0. Subs for gents were £2/12/6 and ladies £1/6/0. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 2/- a day, Saturday 2/6, competition days 5/-, 10/- a week. Sunday play was allowed without caddies. There were stations at Altrincham 12 minutes, Broadheath 20 minutes and Timperley 25 minutes.

In 1914 there was also a ladies secretary Mrs H C Evans, Ollerbarrow Road, Hale.

In 1919 Dr Alister Mackenzie and Harry Colt were called on to make some changes to the course, the work was completed by 1921. It involved a good deal of reconfiguring work, some new greens, re-bunkering and strategically placed hummocks. The course was also lengthened by 200 yards. On completion the work cost around £2,000.

The following is an extract from a report that appeared in the Manchester Guardian in 1920 regarding the work carried out on the course. It gives an interesting insight to the method used by the famous pair. “Although the work in connection with the important scheme of alterations to the Timperley course is still very far from completion, it is possible now to realise that the idea of the architects is that the penalty shall be paid, not by the person who does not hit a long ball, but by the player who does not make his stroke accurately, whether a big hitter or not.

The alterations to the second hole provide an excellent example. A clearance has been made in the belt of trees which has often spoilt a perfectly good drive, so that, in future, a player who is straight need have no fear of being caught by the branches of the trees that faced him as he stood on the tee. But the chief alteration at this hole has been made close to the green. Formerly this green was large and open, and could be approached easily from any angle. Now it has been cunningly protected by hummocks and scrapes, and a comparatively narrow opening is kept for the run-up shot of the player who has kept the straight path. On the other hand, the man who is off the line with his second shot has a pitch of some difficulty, for, if he plays too strongly in clearing the hazards, he is in danger of running over the green, where further trouble is to be found. A similar scheme of defence has been constructed at the third hole, from which the out-of-date cross bunkers have been removed.”

In 1923 the course records were, amateur, D Berry 68 and professional, Geo Duncan 68. Visitors’ fees were now 2/6 a day, weekend and bank holiday 5/- a day. After 1pm on Sunday gents 2/6 and ladies 2/- a day. Ladies were  not allowed to play on Saturday or before 10.30 on Sunday.

In 1929 the address given was Timperley Hall, near Altrincham. The SSS was 75 and there was a membership of about 390. Local  hotels were the Unicorn and George & Dragon.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1909-13 Thomas W Deane. Tom Watt (p) (1907-14) 
1923 A H Lawson. R J Shoesmith (p) (1914-38)
1929 A Bateman, "Belmont" Hartley Road, Altrincham. R J Shoesmith (p)
1940-47 F W Emery. A Ashcroft (p)

When the owner of the club died in 1934 the club was put up for sale and the Altrincham Urban District Council outbid the Timperley members and the club became Altrincham Municipal Golf Club.

During the 1930s the breakaway members from the Timperley club moved to Whitecar Lane, Higher Baguley and opened a new 18-hole course which had a SSS of 74 and a Par of 73. The club had a  membership of 250 gents and 170 ladies. The station at Altrincham was 4 miles away.

It was, however, short lived, and  the club was on the move again this time to create the Mere Golf Club at Knutsford.