New Brighton Golf Club, Wirral. (1890 - 1910) 

Founded in 1890, opened 1896.

The club had a nine-hole private course on land originally farmed by a Mr Cowdock who lived in a small cottage on the course. The course was constructed by the residents of the adjoining road, Warren Drive. The course had its own railway station, Warren Halt. In 1910 the local authority acquired the links for £15,750 and it became the first municipal course on the Wirral.

Professionals at the New Brighton Golf Club – T Robinson, 1891 – 1895; W Darlington, 1895 – 1897; J Hunter, 1897/8; G Jellicoe, 1899 – 1910.

In a report in the Liverpool Mercury Thursday 16th October 1890 the death was announced of Mr R F Lang who was treasurer of the New Brighton Golf Club.

In 1904/5 the secretary was F J Dickens, Stoney Hay Road, New Brighton, the captain was F Ward and the professional/green-keeper G Jellicoe. Membership was 130 with 40 Lady Associates. The entrance fee was £5/5s and subs £1/11s/6d. Visitors’ fees were; 1/6 a day and 7/6 a week.


New Brighton Golf Club, Wiral. Competition results from July 1906.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 28th July 1906. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


The following report appeared in the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser on Thursday 1st April 1909 – “The Local Government Board has given its sanction to the proposed purchase by the Wallasey District Council of the New Brighton Golf Links for £15, 750. It is understood that the land is to be used as a park and leisure grounds, and in all probability the playing of golf will still be allowed.”

The following is an extract from an interesting report that appeared in the Aberdeen Evening Express on Tuesday 20th September 1910 – “On the first of next month the New Brighton Golf Club comes under the regime of the Wallasey Council. The passing of the New Brighton Club, is not, however, unaccompanied by much murmuring on the part of the old members, who, rumour asserts, are jealous of young democracy. In that salubrious district rumour reports that former members of the club look askance at the spectacle of “John Smith, ironmonger” and “James Robinson, newsagent” wielding a club on the sacred carpet of green at the price of sixpence (2½p) a game. It might be suggested that a much better philosophy for the members of the old club would be to accept the new situation with the best possible grace and say nothing, or “things might happen.” Jane Smith has quite as much right to play the Royal & Ancient game, if she so desires, as the Hon. Mrs Vere de Vere. At any rate this is the democratic spirit which is worshipped most generally on the eve of Municipal Elections.” 


New Brighton Golf Club, Wirral. A pre-WW1 postcard showing the clubhouse.

Pre-WW1 postcard showing the clubhouse. Image courtesy of Frank Accleton


New Brighton Golf Club, Wirral. Location of the New Brighton Links in 1899.

The above image shows the "New Brighton Golf Links." Reproduced from the {1899} Ordnance Survey Map.


The original New Brighton course is now occupied by The Warren Golf Club. 

Thanks to Gavin Hunter for his help on the history of the New Brighton Golf Club.