Wilmslow Golf Club, Manchester. (1891 - 1903)

First appeared in 1891.

The club moved to its current location in 1903.

On Saturday October 31st 1891 W E Fairlie, a member of Lytham & St Annes Golf Club, established a record for the "new green at the links of the Wilmslow Golf Club." His score as follows; Out - 5,3,4,4,5,3,4,5,5 = 38; Home - 5,5,3,4,4,3,4,4,4 = 36; Total, 74.

The second monthly medal took place on Saturday 14th November 1891. Vernon Bellhouse, 91 net won the Boddington Cup; L H Marriott and H M Langley, 74 net, tied for the Howarth Cup. The best gross score of the day was by Vernon Bellhouse 96.  

The last winter competition of the season was played on Saturday 9th March 1895. The scratch medal was won by Sir Frank Forbes Adam, who also won the Haworth Cup. Mr C Hervey won the Boddington Cup and momento. This was also the deciding competition for the Alderley Edge Cup, which was won by W W Barlow, with the average of 88 net for the four qualifying cards returned. Results below.

Boddington Cup.

C Hervey 93 8 85 V Bellhouse 94 2 92
F Goodlee 100 10 90 J Beaumont 104 10 94
R A Bradley 94 3 91 A N Cumming 99 2 97
T A Bradley 94 3 91 J H Milne 105 6 99

Haworth Cup - Sir F Forbes Adam, 89-11-78; A Crewdson, 107-22-85; J J Brickhill, 98-11-87; T Tatham, 110-15-95; W R R Gemmell, 112-17-95.


Wilmslow Golf Club, Alderley Edge. The Wilmslow and Alderley Edge Golf Links.

Wilmsow and Alderley Edge Golf Links.


Below are the results of a match played on Saturday 23rd March 1895 between the Bowdon (now defunct) and Wilmslow Golf Clubs, the first teams playing at Bowdon and the second at Wilmslow.

First team.

Bowdon Golf Club   Wilmslow Golf Club  
F C Morgan 0 C S Hoare 3
H Holden 8 A N Cumming 0
S W Gillett 2 W W Barlow 0
C H Occleston 9 Sir F Forbes Adam 0
E Withington 0 J A Tweedale 0
A G Hogg 3 T A Bradley 0
Rev T Pym Williamson 3 R A Bradley 0
T Muirhead 0 H G Langley 1
  25   4

Second team.

Wilmslow Golf Club   Bowdon Golf Club  
G Bickham 1 C H Wolff 0
R R Schofield 4 Rev Wilson Cowie 0
J H Milne 5 G Shorland Ball 0
J A Hutton 0 F Heywood 7
J K Ford 0 S Smelt 1
P Swanwick 0 C W Dudley 4
F Godlee 0 E C H Wolff 8
J J Brickhill 12 James Boyd 0
  22   20

Result of a one-sided club match in favour of Bowdon played at Wilmslow on Saturday 18th May 1895. M Withington had a splendid gross score of 74 (35+39), S W Gillett and E Withington recorded scores of 80 and W G Clegg 81.Mr Gillett went out in 36 but came back in 44.

Wilmslow Golf Club   Bowdon Golf Club  
C S Hoare 0 W Holden 3
A N Cumming 0 M Withington 5
J A Tweedale 0 W G Clegg 4
G Bickham 0 S W Gillett 7
H G Langley 0 E Withington 4
R R Schofield 0 C H Occleston 10
J Kent Ford 3 G S Hall 0
P Swanwick 0 T P Williamson jnr 6
  3   39

In 1902 secretary at Wilmslow was J A Tweedale, Stockton Farm.

See Fulshaw for map of the early Wilmslow course (now the site of Alderley Edge GC).