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Wigton Golf Club, Cumbria. (1905 - WW1)

Founded in 1905 on a course at Highmoor Park, this land was granted by E H Banks, esq.

It moved to a new course on Station Hill in March 1910.


Wigton Golf Club, Cumbria. Report on the New Cumberland Golf Club at Wigton 1905.

From the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Saturday 25th November 1905. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The annual meeting of the golf club was held in March 1906 a debit balance of £4/9s was reported. Mr Banks, Highmoor, was elected president; Samuel Rigg, captain and hon. secretary; John Taylor, vice-captain; T H Coates, hon. treasurer; committee - R S Wilson, W S Gate, J Moore, G Gibson, J Johnston, J Simpson and J Donald. It was decided to continue the tennis section of the club.

Result of the April 1906 monthly medal; H W Redmayne, 99-10-89; J Hetherington, 106-15-91; Rev. J S Thomson, 118-25-93.

Result of the captain's gold medal competition played in October 1906.


Wigton Golf Club, Cumbria. Result of the captain's gold medal in October 1906.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Tuesday 23rd October 1906. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the January 1907 monthly medal; Re. J Thomson, 105-18-87; Archie Redmayne, 105-10-95; H W Redmayne, 103-5-98; J Harris, 105-5-100.

Result of the secretary's prize played on Saturday 12th October 1907. The section below 20 handicap was won by Arnold Redmayne, 85-12-73. Over 20 section; E T Scott, 85 net.

A knock-out competition was played over the Highmoor course in August 1907. Samuel Rigg beat J H Addison by 2&1. 

Below is the result of a match against Workington in November 1908.


Wigton Golf Club, Cumbria. Result of a match against Workington in November 1908.

From the Wigton Advertiser Saturday 7th November 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


It was reported in March 1910 that the opening competition on the Wigton Golf Club's new course on Station Hill took place on Saturday 26th, when a bogey was played. J H Addison was the winner with a score of 1down; J Steel was second, 3down; third was R Carruthers, 5down.

Below is the result of a match played on the Station Hill course against Maryport Golf Club in April 1910.

Wigton Golf Club   Maryport Golf Club  
A C Redmayne 0 J McKay 1
J Harris 1 W H Wright 0
J H Addison 1 W E Fisher 0
R Carruthers 0 K H Wood 1
Rev. J W Adams 1 J W Hind 0
T Parkin 1 Jno. Clark 0
D L Powell 1 F E Mandle 0
A McNairn (half) 0 R Wigham (half) 0
J Strong 0 H B Brown 1
J Steel (half) 0 J Sinter (half) 0
Joseph Robertson 0 R L Clark 1
E T Scott 1 D B Kennedy 0
  6   4

The secretary and treasurer from 1910 to 1914 was John Strong, 15 King Street telephone number 12. A 9-hole course on Station Hill with a membership of 53. There was no entry fee. Subs were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 4/- a week and 10/- a month. There was no Sunday play. The station was ¼ mile from the course.

In the semi-final of a knockout competition in June 1911 D L Powell beat Miss Blacklock and W Beck beat A C Redmayne.

The fifth round of the captain’s cup competition was played on Saturday 12th July 1913, R Carruthers had the best score. However, he was captain and donor of the medal and therefore withdrew, Dr Dolan qualified in his place.

The opening round of the captain’s medal was played on Saturday 16th May 1914. D L Powell qualified with a score of 80-8-72, his prize for winning the qualifier was a silver spoon.

A match was played on Saturday 23rd May 1914 between the Captain's team and the Vice-Captain's team.

Captain's Team   Vice-Captain's Team  
D L Powell 1 J H Addison 0
R Carruthers 0 W H Redmayne 1
Dr. Dolan 1 J Strong 0
Miss Carruthers 1 J Marley 0
Miss Redmayne (half) 0 Miss Steel (half) 0
Miss G Todd 1 Miss M Cape 0
L Armstrong 0 E Stephens 1
  4   2


Wigton Golf Club, Cumbria. Golf course location.

Grid reference for the course on Station Hill. NY224730,49220, co-ordinates 324730,549220. 

Grid reference of the earlier course at Highmoor. NY26410,47770, co-ordinates 326410,547770.

Wigton Golf Club disappeared after WW1.