St. Annes Old Links Golf Club, Mayfield Road, Lytham. (1900s)

Founded in 1901.

They decided to move on to the course once occupied by the Lytham & St. Annes club, see report below.

From the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser July 1901:-

“The new golf club of St Annes is now an accomplished fact. Already it is anticipated that within a fortnight the nine-hole course to be acquired over the ground which used to be sacred to the Lytham & St. Annes club before its migration to the new course, will be once again in fair playing order. The “Old Links Club” is to be the title of the new institution, and it appears quite once more like old times when we hear that the clubroom accommodation is to be acquired in the St. Annes Hotel, next to the station. The subscription to commence is one guinea, and 10s/d for ladies, but, as there already appears every likelihood of many applications being made for membership, the committee will probably arrange to have an entrance fee very shortly. The new course, while it will not prove to be a serious competitor for some little time to the Lytham & St. Annes Club, is certain to be become immediately in great request among golfers who object to pay the almost prohibitive fees necessary to become a member of the older club. That the resuscitation of the popular old course will meet with undoubted favour and almost general satisfaction is beyond question.”

From the Lancashire Evening Post Monday 5th May 1902:-

“FORMAL OPENING TODAY – The Old Links Golf Club was formally opened this morning, by the captain, T W Markland. The new links are practically the old course of the premier club. George Lowe, professional, handed to the captain a silver-mounted club as a momento. The captain then drove off in a foursome, joined by Alderman Hindley, the Mayor of Eccles, Rev. J W Varley, and Mr Henry. Tonight the members dine at the St Annes Hotel (the headquarters of the club.)”


St Annes Old Links Golf Club, Lytham. The annual meeting in July 1903.

From the Lancashire Evening Post 20th July 1903. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the March 1904 monthly competition; G H Holden, 93-14-79; J Cooper, 103-23-80; C Matthews, 100-13-87; E B Jennings, 113-23-90; R Craigie, 106-15-91; S Wilson, 95-2-93; J H Coupe, 112-19-93; J A Harrison, 110-16-94; E Harrison, 109-14-95; A Sutcliffe, 101-5-96; F R Sewell, 114-18-96; C A Stead, 115-16-99.


St Leonards Golf Club, Hastings, Sussex. The proposed new clubhouse May 1904.AC

From the Lancashire Evening Post 6th May 1904. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Membership of 262; Hon. secretary – H M Luckman, 74 St. Andrews Road, St Annes; Captain, C J Edmonson; Entrance Fee £3/3s and Subs £1/11s/6d; Eighteen-holes; Professional, V Roffe; Professional record, V Roffe, 76; Amateur record, H Luckman, 77; Open Amateur Meeting 1904; Costeker Cup – J Ball, jnr., 160; Handicap prize – A Ramm, 164; second day, best scratch score, J Ball and B Darwin, 151; Handicap prizes – H B McCarthy, 157, and O Kettle, 158; Fixtures – Markland Cup, June, August and September. The course has been in existence for about four years and it is now in good condition.

On Saturday 10th June 1905 a crowd of 300 was in attendance for the opening  of the picturesque golf house of the Old Links Golf Club. The official opening was carried out by Thomas Fair J.P. Mr Dodd, an ex-captain of the Lytham club, presented a gold key to Mr Fair, who had been a pioneer of golf in the district.

The clubhouse commanded a full view of the links. The interior comprised of a large entrance hall opening into, smoke-room, locker-room, large dining-room with stewards quarters to the rear; while upstairs were clubrooms and lockers, billiard-room, committee-rooms and bedrooms.

Picture below shows the raising of the flag on the opening day of the clubhouse on the St Annes Old Links course. The building later became Sandy Knoll boys’ school and then the British Legion Club.


St Annes Old Links Golf Club, Mayfield Road, Lytham. Raising the flag on opening day on the first course.

Image courtesy of Philip Marriott.


St Annes Old Links Golf Club, Lytham. The former clubhouse now the Royal British Legion.

Above is the St Anne's on Sea Royal British Legion. It was the clubhouse to Old Links Golf Club. It is located on the junction of Mayfield Road and Oxford Road, St Anne's. Image and text courtesy of M C O'Brien.


Result from the fourth round of the Markland Cup played in January 1906; W G Green, 88-9-79; H P Nash, 93-13-80; C L Edmondson, 97-14-83; Rev. J W Varley, 94-10-84; D Perry, 107-22-85; R Craigie, 109- 18-91; H Ratcliffe, 109-18-91; J Cooke, 113-22-91; A Masters, 106-14-92; F Johnson, 109-16-93; J T Haworth, 114-20-94; Dr Jackson, 121-20-101.

The annual meeting was held in July 1906. Mr J Prestwich resigned as captain after 5 years in the post, he became a vice-president. A B Webb was elected captain, and the following were re-elected; President, J S Fair; secretary, E Lonsdale; treasurer, S Wilson; auditor, W C Grundy.

The final of the Captain’s Cup was played in June 1907. It was played over 36-holes and there were 14 qualifiers, result; E Lonsdale, 173-18-155; F Edmondson, 171-6-165; H P Nash, 180-14-166; J Harrison, 186-20-166; H Luckman, 167 scratch; E C Pickford, 187-20-167; J B Pye, 188-20-168; J T Howarth, 194-24-70; A Luckman, 177-6-171; D Jones, 173 scratch; F Johnson, 210-36-174; J Cooper, 196-20-176; C J Edmondson, 207-30-177; S Wilson, 184 scratch.

Result of a match played in July 1907 at St. Annes against Blackpool North Shore Golf Club.

St. Annes Old Links Golf Club   Blackpool North Shore Golf Club  
J Prestwick 1 C Chantler 0
A C Whittle 0 J B Chantler 1
S Wilson 0 A Shott 1
R Cartmell 0 T F Mercer 1
H P Nash 0 W H Dent 1
W Dodd 1 R D Furnival 0
C A Stead 0 O F Robinson 0
R Craigie 0 A M Secker 1
J B Pye 0 W A Pleasant 0
  2   5

A special ladies’ medal competition was played in March 1908, result; Miss King, 122-30-92; Mrs Sutcliffe, 111-18-93; Miss Whitehead, 121-27-94; Mrs Stead, 108-9-99; Miss L Collier, 130-27-103. There were 13 entrants.

Result of  a ladies' match against Colne played in July 1908.


St. Annes Old Links Ladies' Golf Club, Lytham. Result of a match against Colne Ladies' in July 1908..

Burnley Express Saturday 25 July 1908. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of a ladies' match played at St. Annes against Chorlton-Cum-Hardy in July 1909.

St. Annes Old Links Ladies' Golf Club   Chorlton-Cum-Hardy Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss Preston 0 Mrs H V Fothergill 1
Miss Bannister 1 Mrs Hacker 0
Miss C Preston 0 Mrs Eshelby 1
Mrs Wright 0 Mrs Brewis 1
Mrs Toder 0 Mrs Adderly 1
Mrs Sutcliffe 1 Miss Davies 0
  2   4

Due to an encroaching housing development the club was unable to gain an extended tenancy on the land. In 1909 they secured a 40 year lease on land on what is the club’s current course.

The earlier course of the St Annes Old Links Golf Club was located between St Anne’s Road East and Highbury Road in the area where the Mayfield Primary School is nowadays. The area is now completely built over.


St Annes Old Links Golf Club, Mayfield Road, Lytham. The former course and clubhouse on the 1911 O.S map.

The former golf course is marked in the centre of the above map with the clubhouse to the south. Reproduced from the {1911) Ordnance Survey Map.


The Google Map below shows the location of the former course.