Dick, Kerr’s Golf Club, Ashton Park, Preston. (1919 - 1937) 

The Dick, Kerr and Company of Kilmarnock and Preston were locomotive and electrical equipment manufacturers in the early twentieth century. The Preston plant served as a munitions factory during WW1. It became part of the English Electric Company following WW1. 

It had a famous Ladies Football Team that existed from 1917 to 1965.

The Dick, Kerr’s Golf Club played their golf at Ashton Park, Preston.

It was reported in the Lancashire Evening Post in November 1919 that “The scheme for the development of Dick, Kerr’s recreation ground at Ashton is attracting widespread interest. I hear that there is a suggestion to make a golf course there.”

To confirm the existence of the club it was reported in February 1921 that – There are two registered clubs in the area, namely, Lea and Ashton Golf Club and Dick, Kerr’s Ashton Park Club, with a total membership of 1,466.

The 36-hole competition played on Saturday 3rd May 1924 finished in a three way tie; A Brown, 86-16-70; E J Higginbottom, 86-16-70; G N Robertson, 94-24-70.

Final of the Douglas Kerr Cup October 1924


Dick, Kerr's Golf Club, Ashton Park. Result of the Douglas Kerr Cup October 1924.

From the Lancashire Evening Post Monday 6th October 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The April 1925 monthly medal finished in a tie; F Martin, 75-3-72; W Nightingale, 88-16-72. There were 33 entries.

Result of a foursomes played in May 1925; T L Ruddick and K Trevett, 95-21-74; J Preston and S H D Faulkner, 96-20-76; W Warburton and J E McFarlane, 91-15-76. 

Result of a 36-hole medal play competition played in July 1925; S Exton, 85+86=171-32-139; N Taylor, 73+77=150-8-142; F Martin, 79+73=152-8-144; J N Aldington, 80+90=170-18-152.

The August 1925 monthly medal was won by J Hamilton, 83-15-68.

The following qualified from the first round for the Douglas Kerr Cup played in April 1926; A Keeling, 86-17-69; K Trevett, 88-18-70; P Roberts, 76-5-71; A Brown, 83-12-71; D Bonnell, 95-24-71.

On Saturday 19th June 1926 a "graveyard" competition was won by L Ruddick, whose flag was buried on the 19th fairway.

Following are a selection of competition results from the 1930s.   

In April 1933 there was a qualifying round for the ladies’ Ingham Cup, result as follows; Mrs Turnbull, 99-30-69; Mrs Parrington, 104-35-69; Miss N Mitcalf, 93-21-72; Miss Richardson, 108-36-72; Mrs Blackburne, 93-20-73; Mrs Bromley, 97-24-73; Miss E Holmes, 90-16-74.

Below is the result of a match played at Ashton Park against Fishwick Hall Golf Club in May 1933.

Dick, Kerr's Golf Club   Fishwick Hall Golf Club  
P Roberts 0 T E Tootell 1
A N Allen 1 H Holland 0
W Nightingale 1 J Kerr 0
J N Aldington 1 A Dickson 0
J B Knowles 1 E S Chatburn 0
E T Bromley 0 P Bullough 1
S Mackie 1 T Woods 0
H Batty 1 N Woodhead 0
W Higginson 0 F Sumner 1
J Ansell 1 F Hill 0
J Standing 1 B Boardwell 0
P Roberts & A N Allen 1 T Tootell & H Holland 0
W Nightingale & S Mackie 1 J Kerr & T Woods 0
J Taylor & F Snalan 0 Rev Liitler & T Sheane 1
E T Bromley & J Ansell 1 A Dickson & P Bullough 0
J B Knowles & H Batty 1 E S Chatburn & N Woodhead 0
W Calvert & W Higginson 1 F Sumner & F Hill 0
  13   4

The following qualified for the Ingham Cup in July 1933; Mrs P Whitehead, 94-27-67; Miss E Sudlow, 103-36-67; Miss L Davies, 99-27-72; Miss E Holmes, 90-16-74.

Result of the July 1933 monthly medal; Mrs Rawcliffe, 94-32-62; Miss N Mitcalf, 83-18-65; Mrs Wilkinson, 102-35-64; Mrs Carmen, 106-36-70; Miss R Kain, 99-28-71; Miss Richardson, 103-32-71; Miss Holmes, 88-16-72; Mrs Bromley, 94-22-72; Mrs Whitehead, 99-27-72; Mrs Turnbull, 101-29-72; Miss Vanden, 99-26-73; Miss Davis, 100-27-73; Mrs W E Blackburne, 95-20-75.

Below the Last Round at Ashton Park in 1937.


Dick, Kerr's Golf Club, Ashton Park, Preston. The Last Round.

Above image of the "final match" from The Lanashire Daily Post Monday March 8th 1937. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


 A report in the Lancashire Daily Post in January 1937 outlined the proposed “Preston Rehousing Programme” This would have devastating effect on the Dick, Kerr’s course at Ashton Park.

The report continued:-

Regarding Ashton Park, a sub-committee reported that they had received a deputation from the English Electric Co., Ltd., asking that a lease be granted of approximately 6½ acres in the north-east corner of Ashton Park for the purpose of recreational facilities for their workpeople and also those of Siemens’ Electrical Lamps and Supplies Ltd.

A deputation from the Dick, Kerr United Golf Club requested the Corporation to reconsider their decision not to continue the tenancy of the golf club beyond March 31st and alternatively to continue the present course as a municipal golf course.

The sub-committee resolved:

1 – That they cannot see their way to agree to the request of the English Electric Company.

2 – That the golf club be informed that the sub-committee cannot continue their tenancy after March 31st 1937, or to use the course as a municipal golf course.

3 – That the land and premises be placed under the control of the Parks and Baths Committee, subject to a portion thereof being allocated, if the Council shall subsequently think fit, for educational purposes.

On Saturday March 6th 1937 James Taylor, the club captain, played the final official match on the Ashton Park course. Amongst the onlookers who supported the captain in the final round of golf was Mr W Higginson, secretary and treasurer of the club.


Dick, Kerr's Golf Club, Ashton Park, Preston. Course location in the 1930s.

The golf course is clearly marked in the centre of the above map. Reproduced from the {1931/32} Ordnance Survey map.


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