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Heysham Golf Club, Strawberry Gardens Course. (1910 - 1928)

Heysham Golf Club was founded in 1910.

The first course was located on high land to the east of Higher Heysham. Following WW1 a large amount of house building was taking place in Heysham and the old course became more and more valuable for housing development.

The club moved play on the current course at Trumacar Park in April 1928.

Report on the official opening of the course in May 1911.


Heysham Golf Club, Strawberry Gardens. Report on the opening of the new golf course in May 1911.


Heysham Golf Club, Strawberry Gardens. Report on the opening of the new golf course in May 1911.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Monday 8 May 1911. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the fourth qualifying round of the Albert Barrett Cup played in June 1913; W Wade, 76; J J Jackson, 77; A J Murgatroyd, 85; J Heptonstall, 87; R Herd, 93. 

The O.S map below shoes the Heysham Golf Course and Strawberry Gardens.


Heysham Golf Club, Strawberry Gardens Course. Ordnance Survey Map from 1915 showing the golf course and Strawberry Gardens.

Ordnance Survey Map © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1915}.


At the annual meeting in March 1916 the following officers were elected;  and President, James Hustler; captain, J T Hardaker; secretary, W Wade; treasurer, R B Lee; directors - J Wormmell, G H Almond and W Cordingley.

Below the annual dinner held in December 1919.


Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. Report on the annual dinner December 1919.

From the Lancashire Evening Post Monday 15th December 1919. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The annual meeting was held in March 1920, C H Mallinson in the chair. The report and balance sheet were considered very satisfactory. F W Clayton was elected captain and W Wade vice-captain. It was stated that the course was in excellent order, and the club having acquired their own premises were looking forward to a prosperous new season.

The annual dinner was held in January 1922 at the Grosvenor Hotel, Charles H Mallinson, president, in the chair. He was supported by Councillor J Hustler, S Clarkson and club captain Joe Sly. Councillor Hustler said he had much pleasure in submitting "The Club" which he had spent some happy hours and had made many friends. The links were in an ideal position and as they all knew, the view from the 17th hole was one of the finest in the north-west. During the 12 year history of the club it had always moved along in the right direction. The president announced last year's winners as follows; Annual Medal - First Division (presented by W R Dawson) J R Richardson; Second Division (presented by George Hudson) J H Anderson; International Trophy - G M Mitchell; Albert Barrett Cup - G A Mitchell; President's Prize - Dr. J C Ashton; R B Lee Trophy -Jno. Bell ; Captain's Prize - Jno. Wilkins; Hill Cup - C H Woodhouse; Pearce Cup - C H Woodhouse. The captain paid a tribute to the invaluable help given to him by the ex-captain Fred Clayton, also to Harold Parker the hard working secretary.

The first qualifying competition for the Barrett Cup was played in April 1922; G A Mitchell, 86-12-74; J Stephenson, 99-20-79; H L Swithenbank, 96-16-80.

Below more competition results from April 1922.


Heysham Golf Club, Lancashire. Competition results from April 1922.

From the Morecambe Guardian Saturday 29th April 1922. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


A sign of things to come. It was reported in December 1922 that the first two holes would have to be altered due to housing encroachment. T G Renouf, well known professional of the Manchester Golf Club, was about to prepare a new plan. The club were pondering a move for two or three fields on the western side of the clubhouse, near the ninth hole.

Result of the January 1924 monthly medal; first division - T Hustler, 79-6-73; D Smith, 93-9-84; second division - J Stevenson, 95-18-77; I Ingham, 103-24-79.

In March 1924 the secretary was Fred Sykes; captain , Dr. H Hastings Molloy who replaced William Wade.

Competition results from July 1924; The R B Lee Trophy - Dr. H Hastings Molloy, 3up; H C Gorton, all square; Dr. R Herd, 2down; monthly medal - R W Smith, 74; F Sykes, 75; gent's foursomes - W Burke and Mr Magson, 72.

Also in July 1924 the Heysham Ladies' visited Knott End.

Knott End Ladies' Golf Club   Heysham Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Howarth 0 Mrs Harlnad 1
Miss Collins 1 Miss Herd 0
Miss Cordingley 0 Mrs Breaks 1
Mrs Garstang 1 Miss Widdup 0
Miss Worsley 1 Miss M Taylor 0
Mrs Orr 1 Mrs Freeman 0
Mrs Crowthem 0 Mrs Smith 1
Miss Noble 1 Mrs Blacker 0
  5   3

Below is the result of a match played at Bentham Golf Club in May 1927.

Bentham Golf Club   Heysham Golf Club  
R Hamilton 1 H Parker 0
C Turner 1 D Smith 0
J W Wells 0 J Bell 1
C Briscoe 0 H C Gorton 1
R Edmonson 1 F Harmsworth 0
R Butterfield 1 W Bales 0
H Hulme (halved) 0 J Stephenson (halved) 0
W Briggs  0 W Bailey 1
Dr. Dowe 0 R Carter 1
  4   4

Competition results from July 1927; Captain's Prize (36-holes) - W Northrop beat A Wormald by 10&8; Mixed foursome result; Miss Brear and Dr. Oldham, 64; Miss Leach and Mr Sutcliffe, 68.

The competition for the President's Prize was played in November 1927 and was won by J R Richardson who defeated W Northrop 3&2 in the 36-hole final. 

Result of the 1927 Boxing Day competition,played in awful conditions, one of the last to be played on the old course; R E Knowles, 70 net; J H Firth, 79; J R Richardson, 80; H Davies, 86; R Smith and W Smith, 89; J Stephenson, 92; H P Sutcliffe, 93; S Ramsden, 105; A H Scull, 97.  

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course.