Douglas Golf Club, Isle of Man. (1891 - WW2) 

The club was founded in 1891. 

The following is from the Isle of Man Times Saturday 13th August 1892. "A professional has been engaged for the Douglas Links, and the greens already show that care has been bestowed by a practical band. The professional, John Rowe, comes from Westwood Ho Links with a high reputation as a player, and also as a maker and repairer of clubs. Mr Drinkwater has had erected a small pavilion at the Quarter-bridge end of the Links, which is fitted with lockers etc. and will add considerably to the comfort of the Douglas players."

The following report appeared in the Isle of Man Times on the 31st October 1891. “The Douglas Golf Links at Port-e-Chee will be available for subscribers on the afternoon of Wednesday next, the opening day. The particulars can be had at Mr Drinkwater’s office, 24 Athol Street, Douglas.The links were laid out by the renowned professional golfer, Tom Morris, and described by him as very suitable for the game, the ground being undulating and with plenty of hazards. The ball is started from the rising ground near hole number nine, at the Quarter Bridge, and is thence driven parallel to the Peel Road across the mill-race to the first hole at the opposite corner; thence the ball has to cross the race several times, and the river twice; and finally , after travelling 3,135 yards, finds a resting place in the hole number 9. For the convenience of players, five plank bridges have been thrown across the mill-race, but the bridge over the River Glass and a golfer’s gate near the Quarter Bridge have yet to be completed.  The rules adopted are, of course, those of the veteran St Andrews Club, together with a few local rules.”   

The course was opened in front of a large crowd estimated between 200 and 300 by his Excellency the Lieut. Governor the Clerk of the Rolls, Deemster Drinkwater who drove off the first ball. A match followed the scores were; Mr Milne, 71; Mr Christopher, 75; Mr Cruickshank, 77; Mr Corlett, 79.  

Result of a match against Ramsey Golf Club played in April 1892.


Douglas Golf Club, Isle of Man. Result of a match against Ramsey Golf Club in April 1892.

The Field Saturday 30 April 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Douglas Golf Club, Port Echee, Isle of Man. Report on the golf course July 1892.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 9th July 1892. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


Result of the annual 36-hole Hutchinson Challenge Cup competition played on Thursday 17th June 1897; Thomas Cubbon, 92+87=179-14-165; Philip Christian, 100+104=204-32-172; J W Hyde, 102+92=194-20-174; A P Penketh, 98+93=191-16-175; D M Robertson, 103+110=213-36-177; Harry Cowle, 103+111=214-32-182. 

Below is the result of a match played against Peel Golf Club at Port-e-Chee on Thursday 10th March 1898. The water hazards proved too much for the visitors.

Douglas Golf Club   Peel Golf Club  
W D Cowin 0 J Corrie 2
J M Priestland 12 F J Kermode 0
D M Robertson 0 Dr McQuarrie 2
J A Barthelemy 8 T C Kermode 0
F Heslop 5 W Kermode 0
J Groome 6 T H Clague 0
J Gelling 4 W Cannell 0
A M Jackson 8 A W Bailey 0
  43   4

A stroke competition for W D Cowin’s prize was played for on Saturday 10th December 1898, result; A B Mackenzie, 116-30-86; A Barthelemy, 103-16-87; F R Grundy, 121-30-91; D M Shaw, 126-30-96; A W Moore, 111-10-101. The following had no returns; D M Robertson, H Cowle, J K Goldsmith, A J Ridge, W A Gell, A P Penketh, A H Matheson.

In the final of the Hutchinson Cup (36 holes) played on Thursday 15th December 1898 the winner was Mr Priestland with a score of 187-2-185, runner-up Mr T Cubbin, 197-8-189. Mr Huthinson on presenting the trophy complimented the youthful winner on his success. 

A club handicap competition was played on Thursday 11th October 1900 at Port-e-Chee with prizes given by Mr R Gelling, result as follows; A Hill, 90-14-76, won a leather golf bag; J Cahill, 100-18-82, won five golf balls; P Christian, 99-16-83, won two golf balls; J Kissack, 101-14-87; S Warburton, 117-30-87; A Barthelemy, 108-20-88; J W Hyde, 101-8-93, W A Gill, 105-12-93; J Curphey, 121-26-95; J Gelling, 115-18-97; T Cubbon, 106-8-98.  T Gelling and E T Kissack had no returns. 

The annual general meeting was held in the clubhouse on Thursday 20th December 1900. The following officers were elected; President, George Drinkwater; captain, James Kissack; treasurer, J A Gelling; secretary, J J James; committee – W D Cowin, T Cubben, M J Cahill, W A Gell, A Barthelemey, J W Hyde. Votes of thank were passed to the retiring secretary and treasurer, E T Kissack.  

Result of a competition held on Boxing Day 1900; J Curphey, 112-26-86; J W Hyde, 98-8-90; A Barthelemy, 109-18-91; M J Cahill, 106-15-91; J Gelling, 112-18-94; A Hill, 111-12-99; T Cubbon, 107-8-99; F B Fleming, 121-18-103. 

In 1906 the secretary was Valentine Mauley CA, Douglas, Isle-of-Man. The professional was Alfred Vardon. A 9 hole course with 2 sets of tees. Course records were, amateur V Mauley with a score of 73 and professional Alfred Vardon (70). Visitors’ fees were 1/6 a day, 5/- a week and 10/6 a month. The Pier at Douglas was 1 mile away. 

The Douglas club continued at Port-e-Chee until 1911 when a dispute with the landowner, George Drinkwater, led to the closure of this course. 

Just prior to WW1 the Fort Anne Hotel Golf Links, Douglas appears as a separate club. (see separate entry for Fort Anne). It’s assumed that members from the former Douglas club moved to Fort Anne. 

In 1946 the Douglas Golf Club re-appears and merges with the Pulrose Golf Club. Douglas Golf Club took over the Pulrose course and the Pulrose Golf Club disappeared (see separate entry for Pulrose). 

The Google Map below pinpoints the approximate area of the former Port-e-Chee course at Quarter Bridge.


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