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Fleetwood Golf Club, Lancs. (1893 -1932)

Founded in 1893.

In December 1893 Captain J Robertson of Rossall was elected first President of the club. Mr S Woods, J.P., of Parron Hall, vice-president. Membership had increased to 70 and as soon as the membership justifies the step, a professional would be sought.

The current club was founded in 1932; having had two earlier locations prior to its current course. The first, in the area of Laidleys Walk, first appeared in 1893. In 1904 the course was laid out in the Copse Road and Fleetwood Road area.

Below is the result of a match played at Fleetwood against Preston Golf Club in October 1894.

Fleetwood Golf Club   Preston Golf Club  
Dr. Penman 0 Dr. Hardy 1
T H Rowe 14 J Crozier 0
H N Barlow 0 Dr. Garner 1
Dr. Grimshaw 4 B Firth 0
M Barlow 0 R P Woodhouse 0
H F Addie 3 W S Eleston 0
S Scott 0 A Brierley 1
R C Ward 9 T R Ladyman 0
F Marginson 3 Dr. McGowan 0
  33   3

It was reported in February 1895 that the members of the club had enjoyed a splendid meal at the Crown Hotel. The annual meeting was held after dinner. Membership at this time was approaching 100 with about 40 additional lady members. It was confirmed that a clubhouse would shortly be built. Despite the outlay on the course this year the club was still in a good financial position. A silver cup had been presented to the members for competition by the president, Captain Robertson, this was won the previous year by Mr F I Thompson. Dr Penman was elected captain, and Mr S Scott secretary. The club appeared to have a successful future and was to be congratulated on the progress made so far in its first year.

Result of a  one sided match played at Rossall School against Fleetwood in April 1895.

Rossall School Golf Club   Fleetwood Golf Club  
F E Rowe 0 Dr Penman 3
J A L Rowley 11 R Greenwood 0
A F M Wilson 1 R F Addie 0
G F Harden 1 Dr Grimshaw 0
F E Duckworth 8 P Yates 0
F C Topp 9 Dr Robinson 0
R F Topp 7 R C Ward 0
M S David 4 S Scott 0
H Avis 1 J Bennett (sub) 0
  42   3

In March 1898 the monthly competition for the gold badge presented by Mr P P Yates for the lady members was played, result; Miss Cook, 82-2-80; Mrs Addie, 91-11-80; Miss Bond, 145-50-95; Mrs Robinson, 134-38-96; Mrs Fausset109-9-100; Miss N Cook, 103-113-13-100; Mrs Kean, 143-42-101. The fifth round of the juniors’ competition was held on Saturday 5th March 1898; D F Addie, 95-10-85; Miss M Yates, 133-40-93; A W F Addie, 122-22-100; E Hudson 118-17-101; A R Reed, 117-13-104. On the same day the third round for the President’s Cup was played; F W Wareing, 102-7-95; Henry Curwen, 128-30-98.

Competition results for May 1898; gent’s medal – W R Twitchett, 119-24-95; H J Gibson, 111-12-99; F W Wareing, 110-7-103; fifth round of the junior medal – A Reed, 116-13-103; D Addie, 110-5-105; A L F Addie, 127-22-105; E Hudson, 124-17-107; ladies’ monthly medal – Miss M Cook, 84-2-82; Mrs Yates, 96-10-86; Mrs Robinson, 133-38-95; Mrs Marginson, 112-15-97; Miss Green, 114-14-100; Miss N Cook, 117-13-104.

Result of the fourth qualifying round for the president’s cup played on Saturday 11th June 1898; H F Wilkinson, 104-30-74; R F Addie, 90-6-84; H Curwen, 116-30-86; J F Marginson, 117-28-89; Dr Latham, 108-12-96.

It was reported in January 1901 that the course had been commandeered by the Government for military purposes and the club was almost defunct. Only two or three holes were being maintained by the members for practice. Many members of the club had decided to move to the recently opened course attached to the Cleveleys Hydro in Blackpool.   

It was reported in April 1904 that golf links were being laid-out by the Fleetwood Estate Co. in the vicinity of Broadwaters Wood.

From the Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook 1905; Instituted 1904; Station Wyredock, half-mile; Hon. secretary – Lawrence Fraser, Sunny Lea, Bold Street, Fleetwood; Captain – Dr. P Mitchell Penman;  Entrance fee nil and subs £1/1s, ladies 10s/6d; Professional - W Smith (Semi-final Open Tournament at Trafford Park, 1904; Nine-holes; Terms for visitors, 1s a day, 5s a week, 10s/6d a month. The course covers an area of about 45 acres and contains some good hazards. It was laid out under the supervision of George Lowe of St Annes, and has two men are constantly employed, it is in good condition. The holes vary in length from 120 to 420 yards. There is a good clubhouse.

The first monthly competition was played on Saturday 5th November 1904 for a prize presented by Tom G Lumb. Result; J Moody, 97-25-72; S Champ, 112-18-94; A A Cordner, 113-18-95; Dr. Penman, 102-6-96; A J Fife, 105-6-99; Dr. Robinson, 123-18-106.   

The Google Map below shows the area around Laidleys Walk, location of the first golf course.