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Hoylake Ladies’ Golf Club, Wirral. (1895 – 1931)

Report from The Queen Saturday 20 July 1895 – “On the 8th. inst., the Hoylake ladies, who now boast a club of their own, played for their monthly medal, only four returns being made; Mrs Miller, 91-16-75; Miss Graham, 84-7-77; Mrs Ryder Richardson, 78 scratch; Mrs F W Carver, 94-16-79.”

Result of a match against a team from the South of England in September 1895.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Match against a team from the south in September 1895.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser Wednesday 18 September 1895. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In December 1895 the monthly medal was won by Mrs Lott, 102-20-82. 

Players representing local clubs entered the Ladies’ Golf Championship held on the Royal Liverpool course in May 1896. The local clubs represented were; Hoylake Ladies, Moreton Ladies and West Lancasire Ladies.

The April 1897 medal was won by Mrs Ryder Richardson with a score of 63+4-67. Miss Jackson was runner-up, 75 net.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. The original course (1895-1900) is marked on the 1899 O.S. map

The original Ladies’ course in the centre of the above O.S. map. © Crown Copyright {1899}.


Move to the new course in March 1900.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Report on the move to the new course in March 1900.

The Scotsman Tuesday 6 March 1900. Image © Johnston Press plc.


In March 1900 the ladies’ club reported a dramatic increase in membership.It was hoped that the course would also soon be extended.

In March 1901 the medal took place over the extended course. Miss M Graham had a scratch score of 88 which was considered a great performance. The medal went to Miss Gerard with a score of 98-13-85.

In June 1904 the final of the ladies’ foursome was played. It was won by Mrs H Muir and Miss Hornby defeating Miss G F Wilson and Miss K Lott.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Picture of Miss Wall Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club.

From the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News Saturday 27 August 1904. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


The following article accompanied the above image – “The first hon. secretary for the Cheshire Ladies’ County Club is Miss Wall, who is a member of the Hoylake Ladies Club, and a player of no mean capacity, her handicap being 3 at Hoylake, and 2 at Moreton, the only other club of which she is a member. The Hoylake ladies’ course has not been many years established, and is one of the longest eighteen-holes ladies’ courses in Cheshire, but is not quite on the coast, and the players have to content themselves with made bunkers and gorse. About seven or eight years ago, Miss Wall began to play golf, and learnt chiefly on the Royal Liverpool links, without any special teacher but with occasional help from her brothers.  Driving is Miss Wall’s strongest point, and she does not go in for any special patent clubs, and prefers match to medal play. In the open meeting at Moreton, two years ago, Miss Wall headed the handicap list, and also won the prize open to members and associates  at Moreton, and the second handicap fo members only.” 

From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Hoylake Ladies’ Golf Club; Instituted 1895; Number of members 280; Hon. secretary – G W Irvine, Acton House, Hoylake; Captain, Mrs Percy Wall; Entrance fee, £3/3s; Ladies’ relatives, £6/6s; other gentlemen, £8/8s; Subs, £1/11s/6d; Ladies’ relatives, £2/2s; other gentlemen, £2/2s; Number of holes 18; Green-keeper, J Smith; Amateur record, 73; Fixtures - optional medal, every month; Terms for visitors – Two consecutive days free, afterwards 1s a day, 3s a week, 7s/6d a month; gentlemen; 2s, 7s/6d, £1. The length of the course is 3,547 yards. It is flat, but not easy.

Also listed in the 1905 Nisbet’s was the Village Play Committee; Number of members 200; Station, Hoylake; Hon. secretary- H Rogers, 9 Government Road, Hoylake; Captain, G Morgan; Number of holes, 18.

In November 1905 the medal was played over the ladies course. Miss A Graham retuned the best scratch score of 83. The medal was won by Miss Patrick, 104-25-79.

Results from the spring meeting played in April 1906. Miss M A Graham played excellent golf and went round in 78 winning the scratch challenge cup and medal. The handicap bowl and medal was won by Mrs Craigie, 100-23-77; runner-up Mrs Leslie Mackie, 89-10-79.

Below are pictures from the open meeting played in late April 1906.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Pictures taken at the open meeting played in April 1906.

Illustrated Sporting an Dramatic News Saturday 28 April 1906. Image © Illustrated London News Group.


Result of a match, singles and foursomes, played at Blundellsands against Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club in September 1906.

West Lancs Ladies' Golf Club s f Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club s f
Miss Rerser 1   Miss Crowther  0  
Mrs E Gardner 1 0 Miss M A Graham 0 1
Miss Kidman 1   Miss Wall 0  
Mrs J S Halsall 1 1 Miss Stott 0 0
Miss E G Hagger 1   Miss Hudson 0  
Mrs Nicholl 0 0 Mrs Leader 1 1
Miss M Darbyshire 0   Miss N Graham 1  
Miss N Anderson 1 0 Miss G Wilson 0 0
  6 1   2 2

In December 1906 the Cheshire Coronation medal was played over the Hoylake Ladies’ course and resulted in a win for Mrs Bardsley with 75 net. 


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Ornance Survey Map showing the new course in the 1900s.

The Ladies’ course to the east of Drummond Road. Ordnance Survey Map Revised 1908 to 1909 © Crown Copyright {year of publication 1913}.


In a competition for a prize presented by Mr D McLaren played in April 1911 Miss N Brocklebank came in first and Mrs G Macdona second.

In the February 1914 the first class medal was won by Mrs Cottam, 93-14-79; runners-up Miss M Lloyd Davies , 94-13-81 and Miss Gowith, 94-13-81; second class winner, Mrs H E Elwell, 97-20-77; runner-up Miss M Lowndon, 98-19-79.

Result of a match played at Hoylake against Moreton Ladies' club in March 1914. 

Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club   Moreton Ladies' Golf Club  
Miss M A Graham 1 Miss Crowther 0
Mrs A C Bamford 0 Miss J Stubbs 1
Mrs Leader 1 Miss Brettargh  0
Miss Royston 0 Miss Stott 1
Mrs B Wood Jones 1 Miss Swift 0
Miss Davidson 1 Miss Tarbet 0
Miss M Lloyd Davies 1 Miss M B Holmes 0
  5   2

Driving competition on the Hoylake Ladies’ course in June 1924.


Hoylake Ladies' Golf Club, Wirral. Driving competition on the ladies' course in June 1924.

The Scotsman Thursday 26 June 1924. Image © Johnston Press plc.


It was reported in January 1931 that the Hoylake and West Kirby District Council had received sanction from the Ministry of Health to borrow £28,000 for the purchase of 200 acres of land including the Hoylake Ladies’ Golf Links, and municipal golf was to be instituted.

The current Hoylake Municipal club was founded in 1933 and is on the same site as the Hoylake Ladies course. 

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the original ladies’ golf course 1895 - 1900.