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Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple. (1909 - 1920)

The club and nine-hole course first appeared in 1909.

Townscliffe Golf Club abandoned their course and merged with the Mellor Golf Club, just across the valley, in 1920.

The following advert appeared in the Manchester Courier in July 1909 "YOUNG GOLFING GROUNDSMAN WANTED - inland course, club repairer, state wage, experience, and testimonials. To the Hon. Secretary, Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple Bridge."

Result of the monthly medal held in January 1913; A W Thomas, 89-12-77; W A Vessey, 82-4-78; J Corker, 84-4-80; E T Spencer, 97-14-83; W Bennett, 98-14-84; W Longley, 92-8-84; R J Ridout, 98-12-86.

Result of the February 1913 monthly medal.


Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple. Result of the February 1913 monthly medal.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Wednesday 12 February 1913. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the March 1913 monthly medal; F C Mather, 88-12-76; William Oxley, 90-8-82; J R Wallwork, 92-8-84; J F Templeton, 92-7-85; T C Stephen,95-10-85; John White, 112-27-85; G F Taylor, 93-7-86; E T Spencer, 101-14-87; R S Royle, 106-19-87.

Result of the monthly medal for April 1913; R J Ridout; 91-12-79; A E Gribbin, 100-20-80; A W Thomas, 93-12-81; F Lees, 99-17-82; J S Corker, 87-4-83; W Bennett; 97-14-83; J W Brisbane, 94-10-84; G F Taylor, 91-7-84.

Result of the monthly medal for August 1913; A Mack, 88-16-72; A Shanks, 88-14-74; T W Greenway, 81-6-75; J S Corker, 81-4-77; F W Lees, 97-17-80; A Oessey, 85-4-81.

The competition for the president's (Mr M M Sewell) prize was played in September 1913, result; Colin Newton, 2 down; A Mack and R J Ridout, 3 down; W R Monkhouse and A W Thomas, 4 down.

Result of the January 1914 monthly medal; H Norris, 96-12-84; W Oxley, 93-7-86; E T Spencer, 99-11-88; G G Haworth, 105-15-90; J F Templeton, 97-5-92; W R Monkhouse, 110-17-93.

Result of the February 1914 monthly medal; R J Ridout, 88-10-78; W A Vessey, 83-3-80; C Atkinson, 100-18-82; H Norris, 95-12-83; E T Spencer, 94-11-83; J W Hewitt, 108-24-84; P W Lees, 100-16-84; A Shanks, 98-14-84; W Oxley, 93-7-86.


Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple. The Farm and Golf House.

Townscliffe Farm and Golf House at the time of WW1. Grenville Series Postcard (Authors Collection.)


Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple. Club button.

Townscliffe Golf Club button. 


Townscliffe Golf Club, Marple. Location of the former course in the 1920s.

The Townsciffe clubhouse has lost its course in the early 1920s.

Grid reference SJ97530,88920, co-ordinates 397530,388920.