Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham, Lancs. (1895 - 1924)

Founded in 1895.

Fairhaven was originally a links course on the River Ribble in the area around Fairhaven Lake. The club moved to its present location in 1924.

On Monday 3 June 1895 the full 18 hole course was played for the first time. The prize, presented by the club, was won by J C Sharp. The secretary at this time was John B Crook.

Result of the fifth competition for the cup presented by the president, Mr T Riley, held in January 1896; Mr George Cookson, St Annes-on-Sea, 101-10-91 was the winner. There were three other scores under 100 net.

Report on the opening of the clubhouse in February 1896.


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham, Lancs. Report on the opening of the clubhouse in February 1896.

Leeds Mercury Thursday 6 February 1896. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Below are the results of the first round of the foursome match play competition played on Saturday 3 November 1900, prizes given by Mr J E Stone and Mr G A Vickery.

J W Whitehead and H Walker (1up) beat R Ingham and W H Schofield
J Wallace and A H Crook (2up) beat F W Ashcroft and G E Mallinson
A C Broadbent and R Hutchinson (1up) beat C E Benson and T D Benson
G A Blakey and J J Martindale (1up) beat Rev R Halstead and R Poole
G Bradshaw and Rev T H Wright ((3&1) beat T H Halliwell and F J Brown
Rev J D H Patch and J Wayne (4&2) beat J E Stone and G A Vickery
W Thompson and H P Crook (7&6) beat  H Almond and P Ecleston
A Brookes and Rev F Bolton (6&4) beat A Miniati and Dr L Sterne
L Brown and J Porter (3&1) beat J Gibb and H T Blore
A L Poole and W R Ballantyne (3&2) beat Rev W Woodall and F Robson
W Ratcliffe and Rev J W Varley (1up) beat T H Roberts and A Baron
H Curwen and S Crompton (2up) beat S G Webb and H Eastwood

The following players had byes in the above competition; J Stansfield and F Harrison, F S Lord and Dr Joynson and G R Bellamy and W Heap.

Playing in the Captain’s Cup in January 1902 George Bradshaw returned a splendid score of 76-3-73. The Rev J W Varley also had a good score of 78, Mr H Whittaker scored 81 and Mr J Porter 83.

On Saturday 31st March 1906 the 16 successful qualifiers for the president’s prize, presented by Mr J Stansfield, played 36 holes of bogey, leading scores; W O Ingham, 4down; P Schofield, 6down; G Mallinson, 12down; J E Stonex, 12down; J W Hodson, 12down. 

The Easter bogey competition for a prize presented by Mr F Butterfield for the two best cards returned during three days of 13th 14th and 16th April 1906 resulted as follows; F Pickup, 7down; J Wallace, 7down; F W Ascroft, 11down; G Mallinson, 12down; A Critchley, 13down; J E Stonex, 15down; J B Russell, 16down; H V Webb, 17down; H Eastwood, 19down; A C Bingham, 20down. 

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1895; Membership 260; 100 ladies; hon. secretary - J W Craig, Hesketh Bank, Lytham; captain, J E Stone; entrance fee, £5/5 shillings and subs, £1/11s/6d; 18-holes; professional, D Brown; professional record - D Brown, 70; amateur record - A L Poole, 72; terms for visitors - 2s a day, Saturday, 2s/6d, 7/6 a week, 12/6 a fortnight, £1/1 a month. The course is short, but very sporting; situated close to the sea amongst the sand dunes. The greens are very good and fast and the course generally is kept in very good condition. The clubhouse is close to the first tee. Trams from Lytham and St. Anne's pass every 15 minutes.

On Saturday 21 April 1906 the twelve winners of the monthly medal competitions met to play for the prize presented by the club. G Mallinson junior returned a score of 74 plus 1 to carry off the prize.

The first round of the president’s prize, presented by Mr W A Schofield, was played on Saturday 19 May 1906, leading scores; up to and including 10 handicap – H P Crook, 81-5-76; Owen Jones, 86-10-76; A Baron, 81-4-77; W T Entwisle, 90-10-80; handicap over 10 – C B Wilcock, 83-11-72; F Pickup, 83-11-72; R Hutchinson, 88-13-75; J W Hodson, 87-11-76; C A Riley, 96-20-76; J Stansfield, 90-12-78; A Brookes, 92-11-81; J Harvey, 99-18-81; A Entwisle, 97-14-83.       

Result of the third round of the Brookes Prize played in January 1908; S G Webb (9) 3down; J A Hatton-Ellis (9) 3down; P Schofield (5) 4down; A Critchley (scr) 6down; R Brookes (7) 6down; Rev A Hills (9) 6down; G E Mallinson (scr) 7down; E Lee (5) 7down; C B Wilcock (7) 7down; W T Entwisle, (8) 7down; Richard Hambly (12) 8down; W Parker (12) 8down.

Result of the 36 hole Riley Cup competition played in August 1908; R M Stothert, 181-28-153; J Barnes, 172-16-156; C F Critchley, 168-10-158; J F Knutton, 182-24-158; P Schofield, 173-14-159; C E Scholes, 183-24-159; P Brierly, 191-32-159; Rev J W Varley, 175-14-161; E Shaw, 177-16-161; A B W Binns, 181-20-161. The winner holds the cup for one year and receives a momento from the club.

Following is the result of a qualifying round for the president’s prize played in December 1912; S G Nichols, 1down; J Barnes, 2down; J R Jones, 2down; B Brown, 3down; P Ainsworth, 3down; R Brookes, 3down; J E Profit, 3down; F Hewitt, 4down; E J Hargeaves, 4down. 

On Wednesday 5 November 1913 a match took place on the “recently extended links” Playing in the match were; George Duncan, Arthur Hallam, H P Simpson and Tom Simpson.


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lancashire. Exhibition match in 1913.

The above picture shows the crowd watching Duncan putting. (Manchester Courier and Lancashire Gen Advertiser)


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lancashire. Location of the former course in 1914.

Location of the former Fairhaven golf course situated to the north of the King Edward V11 and Queen Mary schools (now AKS). 


Thanks to M C O’Brien for the images of the former course below and for the following information. “The headland facing St Paul’s Avenue is near to AKS Independent School, Lytham. Apparently they were shortish holes by modern standards. The road was crossed for more holes on the main site. It was a sprawling affair but what views it would have had!”


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham, Lancs. Pictures of the former course in 2020.


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham, Lancs. Pictures of the former course in 2020.


Report on the construction of the new course in August 1923.


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham. Report on the construction of the new course in August 1923.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Monday 6 August 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Below is the splendid new clubhouse in May 1925.


Fairhaven Golf Club, Lancashire. The new clubhouse opened in May 1925.

From the Lancashire Evening Post Friday 1st May 1925. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.